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Updated 2017-03-29 15:02
UT2004 Session March 2017
Here’s the updated info for the Unreal Tournament 2004 session: This will be for the FULL version this time, not the demo. Time: 2PM EST, March 18th. Can be seen live at twitch.tv/rossbroadcast Primary server: ut2004.ziltoid.rocks password: dog Secondary (overflow) server: ut2004.ziltoid.rocks:8888 – Overflow #1 password: dog INSTRUCTIONS: This is for the FULL version this [...]
Videochat March 2017
Here’s the latest videochat. In addition to my voice giving out a bit, I think I may have rambled and repeated myself more than usual, but there were a lot of good questions this time. More videos hopefully coming this month! COMMENTS
Questions for March 2017 chat
Here’s a link to the reddit thread for asking questions for the next videochat. COMMENTS
UT2004 Session Info
Here’s the info for the Unreal Tournament 2004 session: Time: 2PM EST, February 25th. Can be seen live at twitch.tv/rossbroadcast Primary server: ut2004.ziltoid.rocks password: dog Secondary (overflow) servers: ut2004.ziltoid.rocks:8888 – Overflow #1 ut2004.ziltoid.rocks:9999 – Overflow #2 password: dog INSTRUCTIONS: Works with the UT2004 demo or the full version. You can download the demo here: Unreal [...]
UT2004 Session Postponed
This is just a quick post to let people know I’m postponing the Unreal Tournament 2004 session with fans for another week. I’ve been working on the movie lately and getting everything prepared for that would disrupt my focus a little bit. I’m rescheduling it for 2PM EST, February 25th with it being streamed live [...]
Subtitles: English Here’s the much-delayed next Game Dungeon episode! Like Realms of The Haunting, this is another game I just sort of took a guess on it being a good candidate for the show, and it certainly was. It’s probably a better choice for Game Dungeon than any other RTS I can think of offhand. [...]
Videochat February 2017
Here’s the latest videochat. This one is a little frantic for me since I’m still finishing the next Game Dungeon! Expect a new episode sometime today. Relevant info about future chat and playsession in the Youtube description. COMMENTS
Questions for February 2017 chat
This was actually made a couple weeks ago by the moderator of the accursed farms reddit (again, I’ve had no involvement with reddit until just recently), but if you have any questions or subjects you’d like me to discuss on the next chat, I recommend posting them here. I’ll answer what I can, but if [...]
Episode running late
This is the last kind of post I feel like making, but I wanted to inform everyone the episode is running late and I think it’s looking more unlikely it won’t be out this month. If you follow my videochats, you’ll know this destroys my intended plans for this month, but some things I can [...]
Realm of the Mad God
Well the results from the reddit thread where people could vote on what game to replace Planetside 2 seem to be overwhelmingly in favor of Realm of the Mad God. I actually have no experience in this game other than running it for 5 minutes to confirm it was working. Lots of players seem to [...]
Videochat January 2017
Here’s the latest videochat. Besides just giving some general plans on what’s coming up, the main announcement is I’m discontinuing the Planetside 2 sessions, since it’s just not as fun for me anymore. The gameplay changes that were made after I made the recruitment video took some of the life out of the game for [...]
Questions for January 2017 Videochat
Another thread has been setup over at reddit HERE if you have questions or topics you want me to discuss in the next videochat on January 7th, 4pm EST at twitch.tv/rossbroadcast. You can still ask questions by other means, but I’m going to prioritize the reddit ones since at least I’ll have some sense of [...]
Supreme Commander Birthday
Hey everyone, this is just the recorded livestream feed of me attempting to beat Supreme Commander for my birthday this year. I think this is first year I haven’t been working straight through my birthday in about 5 years trying to get a video done on time, so it’s definitely a welcome change this time. [...]
Subtitles: English Have a Merry Christmas with a new Game Dungeon! I was hoping to have this video out two days ago, but it’s not a “technically Christmas” release like some of my past ones! Despite what I said in the last episode, I recorded and edited this one, since I get nervous about handing [...]
Subtitles: English Here’s the much-delayed next Game Dungeon! As you’ll hear in the video, this is my first attempt of having a collaborative edit of any video. Unlike past episodes, I had a substantial amount of help in the recording and editing process. As for whether it saved time, a lot of time was lost [...]
Videochat December 2016
Updates on everything that’s going on. Expect at least two Game Dungeons this month. I’ll also be having a birthday streaming session where I try to beat Supreme Commander on hard all in one setting. All important dates and links are in the Youtube description. COMMENTS
Accursed Farms Twitter active
Just a quick update, I’ve finally set up a twitter channel at twitter.com/accursedfarms. I was able to get the Accursed Farms name due to a fan squatting it since 2009. I don’t have many plans for this, and still don’t completely understand all the dynamics with Twitter. Frankly, I think spending a lot of time [...]
Questions for December Videochat
This is a post as a reminder of submitting questions if you want me to try and answer them for the December videochat. I’m trying something new this time, where it’s been suggested to me that there should be a system where people can vote questions up or down so I answer what people want [...]
Planetside 2 play session cancelled! Zombie Panic instead!
This is a last-minute notice, but I’ve discovered I can no longer launch Planetside 2! This means I can’t join up with fans. So as a quick ditch effort, I’ll be playing Zombie Panic: Source instead. Go ahead and download it now (it should be free) and I’ll have more info on what’s going on [...]
Videochat November 2016
Here’s the November chat with fans. A few highlights of this one are that I hope to have a Zombie Panic playsession with fans in the future, although the sheer player limit will unfortunately limit how many can join up. I also discuss an update on the situation with EA killing games. Unfortunately it seems [...]
Time correction
Sorry to spam people with updates, but in the last post, I listed the time incorrectly. It will 4PM (as usual) for the videochat today on twitch.tv/rossbroadcast.
November chat soon
EDIT: I screwed up the times! It will be at 4PM EST, not 10PM. In other words, what I said in the last videochat. - – - I should have made a post on this sooner, but the next videochat will be on November 5th, 4pm EST. You can post questions here I can try [...]
Subtitles: English Welcome to another 11th hour Halloween episode! The irony is thick on this one for me, since I intentionally tried to scale down things so I could be done early for once, so naturally a mildew infection hit my apartment which took a big bite out of my time, hence this barely making [...]
October 2016 Update #2
As a follow-up to the last update, I’m afraid I’m going to have to cancel (or at least postpone) the Zombie Panic session I was hoping to have. The reason is simply that I think I’m going to need all the time I can get in order to finish the next Game Dungeon and I’m [...]
October 2016 Update
I have some developments stacking up to the point where I thought I should maybe make an update: -I recently had a small crisis where the air quality became so bad in my apartment I had trouble breathing. It happened practically overnight, it seems to be the result of some sort of mildew growth. I [...]
Planetside 2 play session October 2016
Here’s the footage from the latest Planetside 2 session. Nothing too notable happened this time, I spent half the time discussing the possibility of playing Zombie Panic Source with people close to Halloween. I’ll make a new post here when / if that gets underway. In the future, I may stop posting these Planetside sessions [...]
Subtitles: English New Game Dungeon, a week and a half late again! I’m honestly amazed with how long this one ended up being. I thought it would be about 10 minutes or less, but ended up a lot longer, though I think it was more tightly arranged than some other Game Dungeon episode. I’ll have [...]
Videochat October 2016
Here’s the latest videochat, I had a few more announcements this time: -More Game Dungeons coming, one in the next few days, at least one more for Halloween, hopefully more than that. -The game The Crew (an open world driving game) is free to download and own permanently until October 11th. I encourage anyone interested [...]
Dead Game News: Mighty Quest For Epic Loot
Subtitles: English Well I was hoping to have a new Game Dungeon out today, but since that’s not going to happen (it’ll be a few more days), here’s a much-delayed Dead Game News episode. This is essentially 3 months’ worth of news, so I ended up trimming it down a bit. In the future, I [...]
Planetside 2 play session September 2016
Here’s the latest Planetside 2 footage, for those that are interested. We ended up conquering a continent this time, though it probably wasn’t because of us. I’m still brainstorming ways to try and spice up the game in the future. I’d like to try and set up a mobile base, but that may take more [...]
Subtitles: English Deus Ex concludes! If I had known how much time these episodes would have ended up taking me, I think I would have poured it into something a little more worthwhile, but as always, my motto is it’s better to regret things you have done than things you haven’t. I originally thought this [...]
Videochat September 2016
Here’s the September chat with fans. This one was conducted under some levels of sleep deprivation, but I managed to make it through. There’s nothing too critical discussed, mostly my plans for the next videos after Deus Ex and a bunch of fan questions this time. Next Game Dungeon coming in a few days, I [...]
Subtitles: English Here’s part 2 of covering the Deus Ex games. This one isn’t as serious as the last episode; really, I think the last Deus Ex is likely going to be a high water mark for the series as far as serious as I prefer to focus on more fun stuff. I really thought [...]
Subtitles: English Deus Ex! While I knew this one was going to take a while, I seriously wasn’t prepared for how much this one was going to put me through the wringer. I think I’ve probably put more time in on this episode than any other Game Dungeon, there were just so many parts to [...]
Planetside 2 play session August 2016
Here’s footage from the latest Planetside 2 play session. This one was a little different as we ended up mixing up the gameplay some. I honestly would have cancelled this one if it hadn’t been planned in advance as I’m still working non-stop on the next Game Dungeon videos. I’ll definitely have at least one [...]
Videochat August 2016
Here’s the latest videochat with fans. I didn’t have much in the way of announcements this time, aside from more Game Dungeon videos are coming, though people had several interesting questions. Coming up soon (the 13th) is the next Planetside 2 session. I don’t have much more to say than that right now aside from [...]
Subtitles: English More Game Dungeon! Once again, this one is running late, though I’m relatively happy with how it came out. This one is on the short side comparatively, but I never really intended for every episode to be a marathon session the way some of them have. Next up is the Deus Ex trilogy, [...]
Subtitles: English Here’s another originally unplanned video to accompany the original unplanned video! This is a followup video to the last Ross Rants episode, since I felt like there was enough commentary from people to warrant it, plus I had some new information to add. There’s nothing crucial in here if you didn’t have any [...]
Planetside 2 play session July 2016
Here’s the footage from the latest playsession again. Unfortunately this is the lower quality footage with no in-game sound. While I did record those both locally, they’re unfortunately out of sync with the twitch stream I think in about a hundred places and it’s just not worth it for me to correct it like I [...]
Subtitles: English Behold The Chosen: Well of Souls! I’m over a full week late with this episode than I was intending to, though in my defense, it grew into a monstrosity I wasn’t expecting. I originally thought this episode would be around 15 minutes, but it grew into a whopping 42 minutes as I found [...]
Videochat July 2016
Well I would have put this video off if it wasn’t already pre-planned since I’m in the middle of working on others, but here it is. The short version is more Game Dungeons are coming soon! I don’t have a 4th of July video planned this year I’m afraid, though I hope to again eventually. [...]
End of June update
Well I have some bad news in that I’m running late on the next Game Dungeon. I just can’t see it being finished by tomorrow. I intended to have it done this month, but it’s going to take a couple more days. I do intend to have multiple Game Dungeons for July however, and I [...]
Subtitles: English New video, finally! I’ve been wanting to make this episode for a month or two, although I was holding off until new videocards were announced last month as it’s relevant to this topic (it’s discussed in the video). If things had gone a little differently, I wouldn’t have made this, because I wouldn’t [...]
Planetside 2 play session June 2016
Here’s the stream from the latest Planetside 2 session. This one is higher quality than the last one as I was able to merge two different feeds, so it’s at 1080p and has the game sound also, however I can’t promise it will be that way next time. The OBS stream got out of sync [...]
Dead Game News: Legends of Norrath, Planetside shutting down!
Subtitles: English Surprise Dead Game News update! I really wasn’t planning on making another episode so soon since I’m in the middle of working on other videos, but seeing as how the Planetside 2 play session is also today, I felt like I had to get this out ASAP. Planetside is shutting down! This definitely [...]
Quick Update + Planetside 2 Reminder
This is just an update to remind people the Planetside 2 play session is on the 18th at 2pm EST. Assuming nothing melts down, it will be on the Emerald server and you can follow along on twitch.tv/rossbroadcast. In other news, I’ve filmed the next Ross Rants (3.5 hours of shooting that need to be [...]
Dead Game News: Episode 4 (Fable Legends, Dust 514, Darkfall)
Subtitles: English Dead Game News yet again! I have to say, when I started this, I really didn’t think the news would be this frequent. The pace games are being killed off is a little insane. I increased my standards slightly this time and added screenshots of a few of the titles, and also used [...]
Videochat June 2016
Here’s the latest videochat. Nothing too important, mostly just some news that more videos are coming (I’m currently working on 3), and a reminder about the next Planetside 2 session (June 18th, 2pm EST). I tried to be more discerning about which questions got answered and thus was able to get through things a little [...]
Early June News 2016
Hey everyone, as an update, I have a few announcements. First, the next videochat with fans will be on June 5th, at 4pm EST on twitch.tv/rossbroadcast. I’ll put the stream on up on Youtube afterwards. If you have any questions or topics you want covered, either reply to this thread or email accursedfarmsstuff@gmail.com. Next, I [...]
Dead Game News: Episode 3 (Toontown 2.0, Oblivion PSP, Scrolls)
Subtitles: English I’ve been awfully busy lately on prepwork for more videos, but the news on dead games piled up so much I couldn’t put it off much longer. So here it is! I’m kind of cynical on the topic, but the frequency of dead game news is even higher than I was anticipating. I’m [...]