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Updated 2018-01-17 21:32
January Videochat Cancelled
I think I’m going to have to cancel the videochat this month since I’m still sick and I have no confidence of my throat being in good shape by the 14th at this point. While I could push it back another week, it starts to not make much sense since it will come up against [...]
Sick Leave
This is a quick update I’m doing to let people know everything is on hold. I’ve been wavering in and out of a complete state of misery the past few days, being sick with something. I was able to see a doctor today and have been diagnosed with Tracheitis. It’s much more than a sore [...]
Subtitles: English Happy Birthday to me! Having a birthday right during middle break, I usually try to avoid working on it, but this time, I got all the files back for Freeman’s Mind, so I decided to finish it off, so here it is! This is going to be the last video for this year [...]
Subtitles: English Just barely made it before Christmas! I was intending to get this episode out on the 23rd, but it didn’t exactly work out that way. I think this is a relatively good episode, although I don’t know what happened, but I think my vocals might be more grating than usual. I swear, it [...]
Subtitles: English Here’s the much delayed next FM episode! Even though this one took a long time to come out, only part of that was from my end. This means I’ve been able to work on the next Freeman’s Mind in the meantime, which I’m hoping to have out before Christmas. More stuff coming! COMMENTS
Copyright Claims for the holidays
UPDATE Big thanks to fans for helping me on this, I got very good information regarding my appeal of the disputes and have now sent an appeal. It’s possible those videos may get taken down and I’ll receive copyright strikes, but they will be temporary. Since there’s one more tactic they can use, I give [...]
Videochat December 2017
Here’s the December chat with fans. The main thing to know is more Freeman’s Mind is coming. Other info in the Youtube description. Also, here’s a link to a cameo I had in Lazy Game Reviews a week or so ago asking about how I run old games. I posted it on twitter, but forgot [...]
Dead Game News: (Asheron’s Call, Ghost In The Shell, Hawken)
Subtitles: English Dead Game News is not dead! Bunch more games shut down that should have been covered earlier, but nobody else seems to be doing this job, so you’re stuck with me. Here it is, likely another episode coming for December. Next up should be Freeman’s Mind. COMMENTS
Questions for Dec 2017 Videochat
Sorry for the short notice on this, but go ahead and ask questions / comments for the December voicechat (Dec 3rd) here. Work has started on Ep. 6 for FM.
Thanksgiving Zombie Update
Here’s the info for the Zombie Panic Source playsession with fans on Saturday, November 25th at 2PM EST. Link to game: http://store.steampowered.com/app/17500/Zombie_Panic_Source/ Link to custom map pack: 20MB download (unzip to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Source SDK Base 2007\zps\maps) Server info: Press “~” to open the console (Options -> Advanced -> Check the box for “Enable Developer [...]
Charity Drive Appearance 2017
Hey everyone, I mentioned this on the last videochat, but Tom White from Weird Videogames (also appeared on Moon Gaming and the Boppin’ episode) is having a 24 hour livestream session where’s raising money for a charity that helps provide drinkable water to regions that need it. You can see his promotional video here. He [...]
Videochat November 2017
November videochat with fans after a 2 month hiatus. I’m mostly just rambling again, you’re not missing anything too important. Besides the game session with fans this month, I’ll also be appearing on a 24 hour livestream Tom White from the channel Weird Video Games will be having for a charity drive. I’ll be appearing [...]
Questions for Nov 2017 Videochat
The next videochat with fans is on November 4th, at 4pm EST on twitch.tv/rossbroadcast. You can ask questions for the next videochat here: https://www.reddit.com/r/accursedfarms/comments/7a4ldq/november_2017_video_chat_official_questions_thread/ Ones with the most votes get prioritized. You can also ask them live, but I tend to have plenty to go through before I get to those.
Happy Halloween! This ended up coming out way later than I wanted it to, but I feel like I actually had an excuse to be behind on things this month. I think this will be a potentially polarizing episode. If you’re a fan of long Game Dungeon episodes, then you’ll probably like this one a [...]
Subtitles: English New Game Dungeon! I was really hoping to have this out before my marriage went down, but that simply didn’t happen. Everything this month has been kinds of nuts for me. I’m still recovering from being sick, and I have absolutely no idea what the future plans are for the remainder of this [...]
Here’s a video to wreck my previous schedule! I’d give more details, but really I laid out everything in the video. I originally was hoping to make this a quick 10 minute video where I just talk to the camera, but my ambition got the better of me again and it’s something longer and far [...]
September UT2004 session
Well this is much more last minute than I’d prefer, but the info for the next Unreal Tournament 2004 session is here: remote.mulvenontech.com password: dog overflow: remote.mulvenontech.com:8877 password: dog It will be on 2pm, September 23rd, which you can watch live on twitch.tv/rossbroadcast. I was hoping to have some mods, but honestly I didn’t have [...]
Subtitles: English I thought I would take a break from Game Dungeon, but ended up having some inspiration for an episode coming after this one and decided I wanted this one first. I honestly thought this would be about 10 minutes, so naturally, it’s almost 23. It’s definitely a game that can get its claws [...]
Subtitles: English More Freeman’s Mind! This episode is one where I had one of the scenes in my head since back before I finished the first FM. You’ll probably be able to figure out which part. This episode did come out later than I intended and while I never like getting the videos out later [...]
Videochat September 2017
September videochat with fans. More annoucnements this time. First, expect the next FM2 and RGD episodes soon, I’m predicting tomorrow for FM2 and Thursday for RGD, but I have been wrong before on my time estimates. Second, I talk about the HL2: Episode 3 story leak. The short version is if a polished enough mod [...]
Questions for September 2017 Videochat
The next videochat will fans will be live 4PM EST on September 3rd at twitch.tv/rossbroadcast. You can ask questions you’d like me to answer here and I’ll prioritize those with the most votes. I’ll probably talk some about the Episode 3 script leak since a bunch of people emailed me about that. FM2 is currently [...]
Videochat August 2017
Regular monthly chat with fans for August. I think it mostly made sense some of the time. My apartment was hot. I’m hoping the website starts to see big changes this month, more coming on the videos either way. COMMENTS
Questions for August 2017 Videochat
The next videochat will fans will be live 4PM EST on August 5th at twitch.tv/rossbroadcast. You can ask questions you’d like me to answer here and I’ll prioritize those with the most votes.
Subtitles: English Freeman’s Mind! This is showing up about a month later than I intended, but I promise to keep at it either way. Since this is the first episode with any combat, there were actually a number of issues I ran into with the Source engine that eventually got ironed out. I may have [...]
Subtitles: Part 1 – English | Part 2 – English Armed & Delirious! While other games like Battleforge and Bip-Bop 2 emerged to be important episodes for me, this is the episode I most wanted to make for Game Dungeon from the beginning. I’ve put it off for so long because I knew it would [...]
Videochat July 2017
Videochat for July. I’m running behind on the videos, but working as fast as I can on it. I’m aiming for 3 videos this month, we’ll see what happens. I hope to have work done on the website also, I’ll have announcements before any big changes on that front. COMMENTS
Update + Questions for July 2017 Videochat
Here’s an update plus a link for asking question on the next videochat. First, I’m afraid both Ross’s Game Dungeon and Freeman’s Mind 2 are running late. They’re not on hold, they’re just both taking longer than I hoped. Freeman’s Mind is taking longer to multiple bugs I’ve run into that weren’t present for me [...]
June UT2004 session info
Here’s info on the next UT2004 session with fans on the 17th. We’ll be using custom maps again, but it’s the same download pack as before as we only got about halfway through them last time. Here’s a link to it from before: map pack Primary server: ut2004.ziltoid.rocks password: dog Secondary (overflow) server: ut2004.ziltoid.rocks:8888 – [...]
Videochat June 2017
Videochat for June. I keep feeling a little crazy after making these, I think it may have to do with talking to a computer for a length of time. More videos this month! COMMENTS
Questions for June 2017 Videochat
Here’s a link to the reddit thread for asking questions for the next videochat. It will be on Saturday at 4pm EST on June 3rd at twitch.tv/rossbroadcast. I’ll prioritize answering questions that get the most votes. COMMENTS
Subtitles: English Freeman’s Mind! There ended up being a longer delay on this than I intended, but I don’t think the quality was hurt any. I’m still having some hang ups with the Source engine, as there are multiple behind the scenes fixes going on with this episode. Primarily, demo playback seems to have no [...]
Interview from Great North Nerd
I mean to have a post on this a few weeks ago, then simply forgot. This is an audio interview I did with a podcaster who contacted me a while back. I was impressed he got an interview with Jeff Rubin prior to me. For those unfamiliar with who that is, he used to be [...]
May UT2004 session info
After having to postpone the last UT2004 session, here’s a heads up on the next one. It will be on May 27th, 2pm EST at twitch.tv/rossbroadcast. We’ll also be trying some custom maps this time. Here’s a map pack to download ahead of time (110MB): Map pack for May session You just need to unzip [...]
May UT2004 session postponed
This is just a quick notice that I’m postponing the UT2004 playsession with fans. Both the host and myself ended up being pretty busy and didn’t have time to prepare everything for this. I’m pushing it back a week to 2PM EST on May 27th at twitch.tv/rossbroadcast instead. I’ll have another post in a couple [...]
Here is the video to follow up the follow-up episode! An almost hour-long interview with Stuart Mackereth, the senior programmer for the game Cyril Cyberpunk. He also going to release his game Discrepant, which you can find out more at www.discrepantgame.com. I figure this is the sort of video that will be hit or miss [...]
Subtitles: English Here’s the next Game Dungeon! It’s been over 2 years since the last follow-up episode and all I can say is it was exactly as much work as I thought it would be, if not more. I was originally hoping to do this one with a lot more help, but I ended up [...]
Videochat May 2017
More videochat. I was more coherent this time, but still rambled. New videos coming very soon! The next Game Dungeon should be up within 24 hours, a bonus one afterward, and expect another Freeman’s Mind this month. COMMENTS
Questions for May 2017 Videochat
Here’s a link to the reddit thread for asking questions for the next videochat. It will be on Sunday at 4pm EST on May 7th at twitch.tv/rossbroadcast. The next Game Dungeon is running late. It’s the next follow-up episode and part of the reason it’s been so long since I’ve made the last one is [...]
UT2004 Session April 2017
The next Unreal Tournament 2004 session with fans will be tomorrow: Time: 2PM EST, April 22nd Can be seen live at twitch.tv/rossbroadcast Primary server: ut2004.ziltoid.rocks password: dog Secondary (overflow) server: ut2004.ziltoid.rocks:8888 – Overflow #1 password: dog If you need more help getting it running, check the previous post on it. Like last time, this will [...]
Videochat April 2017
Latest videochat with fans. I rambled more than I meant to, but think I answered the biggest questions people had. More videos coming, though even I’m not sure what’s next at this point. Should have more Freeman in May! COMMENTS
News on Russian dubbed copies of my videos
Hey everyone, I’m going to repeat this on the next videochat, but I wanted to publicly clarify an incident that came up recently. On March 31st, as I was uploading the Maabus episode, I discovered that I had TWELVE copyright claims against me, mostly for Freeman’s Mind. I took a screenshot of the incident here [...]
Hey everybody, here’s the next Freeman’s Mind: Subtitles: English COMMENTS
Subtitles: English Here’s the latest Game Dungeon! Aside from how long it ended up taking, I’m generally quite happy with how this one came out; this is another episode that’s exactly the sort of thing I’m aiming for with the show. I think the only big shortcoming was that it could have had more music, [...]
Questions for April 2017 Videochat
Here’s a link to the reddit thread for asking questions for the next videochat. It will be at 4pm EST on April 8th at twitch.tv/rossbroadcast. New Game Dungeon coming out pretty soon. COMMENTS
UT2004 Session March 2017
Here’s the updated info for the Unreal Tournament 2004 session: This will be for the FULL version this time, not the demo. Time: 2PM EST, March 18th. Can be seen live at twitch.tv/rossbroadcast Primary server: ut2004.ziltoid.rocks password: dog Secondary (overflow) server: ut2004.ziltoid.rocks:8888 – Overflow #1 password: dog INSTRUCTIONS: This is for the FULL version this [...]
Videochat March 2017
Here’s the latest videochat. In addition to my voice giving out a bit, I think I may have rambled and repeated myself more than usual, but there were a lot of good questions this time. More videos hopefully coming this month! COMMENTS
Questions for March 2017 chat
Here’s a link to the reddit thread for asking questions for the next videochat. COMMENTS
UT2004 Session Info
Here’s the info for the Unreal Tournament 2004 session: Time: 2PM EST, February 25th. Can be seen live at twitch.tv/rossbroadcast Primary server: ut2004.ziltoid.rocks password: dog Secondary (overflow) servers: ut2004.ziltoid.rocks:8888 – Overflow #1 ut2004.ziltoid.rocks:9999 – Overflow #2 password: dog INSTRUCTIONS: Works with the UT2004 demo or the full version. You can download the demo here: Unreal [...]
UT2004 Session Postponed
This is just a quick post to let people know I’m postponing the Unreal Tournament 2004 session with fans for another week. I’ve been working on the movie lately and getting everything prepared for that would disrupt my focus a little bit. I’m rescheduling it for 2PM EST, February 25th with it being streamed live [...]
Subtitles: English Here’s the much-delayed next Game Dungeon episode! Like Realms of The Haunting, this is another game I just sort of took a guess on it being a good candidate for the show, and it certainly was. It’s probably a better choice for Game Dungeon than any other RTS I can think of offhand. [...]