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Updated 2018-10-21 09:22
Thai street food sellers battle Bangkok's clearance campaign
City officials want to prioritise pedestrians and complain about hygiene but traders want to protect famed tourist spot.
Khashoggi killing: Trump 'not satisfied' with Saudi explanation
The US president insists that he wants answers, but has continued to emphasize his belief that the arms deals with Saudi Arabia are extremely important to the US economy.
Khashoggi killing: All eyes on Turkey as calls for answers mount
Analysts say Riyadh's 'brawl' account of critic's killing puts onus on Turkey to disclose any proof it may have.
Israel freezes Palestinian village Khan al-Ahmar demolition order
Decision to demolish Khan al-Ahmar has been postponed until further notice, according to a government statement.
Jamal Khashoggi case: All the latest updates
US president says questions remain unanswered over Jamal Khashoggi's death as EU leaders call Saudi account incomplete.
Afghanistan extends voting after polling stations fail to open
Afghans given more time because process was slowed by lack of voting materials as staff struggled with biometric system.
Undeterred caravan migrants: 'All of Honduras wants to come here'
Facing tightened security, waves of Hondurans continue to try to make it to the US, saying they have no other choice.
Jordan protesters call for political reform
The 'National Follow-Up Committee' wants King Abdullah II to enact reform and reduce his own personal powers.
Trump says US will withdraw from nuclear deal with Russia
US president confirms Washington plans to leave nuclear weapons treaty with Russia over claims Moscow violated deal.
Is Riyadh's claim Jamal Khashoggi died in a fist-fight credible?
Saudi Arabia now admits the journalist is dead - after denying it for weeks.
Thousands march to support independence vote in Taiwan
Protesters chant anti-China slogans on Taipei march in first large-scale rally pro-independence rally in decades.
DRC journalists set free after police detention
The reporters were held after publishing articles about alleged misappropriation of rations for police cadets.
World reacts to Saudi confirmation of Jamal Khashoggi's killing
A round-up of international reaction following Saudi Arabia's explanation for dissident journalist's killing.
Tanzania: Abducted tycoon Mohammed Dewji returns home
Businessman says his abductors spoke a Southern Africa language, confirming suspicions that they were foreigners.
Brazil: Bolsonaro continues to lead polls amid fake news scandal
Latest opinion polls show the far-right candidate's challenger, Fernando Haddad, will face uphill battle on October 28.
Five things you should know about the US progressive surge
After the election of US President Donald Trump, the US saw an historic uptick in interest in left-wing groups.
Indians protest after train accident kills dozens
India's huge railway network is notorious for accidents that lead to thousands of deaths each year.
Who is Saud al-Qahtani, the fired Saudi royal court adviser?
Saud al-Qahtani was dismissed as the kingdom's royal court adviser on Saturday.
Scientists launch BepiColombo spacecraft to explore Mercury
In seven years, the BepiColombo unmanned spacecraft will reach Mercury, the nearest planet to the sun.
Understanding Afghanistan's elections 2018
Afghanistan headed to the polls on October 20 to vote for its third parliament since adopting the 2004 constitution.
Obituary: Jamal Khashoggi was a 'good man and a fine journalist'
Prominent journalist Jamal Khashoggi was killed inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.
New museum in US tackles racist heritage of law enforcement
A new museum dedicated to the history of law enforcement has opened in Washington, DC, saying it wants to create a dialogue as police have come under increasing scrutiny in recent years.
Deadly suicide bomber strikes polling station in Afghan capital
At least 10 civilians and five police officers killed in the latest attack to have targeted parliamentary elections.
US Catholic Church sex abuse victims still haunted after decades
US victims of Catholic Church child sex abuse crisis are demanding reform and asking, 'How can you still have faith and trust in an institution where ... these men protected each other?'
Cameroon denies deporting Nigerian refugees to unsafe conditions
The UN has said that Cameroon is forcing Nigerian refugees to return home, even when it is not safe for the refugees to do so.
How do Palestinians see the Syrian war?
A complex set of factors is shaping Palestinian attitudes towards Syria.
Khashoggi killing: Is support for Saudi in US Congress waning?
A growing number of US Congressmen, including Republicans, have called for Saudi accountability in Khashoggi case.
Anti-Brexit protesters gather to demand second referendum
Britons march in London demanding 'people's vote' to give public final say on UK's political future as EU talks stall.
How the Saudi narrative of Khashoggi's killing changed in 18 days
A summary of Saudi's response to news of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who was killed at the kingdom's Istanbul consulate.
Beyond tutus: Svetlana Zakharova on ballet in Putin's Russia
Bolshoi Ballet's prima ballerina discusses ballet, Russia-Ukraine relations, #MeToo, and the arts in Putin's Russia.
Trump border detentions 'state-sponsored child abuse'
Former Obama cabinet official Julian Castro discusses Trump's border policies and Obama's own record on deportations.
Did black wealth decrease under President Obama?
Former US Housing Secretary Julian Castro says Obama 'pushed for investment in urban communities throughout the US'.
Who is Ahmed al-Asiri, the sacked Saudi intelligence official?
General al-Asiri was fired as the deputy head of the Saudi intelligence services on Friday over killing of Khashoggi.
If Trump will not respond to Khashoggi killing, Congress might
Many US legislators are not accepting Saudi Arabia's explanation of journalist Jamal Khashoggi's death and are increasingly talking about sanctions - with or without the president's support.
A portrait of Othello as a black Muslim tragic hero
Adaptation explores religious roots of Shakespeare's Moor of Venice as director says play is warning about 'otherising'.
The Saudi regime does not represent Islam
The Khashoggi affair is yet another reason for the world to abandon the assumption that the kingdom represents Islam.
Does Brexit mean chaos for the UK?
We debate whether another referendum would be undemocratic, and what the consequences of a 'no deal' would look like.
Afghan voters head to the polls amid security threats
Close to nine million Afghans have registered to take part in the vote, but concerns abound over the threat of attacks.
Saudi Arabia admits Jamal Khashoggi killed in Istanbul consulate
Kingdom sacks intelligence official, arrests 18 Saudis saying missing journalist was killed in a 'fist fight'.
Saudi Arabia's statement on Jamal Khashoggi's killing in full
After 18 days, Saudi Arabia admits to killing Saudi journalist at the country's Istanbul consulate.
Migrant caravan stopped on Mexico-Guatemala border
The caravan is under international pressure to turn back as Mexico deploys police and US threatens use of military.
Khashoggi on life under MBS: 'Nobody dares to speak'
In his last interview with Al Jazeera UpFront, the late Saudi journalist spoke on the need for debate in Saudi Arabia.
US midterms: The House of Representatives races you need to watch
With the Democratic Party vying to take back Congress, Al Jazeera breaks down the key House races you need to watch.
Mohammed bin Salman: The dark side of Saudi Arabia's crown prince
Touted as Saudi Arabia's progressive reformer, Mohammed bin Salman has an ominous human rights record.
Nicaragua must allow access to human rights investigators: OAS
More than 300 people have been killed since protests against President Daniel Ortega began in April, rights groups say.
Honduran migrant caravan advances despite fortified borders
As Trump ramps up threats, group of migrants cross into Mexico with thousands more heading towards border behind them.
Macedonian parliament votes to approve name change
Two-thirds of the MPs vote in favour of changing the country's name.
DRC police 'detain' five journalists over critical reporting
Around 20 journalists have been harassed or arrested in the Democratic Republic of Congo this year.
UN reassesses which Syrian refugees in Lebanon will receive aid
Every year, UN surveys Syrian refugee families in Lebanon to decide who need aid payments and who may survive without.
Afghanistan's elections: All you need to know
Parliamentary polls, the third since the Taliban's fall in 2001, seen as test-run ahead of presidential vote next year.