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Updated 2017-10-20 19:38
Deadly attacks hit mosques in Kabul and Ghor
Shia mosque in Kabul and Sunni mosque in Ghor province targeted in separate assaults, claiming at least 63 lives.
UK PM Theresa May calls for 'urgency' on Brexit talks
'Take a knee' anti-racist protests move beyond the NFL
Inspired by Colin Kaepernick's protest, high school athletes, and others are putting spotlight back on police brutality.
Iraq army seizes Altun Kupri from Kurdish Peshmerga
Kurdish forces have lost more territory to government troops in disputed area of country's north, Iraqi military says.
NewsGrid - Al Jazeera's interactive news hour
Live every day at 15:00 GMT, our interactive news bulletin gives you the opportunity to engage with our team directly.
Grameen Bank: a debt trap for the poor?
Grameen Bank founder Muhammad Yunus defends allegations made against the microfinance organisation.
Qatar-Gulf crisis: All the latest updates
An air, sea and land blockade imposed on Qatar by Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt is now in its fourth month.
Week in pictures: From Somalia blast to Diwali festival
A photo roundup of some of last week's key events, including demonstrations in Barcelona and the fall of Raqqa.
How a shocking reversal of fortunes unfolded in Kirkuk
In wake of this week's humiliating loss of territory, animosity has spiked between two major Kurdish political blocs.
Tarana Burke: #MeToo didn't start with Harvey Weinstein
Movement's founder says she hopes the viral campaign can bolster support for sexual abuse survivors.
Muhammad Yunus: Aung San Suu Kyi 'has to fix it'
We speak to Nobel Peace laureate Muhammad Yunus about the Rohingya crisis, and debate what makes a feminist.
'UAE on the verge of splitting Yemen in two'
South Yemen's fight for independence is being financed and politically supported by the UAE, Yemeni officials say.
Expansion of Gaza fishing zone 'pointless PR stunt'
Israel's temporary expansion of Gaza fishing zone cannot compensate for years of harmful policies, fishermen say.
Six years on: No regrets over Libya's Gaddafi demise
Six years since the overthrow of Gaddafi and despite Libya's chaotic turn, rebels say the revolution was still worth it.
Three issues that could derail the Fatah-Hamas deal
What will happen to Hamas' arms stockpiles, administration and employees still remains unclear.
It's time for the world to stop ignoring Yemen
The UNHRC's war crimes investigation in Yemen can be an important step towards the peaceful resolution of the conflict.
â€Murder insurance’ or protection, US gun debate
'100,000 flee Kirkuk' since Iraqi army takeover
Thousands of families need urgent assistance, official says, as UN raises concern over reports of Kurds being displaced.
Tillerson blames Saudi-led group for GCC rift stalemate
US top diplomat indicates there has been little progress on the eve of trip to region in renewed bid to mediate crisis.
What is next for the Catalan separatists?
Spain says it will take away Catalonia's autonomy as region's leader ignores deadline to abandon secession plans.
S Chandrasekhar: Why Google honours him today
It took over 30 years for the world to recognise Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar's discoveries.
Florida: Anti-racists rally against Richard Spencer
Anticipating clashes over alt-right leader's speech, Florida's governor declares a state of emergency.
Turkey: Religious officials to perform civil marriages
Government says new law will cut unregistered marriages but opposition calls it a step towards weakening of secularism.
Togo protests: What is the way out of the crisis?
As unrest continues, Al Jazeera speaks to W Africa expert about the root of the crisis and possible scenarios forward.
Diwali: The festival of lights
Diwali, a national holiday in India, is also celebrated by a number of other countries around the world.
Palestinian official: Unity deal will aid peace process
Palestinian parties say they will stand firm after statement from US official against Hamas' role in unity government.
Malta reporters unite after Caruana Galizia murder
Hundreds of news industry workers gather outside parliament to protest killing of top investigative journalist.
Adani coal mine 'devastating' for Australia
Controversial Adani coal mine project is about to break ground in Australia amid protests over environmental impact.
Australia's Mine Games
Insight into the fight to stop an Indian company's plans of opening one of the world's largest coal mines in Australia.
Jojutla struggles a month after deadly Mexico quake
Residents of a town outside of Mexico City worry it will take years to rebuild their lives after 7.1 tremor last month.
The Catalan crisis is not just about nationalism
What is happening in Catalonia is a symptom of much larger crisis that liberal democracies are suffering from.
North Korea threatens 'unimaginable strike' on US ship
State news agency describes USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier as a prime 'target' as it carries out war games.
Death by Design
An investigation into the deadly health and environmental costs of the electronics industry.
Spain to trigger Article 155 to block Catalan autonomy
Described as 'nuclear option', Article 155 allows Madrid to suspend Catalonia's autonomy and has never been used before.
Taliban attack kills dozens of soldiers in Kandahar
Army base targeted by two suicide bombers then overrun by gunmen in hours-long firefight.
Pakistani anti-corruption court indicts Sharif
Sharif resigned in July after Supreme Court disqualified him from holding office over an undeclared source of income.
Analysis: Will the GCC's fate be decided at Camp David?
The next few weeks will be crucial for the future of the Gulf Cooperation Council as the Gulf crisis persists.
What is Article 155 of the 1978 Spanish Constitution?
Article 155 is only two short paragraphs of the 1978 Spanish Constitution.
Catalan leader threatens to declare independence
Puigdemont says if Spain follows up on stripping Catalonia of autonomy and blocks dialogue, secession will be declared.
Russia: The Orthodox connection
What lies behind the close relationship between the Russian Orthodox Church and President Vladimir Putin?
Putin and the 'triumph of Christianity' in Russia
The rise of the Orthodox Church in Russia appears unstoppable, write filmmakers Glen Ellis and Viktoryia Kolchyna who went to investigate the close ties between the church and Putin.
Labour's Jacinda Ardern set to become prime minister
Month after election ended in a stalemate, minority party chooses two parties to form a coalition.
The Brief: Togo unrest, Mexico quake anniversary, Syria
There is more unrest in Togo, it's been one month since a deadly earthquake in Mexico, and a film on spy in Lebanon.
Canada's terror double standards
Why was Alexandre Bissonnette, who killed six Canadian Muslims in a Quebec Islamic Centre, not charged with terrorism?
Cancer clinic for Palestinians at risk as funds run dry
Palestinian Authority owes Augusta Victoria Hospital in occupied East Jerusalem "$35m" for patient referrals.
Spain-Catalonia standoff to intensify as deadline looms
Madrid vows to impose direct rule in Catalonia unless declaration of independence is retracted.
In the footsteps of a Rohingya refugee - In 360 degrees
Follow the Rohingya on their arduous escape from massacres at the hands of Myanmar's army to refugee camps in Bangladesh
US: Myanmar's military accountable for Rohingya crisis
Forty-three US lawmakers have urged the Trump administration to re-impose US travel bans on Myanmar's military leaders.
Keeping Boris Nemtsov's memory alive
Meet the men and women keeping a 24-hour vigil on the spot where Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov was killed.
Duterte: Marawi 'liberated' from ISIL-linked fighters
Philippine president says 'rehabilitation' can begin but military general says dozens of fighters battle on.