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Updated 2018-02-25 09:37
Syrian forces begin new offensive in Eastern Ghouta
Rebel-held enclave near Damascus attacked from multiple fronts, hours after Security Council calls for 30-day truce.
Sridevi: Bollywood's first female superstar
Iconic actress made it in male-dominated Bollywood with hit after hit in a career spanning five decades.
Bollywood icon Sridevi dies of heart attack
The film star, who starred in more than 300 movies, died aged 54 while attending a family wedding in Dubai.
N Korea delegates arrive in South for Olympics closing ceremony
Among the envoys is a high-ranking official and a diplomat in charge of relations between North Korea and the US.
Italy elections: Rival rallies spark tensions ahead of vote
Thousands of police have been deployed for protests in Rome, Milan and other Italian cities tasked with preventing clashes between anti-fascist and far-right protesters during an election campaign that has increasingly been marred by violence.
Philippines pesos to US dollar exchange at 11-year lows
Philippines central bank sells its dollar reserves as a defensive measure to manage excessive peso volatility.
For the first time, China will host Apple's iCloud keys
Apple begins hosting Chinese users' iCloud accounts in a new Chinese data centre at the end of February.
Does Morocco's strict abortion law need reform?
Doctors and activists demand action with over 25,000 unwanted babies born a year and as dangerous abortions continue.
Q&A: The reality of free education for all in Ghana
Two NGO workers explain why, despite free tuition, some Ghanaian children still struggle to get an education.
Suspect in killing of Filipina maid interrogated in Lebanon
Lebanese citizen Nader Essam Assaf handed over to Lebanon after his arrest in Syria, Lebanese authorities say.
Besieged civilians in Eastern Ghouta await UN aid
It remains unclear whether the resolution which demands a 30-day pause in fighting will bring any relief for besieged civilians in Eastern Ghouta.
Qatar-Gulf crisis: All the latest updates
Here are all the latest updates to the Qatar-Gulf crisis, now in its ninth month.
How corrupt is your country?
A look into Transparency International's latest report on corruption around the world.
Women with HIV abused by partners, rejected by society
Shunned by relatives, doctors and the community, Ukrainian women struggle to survive and protect their children.
UN Security Council votes in favour of 30-day Syria ceasefire
Unanimously approved resolution, drafted by Sweden and Kuwait, to enable aid deliveries and medical evacuations.
Has Boko Haram been defeated?
Dozens of more girls abducted by suspected Boko Haram fighters in what Nigerian president calls a 'national disaster'.
China: New US sanctions threaten cooperation over North Korea
'Unilateral' US sanctions threaten to undermine cooperation efforts over North Korea, China's foreign ministry says.
UN holds vote on Syria ceasefire as death toll climbs to 500
More than 500 people killed in Eastern Ghouta as UNSC postpones vote due to disagreements over resolution's wording.
ISIL claims deadly suicide car bombings in Yemen's Aden
Civilian and military casualties reported in suicide car bombings outside counterterrorism camp in southwestern Aden.
UK knife crime takes toll on black teenagers
Young black and ethnic teenage boys 'disproportionately' affected as both victims and perpetrators in London.
Sudan: Journalists released amid press freedom concerns
Sudan has not said how many journalists were arrested and human rights groups worry that more remain in unknown locations, without access to lawyers or loved ones.
Olympic legacy: What happens when the games end?
The Pyeongchang 2018 Olympics are coming to an end, but residents of the region hope the tourists, and the prospect of peace with North Korea, won't leave with the Games.
Fatherland day: 100 years since Red Army was founded
Although, 100 years later, it is no longer known as the 'Red Army', the Russian military has re-emerged as a counterpoint to the US and NATO.
'Disaster Capitalism': Puerto Rico mulls utility privatisation
Governor Ricardo Rosello wants to privatise Puerto Rico's electricity company and schools in the wake of Hurricanes Irma and Maria, but Puerto Ricans worry that privatisation in the wake of disasters is a troublesome model.
Humanitarian aid system is a continuation of the colonial project
To fix the flawed humanitarian system, practitioners need to collaborate with affected populations as equal partners.
West Virginia teachers walk out, shutting down all public schools
Strike over low wages and cuts to benefits will continue on Monday as teachers demand US state takes action.
Twin car bombings kill nearly 40 in Somalia's Mogadishu
At least 38 are dead in two car bomb blasts, claimed by al-Shabab, reported near presidential palace in Somali capital.
Pakistan's Pashtuns march for justice
After decades of oppression, discrimination and abuse, Pakistan's Pashtuns are demanding change and justice.
Trump speaks to conservatives in CPAC conference
The US President has spoken at America's largest gathering of conservatives, telling them what they wanted to hear on familiar themes from immigration to North Korea.
Trump and Russia: Collusion or coincidence?
Former CIA spy John Sipher discusses Russia's hand in the US election, Trump's response and CIA foreign interference.
Trump to hold bilateral meetings with Qatar, Saudi, UAE: reports
Several GCC leaders scheduled to visit Washington, DC in March and April to discuss ongoing crisis.
Afghanistan: Work on Asia gas pipeline begins
The project, known as TAPI, is being described as a new page in regional co-operation.
Brazil army takes over of Rio de Janeiro
Thousands of soldiers, along with police, in Rio de Janeiro are taking control of the west side of the city as part of a wider security operation.
Hunger in Africa at the heart of UN conference in Sudan
The United Nations estimates more than 220 million people are facing hunger across the African continent.
Egypt's presidential elections race under way
Egypt will vote for a new President next month and campaigning to win over voters is under way.
Mueller investigation: Former Trump aide pleads guilty
Rick Gates' admission of conspiracy and lying to FBI investigators means he's willing to co-operate and testify against others.
Thousands protest deadly drug war in the Philippines
Catholic cardinal leads "walk for life" and denounces "throwaway culture", which he says has cost many Filipino lives.
Arrested, banned, exiled: Egypt's dissenting voices
With presidential elections due next month, dissent has all but disappeared in Sisi's Egypt. Plus, Hungary's media.
Russia elections: President Putin for life?
Ahead of the March election, we debate Putin's Russia with Yevgenia Albats, Vladimir Kara-Murza and Vladimir Pozner.
Florida high school shooting: What we know so far
At least 17 people are dead after a gunman opened fire on a local high school in southeastern Florida.
#BoycottNRA: Firms cut ties with gun lobby after Florida shooting
Companies distance themselves from National Rifle Association as boycott calls gain steam online.
Syria's war: Ghouta hit with incendiary rockets
Ghouta is being hit by incendiary bombs that are intended to start large fires when they hit the ground.
Nearly two dozen Afghan soldiers killed in multiple attacks
At least 23 killed in separate attacks in Kabul's diplomatic area and country's Farah and Helmand provinces.
Children abandoned as Kyrgyz parents seek work abroad
From leaving their children with family or at orphanages, struggling parents make tough choices as they seek employment.
The day the mountain fell: Sierra Leone's mudslide
A look at how and why predictions of environmental disaster were ignored in a country recovering from war and disease.
Djibouti seizes control of Dubai-run Doraleh port
Doraleh Container Terminal taken over by government, says Dubai-owned DP World has damaged national sovereignty.
Trump announces 'heaviest ever' North Korea sanctions
Latest US sanctions on North Korea are the 'heaviest ever', President Donald Trump says.
Is this a watershed moment for gun control in the US?
Young people lead the charge for tougher controls on firearms after mass shooting at high school in Florida.
Gucci accused of culturally appropriating Sikh turban
Luxury Italian designer sent white models down catwalk at Milan fashion week wearing religious headpiece.
UN Security Council weighs vote on 30-day Syria truce resolution
Negotiations over draft resolution on Syria delays UN Security Council vote as death toll in Eastern Ghouta escalates.