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Updated 2018-12-13 02:16
Battlefield 5 on Integrated Graphics? How it Plays on Different GPUs
We ran Battlefield V on six PCs with different specs and graphics cards, from integrated graphics to the GTX 1070, to find how it performs on various hardware.
What Are PWM Fans? A Basic Definition
What is the meaning of PWM fans, and what do they do? Pulse width modulation explained.
What Is RAM? A Basic Definition
What is the meaning of RAM and how much do you need? Random access memory, RAM product names, DDR4, DDR5 and SRAM explained.
What Is a VRM? A Basic Definition
What are VRMs and how do they work with CPUs and GPUs? Voltage regulator modules explained.
What Is an SSD? A Basic Definition
What is the meaning of SSD? Solid-state drives explained.
Intel Unveils Sunny Cove, Gen11 Graphics, Xe Discrete GPU, 3D Stacking
Intel unveiled the new Sunny Cove CPU architecture, Gen11 integrated graphics, 'Foveros' 3D chip stacking technology, and teased the Xe line of graphics cards.
Walmart’s Overpowered Gaming Desktop DTW3 Review: Budget for a Reason
Walmart’s Overpowered Gaming Desktop DTW3 is cheap and offers solid gaming performance, but those savings come from questionable parts, which are housed in a questionable design.
9 Cheap CPUs (Under $130) Tested and Ranked
You can get a high-quality processor for less than $70. We tested several cheap CPUs to help you find the right one.
Walmart’s Overpowered Gaming Laptop 17+ Review: Sam's Choice, Not Ours
The Overpowered Gaming Laptop 17+, a Walmart-exclusive gaming laptop, is carried by strong performance and a tactile keyboard but marred by excessive logos, a problematic charger and an ironically hefty price tag.
AMD Athlon 200GE Review: Zen and Vega Get Cheap
AMD is breathing life back into an almost 20-year-old brand with the Athlon 200GE processor armed with Radeon Vega 3 graphics.
Cooler Master MasterCase SL600M Review: Subtle Style, Great Cooling
Cooler Master MasterCase SL600M's quality construction and strong thermal performance more than justify its asking price.
Top 25 Cryptocurrencies By Market Cap
Here are the 25 cryptocurrencies with the biggest market capitalization. Many have similarities, but also have unique features and technologies.
Best Memory 2018: Fast, Cheap & RGB
Here are the best performing RAM kits we’ve tested: computer memory that’s ideal for gaming, video editing and graphics-heavy applications.
Best CPU Coolers 2018: Air and Liquid
Here are the best CPU cooling solutions (air and liquid) for a range of systems, from small form-factor builds to overclocked big-rigs.
Best PC Cases 2018: Our Tested Picks for Your New Build
Here are the best cases for custom PC builds. Our recommendations factor in cooling and noise, and many sell for less than $100.
Best Motherboards 2018: For Gaming, by Socket and Chipset
Here are the best motherboards for Intel and AMD’s top processors. These boards offer great features, overclocking performance and pricing.
Fallout 76 on a $55 AMD Athlon? How it Plays on GPUs Up to GTX 1070
LowSpecGamer Alex played Fallout 76 on 6 different PCs with 6 different GPUs: Intel HD 620, AMD Athlon 200GE, Nvidia GeForce MX150, Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti, Nvidia GTX 1060 and Nvidia GTX 1070. See the results!
littleBits Avengers Hero Inventor Kit Review: Super-Powered STEM Fun
The littleBits Avengers Hero Inventor Kit teaches kids valuable STEM skills in an engaging way, but it's a little pricey.
Hidden Guns and Vermin: PC Refurbishing Nightmares (Updated)
Horrific tales from real refurbishers prove there’s much worse that can happen to a computer than spilled coffee.
Thermaltake Level 20 GT RGB Review
The Thermaltake Level 20 GT RGB is a great chassis that looks as good as it performs. But the $289 (£ 227.13) price will likely be the deciding factor for most people considering this case.
Best SSDs 2018: From Budget to Blazing Speed
Based on our extensive lab tests, we recommend the top SSDs for every need and budget.
Best VR Headsets for PC 2018
Here are the best VR headsets for PC currently available in 2018. Ranging from $400 to $800, these are truly the ultimate gaming peripherals.
Best Gaming Monitors 2018: 4K, Budget and More
Here are the best gaming monitors available today, ranging from inexpensive 60-144hz monitors to top-of-the-line 4K panels equipped with G-Sync or FreeSync.
Best Gaming Laptops of 2018
Here are our favorite gaming laptops for every need, based on our testing and reviews.
Best Gaming Desktops
We tested pre-built gaming desktop PCs with our typical gauntlet of real-world and synthetic benchmarks to measure overall system performance.
FSP Hydro PTM 650W PSU Review: Clean, Quiet Power for Mid-Range PCs
The FSP Hydro PTM with 650W capacity mostly addresses enthusiast users who need a reliable and good performance PSU, featuring a distinctive looks as well.
Dell G5 15 Gaming Laptop Review: A Good Starter Rig
The Dell G5 15 is a good entry-level gaming companion with upgradeable storage and memory. Just don't expect to play games at the highest settings.
Want to Be a Competitive Overclocker? Here’s How to Get Started
Professional overclockers share their best tips for people new to competitive overclocking and looking to set a world record.
Intel Core i5-9600K Review: A Mid-Range Gamer's CPU
Intel's Core i5-9600K looks to upset the Ryzen 5 2600X as the value chip for the mainstream.
GPU Performance Hierarchy: Video Cards Ranked
Is RX Vega 56 quicker than GTX 1070? How about GTX 1050 vs RX 550? We've tested all the current chips from Nvidia and AMD so you can see how each stacks up.
Best Graphics Cards for Gaming in 2018
Here are the best gaming GPUs for the money. These graphics cards offer the best performance at their price and resolution, from 1080p to 4K.
Acer Predator Helios 500 (AMD Config): Ryzen & Vega Impress
What happens when you pack a second-gen Ryzen desktop CPU and Vega 56 graphics inside a mostly well-designed laptop housing?
The History of DOE Nuclear Supercomputers: From MANIAC to AMD's EPYC Milan
The DOE has been at the forefront of supercomputing for seventy years. To celebrate that legacy, the agency had several displays at its booth at the Supercomputing 2018 tradeshow.
ASRock X399M Taichi Review: TR4 Goes Tiny
The idea of jamming a HEDT Threadripper CPU into the compact ASRock X399M Taichi seems strange. But we found value and opportunity with this mATX board.
HP Spectre Folio 13 Review: Leather-Clad Convertible
HP’s Spectre Folio is a daring, innovative approach to 2-in-1s, with leather, LTE capability and long battery life. But the design has some kinks to work out, and the laptop is pricey for the performance it offers.
Best Power Supplies
Here are the best power supplies for gaming PCs. These PSUs offer the best reliability, performance and protection for your components.
Best CPUs for Desktop Applications
We've compiled a list of processors that represent the best bang for your buck in common productivity tasks. AMD dominates the scorecard.
Asus ROG Maximus XI Hero (Wi-Fi) Review: For Overclockers Only?
The ROG Maximus XI Hero targets the gaming crowd with its high price and overclocking capability, but can it match any of its rivals in value?
Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2070 Gaming OC 8G Review: Faster Than Nvidia's FE Alternative
Gigabyte's GeForce RTX 2070 Gaming OC 8G outperforms Nvidia's Founders Edition card, and at a lower price. But it uses a higher power target to achieve superior frame rates, increasing power consumption, heat, and noise in the process.
Samsung 1TB 860 QVO SSD Review: QLC Comes To SATA
Samsung's new 860 QVO comes in 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB capacities with QLC flash.
Great Tech Gifts for Makers in 2018: Picks for Tech Savvy DIYers
From tools, to DIY kits, to things that'll make their next project a little easier, we've got just the gifts for the makers on your Nice List.
Low-Cost Meets Eight Cores: MSI MAG Z390 Tomahawk Review
Can a $160 motherboard support a $500 CPU? Should it?
CPU Hierarchy 2018: Intel and AMD Processors Ranked
All of today's consumer, desktop CPUs compared, including Intel's 8th Gen Core series and AMD's Ryzen 2.
Best Gaming CPUs
Here are the best gaming CPUs for the money. These processors offer the best performance at their price and are suitable for overclocking.
The Ryze Of EPYC: The AMD Supercomputer 2018 Slideshow
AMD's EPYC processors made a big splash at Supercomputer 2018.
PC Power & Cooling Silencer 1050W PSU Review: Affordable Yet Powerful
The new PC Power & Cooling Silencer 1050W is based on a fresh and competent platform from High Power. Thanks to its attractive price, this model is highly competitive in a crowded market.
Best PC Builds: From $500-$5000
Here are five gaming PC builds recommended by the Tom’s Hardware community. These builds range from $500 to $5,000 including RGB systems.
Best Gifts for PC Builders 2018
Buying hardware for a PC builder can be tough, so picked 20 gifts for upgraders that aren't tied to any specific platform.
Best Gifts for Gamers 2018: Gear Gift Guide for Players of All Levels
Whether the gamer in your life is due to upgrade their mouse or controller, add some new games to their library or add some storage to an aging rig, we have gifts for every budget.
Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2080 Gaming OC 8G Review: Turing Goes Semi-Passive
Gigabyte's GeForce RTX 2080 Gaming OC 8G is every bit as fast as Nvidia's Founders Edition model, plus it adds configurable lighting, semi-passive operation, and an optional four-year warranty.