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Updated 2018-08-19 01:18
CIOs are Dead
Many CIOs still live in a single, centralized organization with a team of technologists whose purpose is to manage - with a growing cast of vendors - a commoditized technology infrastructure and a suite of under-used big applications that usually fail to satisfy even the most basic cost-benefit metrics. Much of what these CIOs do consists of quarterly reports about up time, software upgrades, security breaches and the next laptop refresh.
Body Sensor Sales Market to Witness Robust Expansion by 2025 - QY Research, Inc
This report studies the global Body Sensor market status and forecast, categorizes the global Body Sensor market size by key players, type, application, and region. This report focuses on the top players in North America, Europe, China, Japan, Southeast Asia India and Other regions .
Meet the personal stylists who are training bots to be personal stylists
Uniqlo, the Japanese fast-fashion chain, has a solution: A chatbot that gives clothing recommendations based on human input, as well as your purchasing history and ... your horoscope. The technology, which has been years in the making, is just one example of the extremes that retailers are going to as they try to build computer algorithms that can intuit the intangibles of fashion.
What is Nmap? Why you need this network mapper
Network administrators, IT managers and security professionals face a never-ending battle, constantly checking on what exactly is running on their networks and the vulnerabilities that lurk within. While there is a wealth of monitoring utilities available for network mapping and security auditing, nothing beats Nmap's combination of versatility and usability, making it the widely acknowledged de facto standard.
Cloud Computing Security Woes, Phishers Target Office 365, More News
Cloud computing became one of the principle enablers of the digital workplace following years of debate about its relative security. In a recent report, Gartner suggests those fears may be warranted.
Keeping ethics in artificial intelligence
As artificial intelligence develops and its uses continue to grow, there's still the discussion to be had around how to use AI in a trustworthy and ethical way. Businesses need to lead the process, creating an honest, global conversation about the benefits of AI not only for the industry but also governments and society enlarge, finds a Sage Group report on building a competitive yet ethical AI economy.
5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Your Business Right Now
Coming-of-age technology, known as artificial intelligence, is blowing a heavy wind across the world, raising dust in various spheres and generating intellectual discourse among scholars about the fate of humanity. The assertion that "robots are taking over" is a bitter pill to swallow as it creates panic among employees.
Strong pool of engineering talent key for Smart Nation push: Vivian Balakrishnan
Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister-in-Charge of the Smart Nation Initiative, with recipients of the Smart Nation Scholarship. The scholarship was launched in March this year to develop and nurture a pool of next-generation leaders who will spearhead the national digital transformation.
Intel Buys Out Artificial Intelligence Startup Vertex.ai
In a statement Intel confirmed the acquisition and said the seven-person team - including founders Choong Ng and Jeremy Bruestle will be joining the Movidius team in Intel's Artificial Intelligence Products Group. "With this acquisition, Intel gained an experienced team and IP to further enable flexible deep learning at the edge," the technology giant added.
Improving Sales Account Coverage with Artificial Intelligence
As businesses grow, meeting the needs of new markets, new customers, and new partners can be challenging. Sales and marketing organizations are constantly under pressure to increase their account coverage and rapidly respond to customers' changing needs, while maintaining or even reducing operational costs.
As Nvidia expands in artificial intelligence, Intel defends turf
REUTERS/Tyrone Siu/File Photo Nvidia chips dominate the AI training chip market, where huge amounts of data help algorithms "learn" a task such how to recognize a human voice, but one of the biggest growth areas in the field will be deploying computers that implement the "learned" tasks. Intel dominates data centers where such tasks are likely to be carried out.
Infogain Announces Launch of New Corporate Brand
Aug 16, 2018--Infogain, a Silicon Valley-headquartered provider of platform software engineering solutions and services, is pleased to announce the launch of its updated corporate brand, featuring an updated logo with new tagline and redesigned website. The new tagline, "Engineering Business Outcomes" was chosen to reflect the company's commitment to delivering clear and tangible business outcomes for Infogain clients.
To get ready for robot driving, researchers want to reprogram pedestrians
That is essentially the argument some self-driving car boosters have fallen back on in the months after the first pedestrian death attributed to an autonomous vehicle and amid growing concerns that artificial intelligence capable of real-world driving is further away than many predicted just a few years ago.
Cloud Computing in the Global Industrial IoT Market 2016-2018 - Forecast to 2024 featuring Microsoft, Intel, IBM, Fujitsu, and others - ResearchAndMarkets.com
Cloud Computing in the Global Industrial IoT Market 2016-2018 - Forecast to 2024 featuring Microsoft, Intel, IBM, Fujitsu, and others - ResearchAndMarkets.com The report predicts the global cloud computing in industrial IoT market to grow with a CAGR of 25.7% over the forecast period of 2016-2024. Rising adoption of cloud platform and increase in wireless networking technologies are the prime factors driving the growth of the cloud computing in industrial IoT market.
Learning to love the new algorithmic country pop
Pop country music and hip hop have usurped rock 'n' roll for cultural relevance.
Facebook uses artificial intelligence to fight hate speech in Myanmar
Stung by claims that it has fuelled ethnic violence against the Rohingya in Myanmar, Facebook is stepping up efforts to prevent its network from being a source of hate speech and misinformation Facebook has unveiled new efforts to combat hate speech and misinformation in Myanmar, where Facebook has fuelled ethnic violence against the Rohingya population. Facebook said in a blog post that employees travelled to Myanmar over the summer to better understand the situation.
E-computing: The Next Steps
To meet demands for fast time-to-market and efficient operations a uniform computing environment that spans on-premises data centers and public cloud is needed. The World Wide Web, an overlay on the interconnected networks we know as the Internet, revolutionized the way people shop and buy.
Is New Zealand prepared for artificial intelligence on its roads and infrastructure?
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These are the highest-paying jobs in the US right now
For the fourth consecutive year, the technology sector boasted the highest-paying jobs in the U.S., according to an annual report from Glassdoor. Thirteen of the 25 highest-paying jobs this year were in tech, up from 11 in 2017, according to the report, which was released on Wednesday.
County has new internet service provider
Perhaps the option of a third provider, in addition to Century Link and Service Electric, will prove more satisfactory. Planet Networks is already servicing some area businesses and residents, and with technology and the times dictating connections be both dependable and affordable, the company is looking to expand in the near future to serve a greater portion of the area's residential population.
Artificial Intelligence Can Help Leaders Make Better Decisions...
Decision-making remains one of the ultimate tests for leadership in new entrepreneurs. Even experienced leaders who have a track record of sound decision-making have, at some point, made a drastically poor decision that shook their reputation.
CSL to draw blood donors' data with help of artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence could be the key to biotechnology giant CSL growing its business to 2030, says chief executive Paul Perreault. "We've got a few taskforces working on it," he tells Fairfax Media, following the release of its 2018 financial accounts.
We Have to Be Smart About Artificial Intelligence in Medicine
A nurse teaches a patient with Type 1 diabetes how to use an insulin pump managed with an electronic control unit. Devices like this and the artificial pancreas represent a huge step forward for the treatment of diabetes.
Alibaba offers cloud computing for Southeast Asia's retailers to embrace digitisation and big data
Alibaba Group Holding, the world's largest e-commerce platform, is making a push into Southeast Asia by offering a suite of cloud computing solutions to help retailers embrace digitalisation and provide the kind of online-offline shopping experience that is already commonplace in China. A suite of computing solutions ranging from cloud architecture and machine learning to the Internet of Things and security will be on offer, according to an announcement by Alibaba Cloud in Singapore.
U.S. Department of Energydoe's Nrel Acquires Powerful New High-Performance Computing System
The U.S. Department of Energy National Renewable Energy Laboratory announced today that it has selected its next high-performance computing system, which will be used to advance early-stage R&D on energy technologies spanning multiple DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy programs. The new system, named Eagle, will be installed this summer in NREL's Energy System Integration Facility data center and put into production use in January 2019.
Artificial Intelligence meets the classroom
Rather than relying on one-time test scores to judge learning, Kelly's work is a new advancement in the field of building systems for day-to-day classroom observation. His focus is on the quality of instruction, specifically, the type of questions teachers pose that prompt cognitive processing and verbal response from students.
These are the country's best-paying jobs, with salaries over $100,000
More of the country's highest paying jobs are in technology, and they all require specialized training -- but not necessarily an advanced degree. In return, workers can expect a salary of $100,000 or beyond.
Edge Computing vs. Fog Computing: What's the Difference?
From smart voice assistants to in-store beacons, brands are experimenting with touch points in a bid to improve the customer experience and collect data in new and inventive ways. The only problem is the massive influx of data being collected from each device.
Why I Wish Artificial Intelligence Was Around When I Started...
A day doesn't go by that I don't think about how I could have done a better job of running my business, which until my partners and I sold it, was an American restaurant called Molly's Lone Star, located in the French town of La Rochelle. So, every time I walk into a restaurant, which is almost every day, I look at how other people are running their business.
Global Data Science Platform Markets to 2023: Healthcare Sector to Dominate - ResearchAndMarkets.com
The data science platform market is expected to witness a CAGR of 31.49%, over the forecast period . The advancements in AI are revolutionizing healthcare and leading to breakthrough results in prediction and prevention.
AI algorithm beats human doctors at detecting eye disease
With doctors struggling to interpret the results of hi-tech eye scans, and referring patients unnecessarily to specialists, artificial intelligence could be the solution. Clinical trials of AI technology will begin next year in UK Technology for scanning eyes is so advanced it has outstripped the ability of doctors to interpret the images it produces - meaning more patients than necessary are being referred to eye specialists, potentially delaying treatment for those at risk of going blind.
Orange Completes Acquisition of Basefarm Holding to Support Its Cloud Computing Strategy in the Enterprise Sector
Aug 14, 2018--Orange today announced that it has completed the acquisition of 100% of Basefarm through its enterprise subsidiary Orange Business Services following the approbation of the relevant competition authorities. Basefarm is a leading European player in cloud-based infrastructure and services, as well as the management of critical applications and data analysis.
N.H. Board of Education Adopts New Computer Science Standards
"[It's] sort of bringing in these things to modernize our technology education, and hopefully relate that to other areas of study as well," Benedetto said. Bhagirath Khatiwada is the new Cultural and Linguistic Competence Coordinator for the New Hampshire Department of Education.
Machine learning algorithms can identify anonymous programmers
Rachel Greenstadt, associate professor of computer science at Drexel University, and Aylin Caliskan, an assistant professor at George Washington University, have found that code can be a form of stylistic expression, a bit like writing, reported Wired . As such, the researchers developed a machine learning algorithm to recognise the coding structure used by individual programmers based on samples of their work and spot their traits in compiled binaries or raw source code.
Another step forward on universal quantum computer
Researchers have demonstrated holonomic quantum gates under zero-magnetic field at room temperature, which will enable the realization of fast and fault-tolerant universal quantum computers. This is a nitrogen-vacancy center in diamond with two crossed wires for holonomic quantum gates over the geometric spin qubit with a polarized microwave.
New genome analysis could identify people at higher risk of common deadly diseases
A research team at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Massachusetts General Hospital , and Harvard Medical School reports a new kind of genome analysis that could identify large fractions of the population who have a much higher risk of developing serious common diseases, including coronary artery disease, breast cancer, or type 2 diabetes. These tests, which use information from millions of places in the genome to ascertain risk for five diseases, can flag greater likelihood of developing the potentially fatal conditions well before any symptoms appear.
How artificial intelligence as good as doctors could save patients with eye disease
An artificially intelligent programme "trained" from NHS patients data can spot key signs of eye disease just as well as the world's top experts, a study has shown. It has already detected data from 15,000 patients and learnt how to spot 10 key features of eye disease from complex retinal scans.
Cloud Computing
Most companies today use some form of cloud computing whether through software-as-a-service, platform-as-a-service, or infrastructure-as-a-service. Cloud computing's cost-effective scalability can offer significant advantages to an organization, but it can also raise significant security concerns.
Get Idea About Cloud Computing in Education Market, Growing at a CAGR ...
Cloud Computing In Education Market Cloud computing In Education Market is in general a type of Internet-based computing which is known for offering shared computer processing data and resources to computers and other different devices in demand. Rapidly expanding education sector faces sustainability issues and budget restrictions, cloud computing is increasingly being seen as one approach to relieve these pressures.
Artificial Intelligence Optimizes Chemo and Radiotherapy to Treat Glioblastomas
Patients with glioblastoma, a persistent and difficult to treat brain cancer, often end up suffering through multiple rounds of chemo and radiation therapy. Scientists at MIT have been working on harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to better optimize the therapy dosages, sparing the patients the brunt of the treatments while maintaining their clinical effectiveness.
Observe.AI raises $8M to use artificial intelligence to improve call centers
Being stuck on the phone with call centers is painful. We all know this. Observe.AI is one company that wants to make the experience more bearable, and it's raised $8 million to develop an artificial intelligence system that it believes will do just that.
Google knows where you have been - saves snapshot
Google wants to know where you go so badly that it records your movements even when you explicitly tell it not to. An Associated Press investigation found that many Google services on Android devices and iPhones store your location data even if you have used privacy settings that say they will prevent it from doing so.
Chariots of Death and Indecision
The collective eco-political swoon over the concept of electric cars and their self-driving capabilities is hitting a few unnerving speed bumps on the way to the promised land of an accident-free and nonpolluting transportation nirvana. Replacing the human intelligence, or lack thereof, behind the steering wheel will be a system of sensors conveying a myriad of bits and bytes to an all-wise on- board computer.
NIH to host Artificial Intelligence and Medical Imaging Workshop
Artificial intelligence technologies promise to train computers to rapidly and reliably inform clinical decision making for improved diagnoses, treatment plans, and patient outcomes. The National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering at NIH will convene science and medical experts from academia, industry, and government at a workshop on Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging.
Can a computer write a sonnet as well as Shakespeare?
Computer scientists in Australia teamed up with an expert in the University of Toronto's department of English to design an algorithm that writes poetry following the rules of rhyme and meter. To test their results, the researchers asked people online to distinguish between human- and bot-written verses.
Artificial Intelligence - Push for Computer Scientists to Flag Its Dark Potential
Now, reports Kaveh Waddell in the article "Confronting AI's demons," on Axios , there is a push for academics and research computer scientists to identify those and call attention to them in peer-reviewed manuscripts for publication. The protest is to make society aware of the potential of AI to inflict harm.
Artificial intelligence is coming for hiring, and it might not be that bad
There's certainly plenty of room for improvement. Employee referrals, a process that tends to leave underrepresented groups out, still make up a bulk of companies' hires.
Is AI the new normal?
Richard Kimber believes artificial intelligence solutions will allow us to be more creative during the time we spend at work. It doesn't sound like a good news story: your job as you know it may soon be taken over by a robot.
Registration Opens for @Oracle's #Blockchain Session |...
This presentation discusses how blockchain and the Internet of Things can be used for several supply chain management and logistics use cases. Real world examples that utilize the open source project Hyperledger will be discussed.
Computer Programmers Get New Tech Ethics Code
Computing professionals are on the front lines of almost every aspect of the modern world. They're involved in the response when hackers steal the personal information of hundreds of thousands of people from a large corporation.