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Updated 2017-08-19 01:33
The importance of building ethics into artificial intelligence
Elon Musk recently said that the threat of Artificial Intelligence is more dangerous than that of North Korea's nuclear ambitions. While I don't pretend to be a foreign policy expert, I'm confident that Musk's commentary oversimplifies things at the very least.
Math experts join brainpower to help address gerrymandering
Scholars from California to Massachusetts have been working on cutting-edge math and computer-science tools that could help federal courts identify voting districts that are drawn unfairly. Gerrymandering, the practice of drawing voting maps to favor certain voting groups, has regained attention recently through lawsuits in North Carolina and Wisconsin.
Transgender student thanks his teachers for their support after scoring 3 A's and a place at a top university
A STUDENT has spoken of how much support he was given after revealing he was transgender while studying for his A-levels. Daniel Walker, from Nelson and Colne College, achieved three As in computer science, maths and further maths and will go on to study computer science at the University of York.
Algorithms Could Tie Trafficking Ads to Their Buyers
Ethnic Uighur Muslim boy stands inside a police van in Khlong Hoi Khong of southern Songkhla province, Thailand. He was in a group of 200 people rescued from a human trafficking camp.
ThoughtSpot raises US$60 million, ends funding round for artificial intelligence technology
SAN FRANCISCO: Silicon Valley technology company ThoughtSpot has completed a US$120 million funding round to fuel the start-up's new artificial intelligence endeavor. ThoughtSpot, based in Palo Alto, California, said on Thursday it had raised US$60 million from investors in a financing round led by venture capital firm Lightspeed Venture Partners.
Genome analysis with near-complete privacy possible, say researchers
A depiction of the double helical structure of DNA. Its four coding units are color-coded in pink, orange, purple and yellow.
Alibaba's Sales Beat Estimates on Surging Consumer Demand
Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. 's quarterly revenue beat analysts' estimates, powered by Chinese consumers' thirst for cheaper and higher quality goods online. Revenue at China's biggest e-commerce company rose 56 percent to 50.2 billion yuan in the three months ended June, the company said.
What features to expect in Apple's Swift 5
Version 5 of Apple's Swift language used for iOS and MacOS application development will arrive in late 2018 with ABI stability in the standard Swift library a primary focus-delaying a feature originally intended for the upcoming Swift 4 release . Locking down the ABI iin Swift 5 will mean any future compiler versions can produce binaries that conform to the stable ABI.
Google snaps up AI image processing firm AIMatter
Belarus-based AIMatter confirmed the news in a short and sweet notice posted on the firm's website on Wednesday, but as reported by TechCrunch , the deal has been rumored since May. AIMatter is the startup behind Fabby , a mobile application which uses artificial intelligence to boost self-taken photos with a range of creative effects, such as tone adjustment, colors, masks, backgrounds, and makeup designs. The app has been downloaded over two million times among iOS users, while the Android version -- launched in March -- has snagged between 100,000 and 500,000 user downloads.
Former Audi exec leads ZF's efforts to help reduce traffic deaths
Nearly 60 companies looking to help ZF create next-generation solutions for autonomous driving, connectivity and artificial intelligence had 3 minutes to present their ideas at the supplier's so-called "pitch night." There is a big number that ZF Friedrichshafen's head of advanced engineering is determined to reduce.
Quantum Computing Market by Revenue Source, Application (Simulation,...
Quantum Computing Market by Revenue Source, Application , Industry , and Geography - Global Forecast to 2023 The quantum computing market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 29.04% between 2017 and 2023 and is expected to be valued at by 2023. The key factors driving the growth of the quantum computing market are the rising incidences of cybercrime, early adoption of quantum computing technology in the automotive and defense industry, and increasing investments by government entities in the quantum computing market.
Cisco Systems sees sales continue to decline
Cisco Systems reported fiscal fourth-quarter results Wednesday that were in line with expectations, but also suggested the networking equipment maker is still dealing with a so-called "Trump Effect" that has impacted federal government spending on high-end computing gear. After the stock market closed, Cisco said it earned $2.4 billion, or 48 cents a share, compared to a profit of $2.8 billion, or 56 cents a share, in the same period a year ago.
City public elementary schools to teach students computer science
"We are ensuring that our kids have the skills they need to be the next generation of creators and leaders," de Blasio said. The schools will teach computer science basics such as coding, robotics and programming, bringing the total number of elementary schools in the city's Software Engineering Program to 23 schools in all five boroughs.
Computer scientists use music to covertly track body movements, activity
IMAGE: Left-to-right: UW professor of computer science and engineering Tadayoshi Kohno, UW doctoral student Rajalakshmi Nandakumar and UW associate professor of computer science and engineering Shyam Gollakota. Not pictured is team... view As smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and other smart devices become more prevalent in our lives, computer scientists have raised concerns that these network-enabled devices, if not properly secured, could be co-opted to steal data or invade user privacy.
A fund betting on robots and AI is crushing it - and it's targeting millennial investors
When Jay Jacobs, director of research at Global X, and his team were looking to start new theme-based exchange-traded funds last year, a robotics and artificial intelligence ETF just made sense. think a lot of times the finance world gets lost in its own jargon of risk adjusted returns and Sharpe ratios and risk factors," Jacobs told Markets Insider.
The 19 most interesting ad-tech upstarts of 2017, ranked
But there are many companies making waves, particularly startups focused on marketing data, brand safety, and the future of TV ads. So this year, we're rethinking our hottest pre-IPO ad-tech ranking.
The tech pioneer who helped found CNET is aiming to build a new digital media voice empire
Shelby Bonnie helped found CNET in the 1990s. Now he wants to build an artificial intelligence platform for a voice-controlled digital home of the future.
3 Stocks That Could Soar More Than Priceline
Anyone smart enough to pick up shares of the travel giant a decade ago is currently sitting on a gain of more than 2,310% . That's a big enough gain to create a life-changing amount of money.
Microsoft boosts cloud HPC strategy with Cycle Computing acquisition
Cycle Computing is described by Microsoft Azure VP Jason Zander in a blog post as being "a leader in cloud computing orchestration, to help make it easier than ever for customers to use High-Performance Computing and other Big Computing capabilities in the cloud." The company first made its name on Amazon Web Services EC2 offering with software that claimed to be able to spin up to 10,000 cores, back in 2011, and then 50,000 cores which was designed for the discovery of pharmaceutical drugs.
From Isaac Asimov to Aimee Mann, 'robophobia' plagues humans
Use of robotics in manufacturing and other sectors is increasing in countries from the United States and China, and robots have long been embraced for a variety of uses in countries such as Japan. As use of "artificial intelligence" programming expands possibilities for robots, some of the smartest humans are raising warnings.
ccxt 1.3.105
A library for cryptocurrency trading and e-commerce with support for many bitcoin/ether/altcoin exchange markets and merchant APIs A JavaScript / Python / PHP library for cryptocurrency trading and e-commerce with support for many bitcoin/ether/altcoin exchange markets and merchant APIs. The ccxt library is used to connect and trade with cryptocurrency / altcoin exchanges and payment processing services worldwide.
UTA researcher developing airborne computer network computing platform for UAVs
Unmanned aerial vehicles have been used for civilian applications such as photography and cargo transportation, but to be most effective they must be envisioned as generic movable computing devices capable of communicating with each other and the controller. Yan Wan, an associate professor in UTA's Department of Electrical Engineering, is the team lead on a three-year, $998,803 grant from the National Science Foundation that will develop a networked airborne computing platform for multiple unmanned aerial systems.
Artificial intelligence computer brain circuits electronics grid
The open source GPU-accelerated library supports TypeScript and JavaScript, allowing you to train neural networks or run pre-trained models Google is offering an open source, hardware-accelerated library for machine learning that runs in a browser. The library is currently supported only in the desktop version of Google Chrome, but the project is working to support more devices.
Kiwi data firm strikes big with UK National Gallery
Auckland-based data firm Dexibit is working with the National Gallery in London to predict the trends and behaviour of visitors. Dexibit will use machine learning and historic data to provide data to the National Gallery, which features works from Van Gogh and Monet, in order to assist them in making curation decisions.
Samsung Electronics Introduces New Portable SSD T5 - The Latest Evolution in Fast, Reliable Storage
Electronics America, Inc. today announced the introduction of the Samsung Portable SSD T5 - the newest portable solid state drive that raises the bar for the performance of external memory products. The T5, built with Samsung's latest 64-layer V-NAND technology, delivers industry-leading transfer speeds with encrypted data security in a compact and durable design, making it easier than ever for consumers to access their most valuable data anywhere, at any time.
StoveTop FireStop Redefines Residential Cooking Fire Suppression with New Sensor-Based Product
StoveTop FireStop has been the industry leader in automatic, easy to use, residential fire suppression devices for over four decades. Their canister based suppressors can be found in nearly every multifamily housing market segment in With the release of Plus Sensor , they have radically changed the way their product responds to grease fires.
China's big bet on domination in AI is no longer a long shot
Xu runs SenseTime Group Ltd., which makes artificial intelligence software that recognizes objects and faces, and counts China's biggest smartphone brands as customers. In July, SenseTime raised $410 million, a sum it said was the largest single round for an AI company to date.
LinkedIn Case Is Test of Open Access to Publicly Available Website Data
A U.S. federal judge on Monday ruled that Microsoft Corp.'s LinkedIn unit cannot prevent a startup from accessing public profile data, in a test of how much control a social media site can wield over information its users have deemed to be public. U.S. District Judge Edward Chen in San Francisco granted a preliminary injunction request brought by hiQ Labs, and ordered LinkedIn to remove within 24 hours any technology preventing hiQ from accessing public profiles.
3 Stocks That Could Make You Rich
What do all these things have in common? They're all examples of innovations from the past that have created huge new industries -- and made many early investors rich in the process. There are three newer innovations that could join the list -- artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, and gene editing.
Industry Leaders to Form Consortium for Network and Computing Infrastructure of Automotive Big Data
Ericsson, Intel Corporation, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation , NTT DOCOMO, INC., Toyota InfoTechnology Center Co., Ltd. and Toyota Motor Corporation today announced that they have initiated the formation of the Automotive Edge Computing Consortium. The objective of the consortium is to develop an ecosystem for connected cars to support emerging services such as intelligent driving, the creation of maps with real-time data and driving assistance based on cloud computing.
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Five Berkeley Lab Researchers...
Five scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have been selected by the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Science to receive significant funding for research through its Early Career Research Program. The program, now in its eighth year, is designed to bolster the nation's scientific workforce by providing support to exceptional researchers during the crucial early career years, when many scientists do their most formative work.
Veritone Expands Relativity Integration with Advanced e-Discovery Language Translation
With the Veritone Media Player, Relativity users can now employ machine translation for over 100 languages, including Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish, for evidentiary media. The Veritone Media Player also now incorporates Relativity's Structured and Conceptual Analytics for expedited and efficient discovery of content and key topics.
AWS Introduces Intelligent Security And Integrated Cloud Migration Capabilities At New York Summit
Amazon Web Services introduced on Monday an artificially intelligent security service to patrol cloud-based data stores, as well as a central hub aggregating a range of tools partners use to facilitate cloud migrations. Amazon Macie, the fully managed security service uses machine learning to detect intruders and data leaks, and AWS Migration Hub were introduced to partners at an AWS Summit event in New York City.
Oil Trader Blames Worsening Market, Algos for Closing of Fund
Andy Hall, the oil trader known to many as "God", said he decided to close his flagship hedge fund amid a deteriorating outlook for prices next year and the "frustrating" dominance of algorithmic traders. A renowned oil bull who shot to fame after Citigroup Inc. revealed that he pocketed $100 million from a single year's trading, Hall struck a bearish tone in a letter to investors dated Aug. 1, which was reviewed by Bloomberg News.
Cognitive computing will transform the accounting profession
Managing change in an increasingly digital world is both a challenge and an opportunity for accounting firms. Today, we are entering the era of the "Smart Internet," as machines can be taught to learn.
Amazon's one-day computing sale includes Orbi mesh Wi-Fi, 4K Razer laptops, and so much more
Amazon has a killer sale going on right now for anyone and everyone on the lookout for new networking gear, computer accessories, or even computers. It includes 21 different products that are all highly rated and well-reviewed.
Target revs up efforts to transform supply chain with acquisition
Target Corp. announced it has agreed to acquire Grand Junction to improve and expand Target's delivery capabilities and accelerate its investments and ongoing efforts to transform its supply chain. Upon the close of the deal, Rob Howard, Grand Junction's founder and CEO, will become a VP of technology at Target.
Artificial Intelligence and the Future of the Accounting Profession
The relentless advance of technology. You are aware of it. Whether you are boomer, a millennial, or even Gen Z .
How Instagram is filtering out hate
The popular social media platform Instagram has a new feature to filter out hateful comments. The tool uses a type of artificial intelligence called machine learning.
Bristol hosts successful test of 5G mobile edge computing
Participants in the three-week trial of mobile edge computing technology took part in a virtual treasure hunt around the city centre The first real-world trial of mobile edge computing technology, which is expected to be a key part of future 5G network architectures, has concluded successfully in Bristol with a citywide internet-enabled treasure hunt. IT leaders have greater choice in end-user devices than ever before.
How to move into a cloud career from traditional IT
There is a great deal of interest from those with traditional IT skills-such as enterprise architects, developers, and networking engineers-to steer themselves into a cloud computing career that will not only provide job protection, but pay better as well. The good news: There is a path for many IT pros into the cloud.
Fired Google engineer James Damore spent hours answering questions on Reddit
Damore was fired a week ago for his document , which was titled "Google's Ideological Echo Chamber" and argued that some lack of diversity in tech was down to biological differences, and not just bias. The document caused an uproar from those - including female employees at Google - who read implicit suggestions that women were inferior to men at software engineering.
Living in a whole new world: a snippet of daily life in 2030 Seoul
Living in the fast-forward era, yesterday quickly seems blurry and outdated while tomorrow looks unreal and overwhelming. With the evolution of technologies at full tilt, the new world, according to today's predictions, would change or deprive us of our labor values and cost us never-ending consumption, yet provide us with great efficiency and even groundbreaking revolution of human kind.
Shining a light on car culture
Some visionary EspaA ola residents have the right idea - promote the town's fame as a place that celebrates cars. Those cars, of course, are lowriders, mechanical marvels of the road that cruise along at a more stately pace, hugging the street and displaying spectacular paint jobs.
Elon Musk Calls Artificial Intelligence A Bigger Threat Than North Korea
Tesla co-founder and CEO Elon Musk is known for his views on artificial intelligence. He's all for regulating the emerging technology as he views it as a risk to the world.
Are robots moving sculptures? On Art, illusion and artificial intelligence
Art and AI have this in common: Traditionally, the more lifelike a work, the more skilled it was thought to be Traditional art has an element of illusionism to it. This has long been commented on, and is responsible for the prevalent thought that the more realistic the artwork, the more a man-made creation looks like a nature-made one, the better it must be.
The iPhone in Your Pocket Is Worth Millions
Several years ago, I had a bit of fun estimating how much an iPhone would have cost to make in the 1990s. The impetus was a story making the rounds on the web.
Azerbaijani scientist, father of fuzzy logic Lotfi Zadeh passes away
News selected on topics and regions - oil and gas, business, politics, IT, the South Caucasus, the Caspian Sea region, Central Asia Ranking of the Azerbaijani banking sector Mathematician and artificial intelligence scientist Lotfi Zadeh passed away on Saturday several days after it was reported that his health was severely deteriorating. He was born in 1921 in Baku.
Robot 'Jeremy Kyle' to use artificial intelligence to fix celebs...
Producers want celebrities to share their problems with a talking android which will then work out a solution using technology. Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris have a almighty 60 year age gap, but are always up for some fun together One agent who was approached said: "I wouldn't mind representing the robot, as unlike human hosts it would hopefully be happy with any deal I could fix.
Winning Waikato lecturer blends computer science with Maori culture
Dr Te Taka Keegan was awarded the 2017 Prime Minister's Supreme award for his teaching by Bill English at Parliament. Waikato University computer science senior lecturer Dr Te Taka Keegan was presented with the 2017 Prime Minister's Supreme Award for Excellence in Tertiary Teaching and a kaupapa Maori Sustained Excellence award.