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Get a comprehensive set of online courses in computer science for 97% off
If you thought you missed your chance to major in computer science when you opted for art history in college, there's good news after all. There are such things as second chances, and thanks to the influx of online learning, gaining a new skill set won't require you to dip into your savings.
Etisalat to Unveil Their Cloudification Journey in Collaboration With Deloitte and Huawei
The White Paper shares lessons learned in how technologies combined can elevate a Telcos' capabilities to revamp their business and also provides a point of view on the road towards a cloud-native Telco, ultimately making a contribution to the telecommunication industry. The launch of the White Paper "From Pipelines to Clouds - Etisalat`s Playbook" is part of a collaboration made amongst the three companies for a joint innovation program focused around multiple exponential technologies that constitute a Digital Transformation journey from a technology perspective.
Contrasting Intermolecular
Integrated Device Technology and Intermolecular are both computer and technology companies, but which is the better investment? We will compare the two businesses based on the strength of their risk, profitability, dividends, analyst recommendations, earnings, institutional ownership and valuation. This is a summary of current ratings and target prices for Integrated Device Technology and Intermolecular, as reported by MarketBeat.com.
Financial Analysis: Windstream
Windstream and Inventergy Global are both small-cap computer and technology companies, but which is the better business? We will compare the two businesses based on the strength of their dividends, valuation, analyst recommendations, institutional ownership, profitability, risk and earnings. Windstream pays an annual dividend of $0.55 per share and has a dividend yield of 28.1%.
Sex robots provide glimpse into the future of intimacy
Debra Soh writes about the science and politics of sex and holds a PhD in sexual neuroscience from York University One day six months ago, I stumbled across a YouTube video of a sex robot named Samantha. With her long, auburn hair and flawless, tanned skin, Samantha was different from all of the other sex dolls out there - she had a personality and she could speak.
How Your Business Can Stay Ahead of the Game With Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence holds great promise for everything from employee productivity to marketing campaign success. With early implementations of technologies such as predictive analytics, about half of the companies in three major business regions -- western Europe, Asia/Pacific and the United States -- plan to adopt some form of AI within the next five years.
Bishop of Oxford calls for more action on computer teaching
INVESTMENT in education on artificial intelligence is essential for future generations, the Bishop of Oxford told the House of Lords yesterday. The Rt Rev Dr Steven Croft said with technology constantly evolving it was essential children are taught how to deal with the changes.
Sell Bitcoin Ahead Of Futures Launch Says Algorithmic Expert
As the debate over the legitimacy of bitcoin rages, most of it might not matter. On Sunday bitcoin futures will start trading on the CBOE, which will immediately inject a degree of institutional legitimacy into the product.
Highland Park HS shows computer science not just about writing code
Highland Park High School teachers used some math class time to demystify computer science and expose students to fields with immense career potential. Computer science teachers at Highland Park High School wanted to show the student body that programming is far less intimidating than they might imagine.
Grace Hopper & Computer Science Education Week
Tomorrow marks the 111th anniversary of the birth of Grace Hopper. Considered "the first lady of software" she is the figurehead chosen for Computer Science Education Week, which is timed to coincide with her birthday.
NUS scientist develops 'toolboxes' for quantum cybersecurity
Novel combination of security proof techniques and protocols help solve the puzzle of high speed quantum key distribution for secure communication A quantum information scientist from the National University of Singapore has developed efficient "toolboxes" comprising theoretical tools and protocols for quantifying the security of high-speed quantum communication. Assistant Professor Charles Lim is part of an international team of experimental and theoretical scientists from Duke University, Ohio State University and Oak Ridge National Laboratory that has recently achieved a significant breakthrough in high-rate quantum secure communication.
Will artificial intelligence become conscious?
By Subhash Kak, Regents Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Oklahoma State University.
Killer robot fears as engineer admits artificial intelligence will be - UNCONTROLLABLE'
Last month, a group of scientists presented a chilling film demonstrating the dangers of autonomous lethal machines to policymakers at the UN. Now Ray Kurzweil, head of engineering at tech giants Google, whose subsidiary company Deep Mind are at the forefront of AI research, admitted humans will be powerless to artificial intelligence.
Artificial Intelligence Robot 'Alisa' Nominated for Russian President
Alisa, a virtual reality assistant developed by Russia's tech giant Yandex, has been nominated to become the next president of Russia by thousands of supporters across the country. The favorite for elections scheduled for March 2018, President Vladimir Putin, announced his candidacy on Wednesday.
Snake Bit? Why FANG Gains Won't Slither Away
The members of FANG -Facebook , Amazon.com , Netflix and Alphabet -often compete in the same markets, duking it out for the same corporations and consumers alike, and directly influencing the revenue of one another-for good or ill. Standout performers in 2017, each is expected to continue their rollicking rides in 2018 - particularly in streaming/content, e-commerce, online ad and cloud computing, GBH Insights analyst Daniel Ives concludes in a research report issued today.
8 Examples of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Workplace
David Cearley, vice president and Gartner Fellow, wrote that promises of artificial intelligence magically performing intellectual tasks that humans do and dynamically learning as much as humans is " speculative at best." However with 2018 rapidly approaching, AI is clearly on the minds of many businesses .
A Check-Up for Artificial Intelligence in the Enterprise
As organizations get ready to invest in AI, some recent research efforts offer insight into what the status quo is around AI in the enterprise and the barriers that could impede adoption. According to a recent Teradata study, 80% of IT and business decision-makers have already implemented some form of artificial intelligence in their business.
Artificial intelligence to fuel a new cybersecurity race, say experts
Technological advances in artificial intelligence are fuelling a new race between hackers and those toiling to protect cybersecurity networks. Cybersecurity is always a race between offence and defence but new tools are giving companies that employ them a leg up on those trying to steal their data.
Artificial intelligence to fuel a new cybersecurity race, say experts
David Decary-Hetu, assistant professor of criminology at the University of Montreal, is seen on Friday, November 3, 2017 in Montreal. Technological advances in artificial intelligence are fuelling a new race between hackers and those toiling to protect cybersecurity networks.THE CANADIAN PRESS/Paul Chiasson David Decary-Hetu, assistant professor of criminology at the University of Montreal, is seen on Friday, November 3, 2017 in Montreal.
OracleVoice: Novel Program Teaches Computer Science Alongside Art, Biology
These activities, collectively called Luminous Science, guide middle and high school students through the process of designing and building dynamic sculptures that visualize biochemical processes from live data streamed from sensors in a nearby hydroponic classroom garden. Finch began her work by building her own hydroponic garden and a nine-foot illuminated tree sculpture, where beautiful art meets practical function.
New Mexico man charged with paying for website attacks
Federal prosecutors say a New Mexico man paid for computer hackers to attack several old employer's websites among several others, and he could now prison time for it. According to federal court documents, John Gammell of Las Cruces is accused of paying hackers to attack computers.
The UK government is giving AI startups access to serious...
But AI startups in the UK say they're being constrained by a lack of access to serious computation power. The UK government has pledged to give artificial intelligence and machine learning startups access to computing resources and expertise through a new "Machine Intelligence Garage."
Sundance Film Festival unveils New Frontier virtual reality and artificial intelligence program
The 2018 Sundance Film Festival today unveiled its New Frontier program that will premiere the latest innovations in artificial intelligence, virtual reality and augmented reality storytelling. The U.S.'s largest independent film festival, taking place in Park City, Utah, from January 18-28, has prioritized exploring the intersection between film and technology and this year, it is expanding its program of independent experimental new media works.
Molex Demonstrates Industry-Leading End-to-End 10 Gbps Automotive Ethernet Network at CES 2018
Molex will offer private demos of its connected vehicle technology ecosystem which includes a 10 Gbps automotive Ethernet backbone solution that fully integrates highly reliable signal integrity, prioritization, scalability and security. is supporting OEMs in the development of in-vehicle networks that are secure, prioritized, reliable and high bandwidth.
Try this! Researchers devise better recommendation algorithm
The recommendation systems at websites such as Amazon and Netflix use a technique called "collaborative filtering." To determine what products a given customer might like, they look for other customers who have assigned similar ratings to a similar range of products, and extrapolate from there.
That sales tax you pay on your meal? Some restaurants keep it, using illegal a zappersa
An inspector from Revenue Quebec examines a receipt at a restaurant in this undated photograph. Quebec's tax authorities have gone further than those in the United States in combating sales tax fraud by restaurants and other businesses.
What Happens When an Algorithm Helps Write Science Fiction
Two researchers named Adam Hammond and Julian Brooke have spent the past few years developing software that analyzes literary databases. Their program can identify dozens of structural and stylistic details in huge chunks of text, and if you give them a collection of great stories-stories that maybe you wished you had written-they are able to identify all the details that those great stories have in common.
Art Forgeries Revealed by Artificial Intelligence
At this point, you likely already know about the many tasks and functions that can be performed by artificial intelligence . Indeed, you probably have learned quite a bit about that from prior editions of this blog.
IBM Bets on Artificial Intelligence With Its POWER9 Chip
Advanced Micro Devices unveiled its EPYC server chips earlier this year, and Qualcomm commercially launched its ARM-based Centriq 2400 server processor last month. is also a player in the server chip market.
Girl Scouts will train would-be computer scientists to code - CNET
The Girl Scouts of the USA is building on its STEM education with the launch of a national computer science program for middle school and high school students. It's teaming up with defense contractor Raytheon to help prepare girls for careers in cybersecurity, robotics, artificial intelligence and data science.
Fort Lee computer scientist charged in bizarre racial attack found not guilty by reason of insanity
A computer scientist at Fort Lee charged last spring with a hate crime in a bizarre attack on a young black woman who was yanked from her vehicle by the ankles has been found found not guilty by reason of insanity. Judge Lynn S. Brice of Chesterfield County Circuit Court found Matthew R. Ellis, 27, not guilty by reason of insanity after reviewing reports from two mental health professionals - including one for the prosecution - who concluded that Ellis was insane at the time of the May 3 incident in Chester.
Fort Lee computer scientist charged in bizarre racial attack found not guilty by reason of insanity
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IBM is set to ship its first Power9 system this month, claiming AI leadership
With the release this month of the first commercial server based on its Power9 processor, IBM is reaching another milestone in its quest to be the AI-workload leader for data centers and web service providers. The Power9 chips in the systems hitting the market now don't rev up to the top speeds provided by Intel's Xeon Scalable Processor line, but they offer blazing throughput aimed to give them an edge in machine learning and accelerated database applications.
Ghostery 8 Deploys Artificial Intelligence in the Fight Against Ad Trackers
Most ad blockers-and there are so, so many of them now-operate roughly the same way, comparing the scripts they encounter on a given site to their whitelist and block list letting the former run and stopping the others. This means they largely share the same drawback, as well; they can't block what they've never seen before.
12 Content Marketing Trends You Should Be Following
We've reached a tipping point in content marketing where there is so much content published on a daily basis that no one can consume even a small percentage of it precisely when marketers would like them to. Content fatigue has set in, and it's creating a very real problem for businesses that understand the importance of content marketing but can't break through the clutter.
EPAM Develops Automotive-Optimized Cloud Computing Reference Solution ...
EPAM Systems, Inc. , a leading global provider of digital platform engineering and software development services, today announced its collaboration with Renesas Electronics, a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, to develop a cloud computing reference solution optimized for connected cockpit systems, for storage and distribution of facial models used for driver recognition. EPAM's cloud-based solution optimized for automotive will be part of the Renesas Connected Cockpit Vehicle at CES in January in Las Vegas, NV.
Down Syndrome Research Has Been Racist. Will Artificial Intelligence Help?
Karabo, though, is looking at the ceiling, her attention turning to the harness strapping her into the baby seat, anywhere except the cameras. Meanwhile her mother, a professor, and a graduate student are all struggling to make her look at even one of the cameras so they can capture her 3-D image.
New coding course offers foundational computer science knowledge
Edgenuity, a leading provider of online and blended learning, is excited to announce an Introduction to Coding course, available for all high school students at its customer schools nationwide. "The world is changing quickly and demand for workers with coding skills is growing dramatically across many industries," said Sari Factor, CEO of Edgenuity.
YouTube to hire more reviewers to screen videos after backlash over kids content
YouTube is a popular platform for users of all ages. Videos on the site range from family-friendly to significantly racy.
Algorithm Speeds GPU-based AI Training 10x on Big Data Sets | EE Times
IBM Zurich researchers have developed a generic artificial-intelligence preprocessing building block for accelerating Big Data machine learning algorithms by at least 10 times over existing methods. The approach, which IBM presented Monday at the Neural Information Processing Systems conference in Long Beach, Calif., uses mathematical duality to cherry-pick the items in a Big Data stream that will make a difference, ignoring the rest.
Algorithm Speeds GPU-based AI Training 10x on Big Data Sets
IBM Zurich researchers have developed a generic artificial-intelligence preprocessing building block for accelerating Big Data machine learning algorithms by at least 10 times over existing methods. The approach, which IBM presented Monday at the Neural Information Processing Systems conference in Long Beach, Calif., uses mathematical duality to cherry-pick the items in a Big Data stream that will make a difference, ignoring the rest.
Stephen Hawking: Humanity could be 'infinitely helped' by AI - or destroyed by it
Stephen Hawking says that over his lifetime he has seen "very significant societal changes," but the rise of artificial intelligence rates as one of the most significant. "In short, I believe the rise of powerful AI will be either the best thing or the worst ever to happen to humanity," the physicist said in a video address originally filmed for GMIC's Beijing conference earlier this year and also screened today for the GMIC Sydney conference.
Artificial Intelligence Takes the Lead for Half a Year
The shipment of global smartphone in the third quarter is 373.1 million, merely increasing by 2.7% compared with the 363.4 million of 2016. The reasons for the decelerated growth of global smartphone market are that, on one hand, the market has accessed into the plateau and that, on the other hand, due to the innovation deficiency in the whole industry, the products are highly homogeneous.
Tech Companies Identify, Remove 40,000 Terrorist Videos, Images
Big technology companies have added the digital signatures of 40,000 terrorist videos and images to a shared database as they seek to keep extremist content off their platforms. Facebook Inc., Google's YouTube, which is owned by Alphabet Inc., Microsoft Corp., and Twitter Inc. revealed the numbers in a joint blog post Monday.
Michael Dell doesn't buy the hype about killer artificial intelligence and tech dystopias
Michael Dell, the billionaire founder behind Dell Technologies, expects artificial intelligence to yield "tremendously positive outcomes for humans" over the next 30 years. Dell's comments, made to an audience of executives at a conference hosted by the software company Pivotal, come at a time of widespread skepticism over the impact that technology companies have on society and concerns about artificial intelligence in particular.
Artprice Launches Three Global Algorithmic Indices Measuring Force...
After analysis, we decided to produce an appropriate response to this need in order to reflect the economic paradigm shift that the replacement of the "old economy" by the digital economy represents. In short... this shift imposes a whole new set of standards and measures onto the Art Market and its key players.
Google's Hinton says AI poses new challenges to regulators
Expansion of artificial intelligence in financial services, healthcare, transportation and other fields poses new challenges to governments charged with regulating those industries, according to an executive with Google who is a pioneer in the field of machine learning. Artificial intelligence pioneer Geoffrey Hinton speaks at the Thomson Reuters Financial and Risk Summit in Toronto, December 4, 2017.
How can humans keep the upper hand on artificial intelligence?
In artificial intelligence , machines carry out specific actions, observe the outcome, adapt their behavior accordingly, observe the new outcome, adapt their behavior once again, and so on, learning from this iterative process. But could this process spin out of control? Possibly.
McCallie senior lands top spot in national finals for artificial intelligence-related project
McCallie senior Allen Liu initially thought the Siemens Competition in Math, Science & Technology was out of his reach, but he's now a finalist in the national contest. The project involves a new mathematical concept for improving the running time in neural networks -a type of artificial intelligence computing system used in new technologies, such as facial recognition and driverless cars.
Students, parents and teachers outside DiscoG Coding Academy with Harrow East MP, Bob Blackman
They have seen the school's membership grow to more than one hundred students in just a couple of months and believe there is a genuine interest in the community to learn more about coding. "The world is changing and we don't know what will be there in terms of jobs in ten to 15 years' time," Gerard explained.