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Updated 2018-09-25 17:22
This Is Your Captive Speaking
A Brew That Is True
That New Boat Smell
Call Me Lemongrab
You’ll Never Out-Fox The Fox
Back to the main story next week! 🙂
Meanwhile, In The North…
A short diversion drawn by A+A while we get some pages sorted out.
It’s Easier When You Can Read
We’re Entering the First Ever Lana’s Sexy Summer Swapmeet!
We’re participating in the the first annual Lana’s Sexy Summer Swapmeet!. From August the 1st to 15th of August, Sean Harrington of Spying With Lana will be hosting a special Exiern themed image on Top Webcomics here – (caution NSFW!) and we will be[…]↓ Read the rest of this entry...
We’ve Lost Our Barbarian
Hey, check back on Tuesday the 31st of July for a special post!
A Pointed Moment
Fantastic Inlay Work
Getting Snippy
The Luther Billis Brigade
New Patreon Rewards!
Patreon is an incredibly important part of what keeps Exiern going, and I’ve created some new Rewards that I hope will help us reach some Goals that will benefit us all – like getting rid of the need for ads![…]↓ Read the rest of this entry...
The Docklands
Thanks For Supporting Cleveland Ride For Kids
Many thanks to those who donated to the Cleveland Ride For Kids. I believe their final numbers were near the $58k goal. Despite the light drizzle it was a good turn-out.
A Funny Thing Happened On Our Way To…
Sometimes Gravity Is Good
Keeping It Classy
Heavier Than Gravity Falls
No Touchy
Howdy all, While we get the old site back up and running please head over to http://archive.exiern.com/ to read the new pages! Thanks, Scott P.S. If you experience anything strange please let us know, and screencap if you can!The post Rebuilding appeared first on Exiern.
And The World Will Shatter
Friends & Allies
For those wondering where Peonie got the bow and arrows, this was actually set up like 30 pages back but with the crash I can’t point to when she asked for them. Speaking of the crash, two bits of news;[…]↓ Read the rest of this entry...
Why So Stubborn?
Work With Me, Here
Need A Mint?
It’s Ugly But It Is Scrubbed
Hi all. We discovered that the old site did not get everything scrubbed, so this is the temporary one that is 100% brand new and squeaky clean. Please be patience while we load up the old material and get the[…]↓ Read the rest of this entry...
Heart Burn
The post Heart Burn appeared first on Exiern.
The post Enough appeared first on Exiern.
Insert Monty Python Reference Here
The post Insert Monty Python Reference Here appeared first on Exiern.
Eye Opening
The post Eye Opening appeared first on Exiern.
Unknown Agenda
The post Unknown Agenda appeared first on Exiern.
It Must Be A Sign – Valentine’s Day Sex Drive 2018
Please note: This week’s main story page posted on February the 12th, and you can click back one page to read it or go here. Hello and welcome to Exiern’s Valentine’s Day Sex Drive 2018 Artwork. This year Marshall Reeves of[…]↓ Read the rest of this entry...The post It Must Be A Sign – Valentine’s Day Sex Drive 2018 appeared first on Exiern.
Barbara Recommends Top Brass
Surprise! Monday post because we also want to put up something for Valentine’s Day on Wednesday, and wanted to give people more time with this page. Alicia earlier mentioned that she had found and spoken with Faden here. And yes,[…]↓ Read the rest of this entry...The post Barbara Recommends Top Brass appeared first on Exiern.
Flip The Script
There’s no concise moment to flash back, but let’s just put a reminder here that as a child Typh was taught that anyone not of his tribe was less than human and their life could be snuffed out on a whim[…]↓ Read the rest of this entry...
Dinosaur Fight
What I Want When I Want It
Keep Up With Exiern
I’ve mentioned before that Exiern is built on some really shaky coding that we are still trying to update/migrate around to give us a better working – and looking – website. This has meant downage in the past, and in some cases delays in page posting. Traditionally I’ve been really bad about creating redundancies, emergency […]
The Good Things In Life
Time Estimates
…and we’re back to the main story! I know Antipus and I are excited to come back to Typh and Alicia and the prime plot, and I hope you’ll enjoy what we have to reveal! I am also exited to announce an extra perk for our Patreon readers. From now on all Patrons will get the […]
Dark Reflections is back for 2018
Illustrated by Marshall Reeves. Did you pick up the hint as to the identity of our Special Guest on the page from the 1st of January? Just below the title for the page, it says “by Scott Hicken”. Told you there was a clue on the page. No way was it could have been Faden, […]
The Day After
Illustrated by Marshall Reeves. Looks like someone’s dropped the bomb on these two. Inevitably, there’s going to be fallout. Typh and Peonie have fallen victim to that scourge of heroes from time immemorial, a celebration that is both too much and too soon! Now they have to face the wrath of the biggest and most […]
Exiern New Year’s Day Special 2018
Art by Colin Wells and lettering by Sean Harrington (again). OK, so we’ve got a big year planned and we may see contributions from Colin (who has a webcomic here) and Sean (who has a webcomic here). Marshall will be illustrating Neese for Patreon and as you’ve just heard, his webcomic is here). More people planned to come […]
Many Thanks To Marshall Reeves of Yesterday Bound
Many Thanks To Marshall of Yesterday Bound. Great work on Neese! When a new artist started on Exiern, a new artist was also needed to work on the spin-off Neese (as seen on Patreon). That wasn’t quite as smooth a transition as the main story. There was the interim covered by Sean Harrington of Spying With […]
Many Thanks To Sean Harrington of Spying With Lana
Many thanks to Sean, for both the art and the work! So, one of the things we’ve done a lot more of in the last year or two is reach out to other webcomic creators and artists to work on collaborative projects for nothing more than mutual love of creating art, stories and a mutually […]
Exiern Christmas Special 2017
Merry Christmas, everyone! We hope you enjoy this very special update. As luck would have it, it’s a very auspicious day for Doctor Who this Christmas and as it happens, it’s not a million miles removed from the world of Exiern this time around so it only felt right to commemorate the occasion. Also, after […]