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Updated 2018-03-23 16:38
Heart Burn
Insert Monty Python Reference Here
Eye Opening
Unknown Agenda
It Must Be A Sign – Valentine’s Day Sex Drive 2018
Please note: This week’s main story page posted on February the 12th, and you can click back one page to read it or go here. Hello and welcome to Exiern’s Valentine’s Day Sex Drive 2018 Artwork. This year Marshall Reeves of Yesterday Bound brings us a contribution inspired by a comment on last year’s submission left by […]
Barbara Recommends Top Brass
Surprise! Monday post because we also want to put up something for Valentine’s Day on Wednesday, and wanted to give people more time with this page. Alicia earlier mentioned that she had found and spoken with Faden here. And yes, the title of this page refers to this commercial; https://youtu.be/aHJZ9BDIuOY
Flip The Script
There’s no concise moment to flash back, but let’s just put a reminder here that as a child Typh was taught that anyone not of his tribe was less than human and their life could be snuffed out on a whim if he so chose. Obviously Typh has learned otherwise since then, but it led to […]
Dinosaur Fight
What I Want When I Want It
Keep Up With Exiern
I’ve mentioned before that Exiern is built on some really shaky coding that we are still trying to update/migrate around to give us a better working – and looking – website. This has meant downage in the past, and in some cases delays in page posting. Traditionally I’ve been really bad about creating redundancies, emergency […]
The Good Things In Life
Time Estimates
…and we’re back to the main story! I know Antipus and I are excited to come back to Typh and Alicia and the prime plot, and I hope you’ll enjoy what we have to reveal! I am also exited to announce an extra perk for our Patreon readers. From now on all Patrons will get the […]
Dark Reflections is back for 2018
Illustrated by Marshall Reeves. Did you pick up the hint as to the identity of our Special Guest on the page from the 1st of January? Just below the title for the page, it says “by Scott Hicken”. Told you there was a clue on the page. No way was it could have been Faden, […]
The Day After
Illustrated by Marshall Reeves. Looks like someone’s dropped the bomb on these two. Inevitably, there’s going to be fallout. Typh and Peonie have fallen victim to that scourge of heroes from time immemorial, a celebration that is both too much and too soon! Now they have to face the wrath of the biggest and most […]
Exiern New Year’s Day Special 2018
Art by Colin Wells and lettering by Sean Harrington (again). OK, so we’ve got a big year planned and we may see contributions from Colin (who has a webcomic here) and Sean (who has a webcomic here). Marshall will be illustrating Neese for Patreon and as you’ve just heard, his webcomic is here). More people planned to come […]
Many Thanks To Marshall Reeves of Yesterday Bound
Many Thanks To Marshall of Yesterday Bound. Great work on Neese! When a new artist started on Exiern, a new artist was also needed to work on the spin-off Neese (as seen on Patreon). That wasn’t quite as smooth a transition as the main story. There was the interim covered by Sean Harrington of Spying With […]
Many Thanks To Sean Harrington of Spying With Lana
Many thanks to Sean, for both the art and the work! So, one of the things we’ve done a lot more of in the last year or two is reach out to other webcomic creators and artists to work on collaborative projects for nothing more than mutual love of creating art, stories and a mutually […]
Exiern Christmas Special 2017
Merry Christmas, everyone! We hope you enjoy this very special update. As luck would have it, it’s a very auspicious day for Doctor Who this Christmas and as it happens, it’s not a million miles removed from the world of Exiern this time around so it only felt right to commemorate the occasion. Also, after […]
The Holiday Update Schedule (and about comments during this time)
So, I managed to talk Scott into turning over the keys for Exiern to me for a couple of weeks over the holiday period. However, he’ll still be overseeing the posting of images to make sure things go up when they’re supposed to reduce the risk of unfortunate accidents as much as possible. A reminder […]
A Coda
And thus ends this interstitial arc. We’ll be returning to Typh, Alicia, and the main story after the new year, picking up right with that literal cliffhanger on the 9th of January 2018. Meanwhile, in the usual Exiern Holiday Season Tradition, there’s going to be some all new artwork posted starting on the 25th, with […]
So, Patreon is NOT going to be changing its fees. I’d been working with other creators and reading up all in hopes I could post something of merit and insight about it and the switch didn’t happen. So I’ll say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has stuck around our Patreon despite the threat. […]
Quick Change
Complexly Terrifying
Victory in Exiern Day
New voting incentives this December for both Exiern and Exiern: Dark Reflections over at Top Webcomics. Vote here to see the event least likely to ever happen in Exiern: http://topwebcomics.com/vote/3640 … but a bit less unlikely in Dark Reflections given what we know about over there. Vote here for the variant image. http://topwebcomics.com/vote/7229 In my […]
Leafing So Soon?
Giving Tuesday: The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation
Howdy All, My wife works for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, and I wanted to share what they are doing for Giving Tuesday. First, if you are unfamiliar, the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation is the world’s largest nonprofit solely dedicated to the pediatric brain tumor community. My wife and her fellow PBTF peeps serve the […]
Sing A Song Of…
Today’s Page Will Post This Afternoon
Hey all, With the heavy goings on in the story I want to make sure I am getting everything right. After review I am not happy with how the page for today turned out and will revise and post this afternoon. Just wanted to share what was going on. STH
Simply Terrifying
Body Language
Had A Blast
The Season of the Witch – Exiern Halloween Special 2017
Happy Halloween, everyone! Art by Marshall Reeves, who makes the webcomic Yesterday Bound and is currently illustrating the Exiern spin-off Neese for Patreon, and lettering and captions by Sean Harrington who makes the webcomic Spying With Lana and who formerly illustrated the Exiern spin-off Neese for a while and still also does a bit here and […]
A Discerning Eye
Whistle While They Plot
New Top Webcomics Voting Reward Pics For October!
Howdy all, there are new Top Webcomics voting rewards images this month for both Exiern and Dark Reflections! Please vote and enjoy new work arranged for us by the ever awesome Shan. We hope you enjoy!
Cut It Out
The MINORLY uncensored version of today’s page can be found in our Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/cut-it-out-14679073
Some Days…
More Of A Salmon, Really
The Uncensored Version of today’s page can be found in our Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/posts/14455136
In Search of Breach
Sorry for the late posting, I have been sick pretty much all month and basically slept through the last two days. 🙁 The alternate version found in Patreon is here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/14356155
Thanks for the kind words about last week’s censoring, I hope I can keep up the quality. This week’s unedited page is available here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/14231466
New Top Webcomics Voting Incentives
Howdy all, there are new Top Webcomics voting incentive this month for both Exiern and Dark Reflections! We hope you enjoy!
Differing Opinions
I mentioned in an earlier post that when I write Exiern’s scripts I leave the decision for “nudity” or “no nudity” to the artist. As the writer I may create the situation where a character would be visibly nude or not, but it is the artist whose decision it should be to realize the image. We […]
Enter Sparkle Pants
True Lies
See he makes his own money, pays his own bills
Economy of Scale
Looky Looky
The Church of Rem has an A+ Women’s Lit Class