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Updated 2019-05-20 16:20
Google Suspends Huawei’s Android Support
New Photonic Microchip Mimics Basic Brain Function
The RTX 2070 Is Gaining Market Share Faster Than the GTX 1080 Did
Elon Musk: Tesla Broke in 10 Months Without ‘Hardcore’ Cost Reduction
ET Deals: Google Home Hub Smart Display for $90
Spotify Announces ‘Car Thing’ Voice Assistant That You Can’t Buy
HP Enterprise Buys Supercomputer Pioneer Cray for $1.3B
SpaceX Delays Starlink Launch Again to Update Satellite Software
New Device Translates Silent Thoughts Into Speech
Tesla Model 3 in Fatal Accident Had Autopilot Engaged
Sony, Microsoft Join Forces in Cloud Gaming and AI
ET Deals: Humble Software REBundle: Vegas Pro Even More Creative Freedom
Samsung May Reintroduce the Galaxy Fold Within a Month
Small, Rocky Planets Are Most Likely to Survive the Death of a Star
Samsung Unveils 3nm Gate-All-Around Design Tools
What Is Speculative Execution?
NASA Spots Remains of Beresheet Spacecraft on the Moon
Not Dead Yet: Microsoft Issues Critical Security Patch for Windows XP
Intel Discloses New Speculative Execution Security Vulnerabilities
Senators Ask FCC to Rethink 5G Spectrum Auction to Protect Weather Forecasts
Google Settles Pixel Class Action Lawsuit, Will Pay Owners Up to $500
Intel Unveils Clear Linux OS Update at Open Source Summit
The Best Free Xbox One Games of 2019
Another Day, Another Tesla Car Fire. This One in Hong Kong.
WoW Classic Has a Release Date and God Help Me I’m Excited
HP’s New Gaming Laptop Has a Secondary Display Built in
MIT Uses AI to Predict Breast Cancer Up to 5 Years in Advance
The Moon May Not Be Geologically Dead After All
ET Deals: Nintendo Switch with Two Bonus Ematic Controllers
WhatsApp Hit by VoIP Spyware Attack
Ookla Rolls Out New Global 5G Map
The OnePlus 7 Pro Is Official: Snapdragon 855, Pop-Up Selfie Camera, $670
New eTrucks Reduce Air Pollution at the Cost of More Visual Pollution
Foxconn’s ‘Innovation Centers’ in Wisconsin Are Just Empty Buildings
Biostar Lists PCIe 4.0, DDR4-4000, 3x M.2 Slots for AMD X570 Racing GT8 Motherboard
Adobe’s Big Push: Make Lightroom Easier to Learn and Use
NASA Awards $700,000 in Prizes for 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge
Intel May Move Optane Production to China, No Plans to Boost NAND
China’s PUBG Alternative Earns $14M in 3 Days
Sprint Is Practically Begging Regulators to Approve T-Mobile Merger
Amazon’s New Robot Can Pack More Than 600 Boxes Per Hour
Doctors Use Genetically Engineered Viruses to Fight Drug-Resistant Superbug
Mini’s Urban-X Accelerator Imagines the Brooklyn You’ve Always Dreamed Of
Specs Leak on AMD’s Upcoming 3rd Gen Ryzen 16-Core CPU
Google Killed Nest’s Interoperability Last Week, Ends ‘Works With Nest’
All Chromebooks Will Support Linux Going Forward
Should Sandy Bridge Users Upgrade? Evaluating the 2600K Against Modern CPUs
ET Deals: Write Like a Writer with Humble Bundle
BMW Service Outage Breaks CarPlay Functionality
Intel: Laptops With Foldable Screens at Least 2 Years Away