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Updated 2018-11-13 22:21
Boeing 737 Crash Caused By New Safety System Pilots Weren’t Told Existed
ET Early Black Friday Deals: 50-Inch Samsung 4K TV for $328, 27-Inch Dell Monitor for $120
NASA Certifies Falcon 9 to Carry Its Most Important Spacecraft
Apple Confirms T2 Chip Can Brick Macs After Third-Party Repairs
AMD Will Answer Nvidia’s Ray Tracing Technology, Eventually
Spin Memory, ARM, Applied Materials Ink Joint MRAM Agreement
Massive Battlefield V Test Rounds Up 38 GPUs
Microsoft Acquires Game Devs Obsidian and InXile to Bolster Xbox
Intel Accelerates 5G Modem Deployment, Could Power First 5G iPhones
‘Quantum Accelerometer’ Tracks Location Without GPS
Samsung’s Foldable Phone Could Cost $1,770
Why Intel TDP Measurements Don’t Reflect Real-World Power Draw
The Windows 10 1809 Delay Has Left ARM Vendors Shipping Unsupported Software
Amazon Launches Alexa App in Windows Store
Intel’s Core i9-9900K Finally Available at Eye-Watering Prices
ET Deals: Get Seven Warhammer PC Games with Humble Bundle
If You’re Planning to Build a PC, You’d Best Build Soon
Shockingly, No One Trusts Facebook’s Portal Smart Displays
Chiplets Are the Future, but They Won’t Replace Moore’s Law
Google Suggests Dark UI Mode Could Finally Be Coming to Android
Win 10 Bug Downgrades Some Windows Pro Users to Windows Home
Report Suggests Stocks of GTX 1080 Ti Are Almost Gone
Study Suggests Attracting Alien Astronomers with Giant Laser
Battlefield V Won’t Support Nvidia’s DXR at Launch
ET Deals: Walmart Black Friday: GTX 1060 Gaming Laptops under $1000
NASA Posts Stunning 8K Video From International Space Station
Samsung Unveils Flexible Display That Will Launch in 2019
The 20 Best Cheap PC Games Under $20
Google Adds Support for Foldable Phones to Android
Google’s Pixel Slate Available for Pre-Order
MIT Plans New Fusion Reactor That Could Actually Generate Power
NASA Shares Photo of ‘Flying Saucer’ Crash
ET Deals: Logitech One-Day Sale, Four Free Months of Amazon Music Unlimited for Echo Owners
AMD Announces Radeon Instinct MI60: Vega Arrives on 7nm
AMD 7nm Epyc CPU Offers Core Enhancements, Huge Performance Gains
Harvard Researchers: ‘Oumuamua Could Be an Alien Probe After All
Seagate Wants to HAMR the Competition, Ship 100TB HDDs By 2025
Mining Cryptocurrency Uses More Energy Than Actual Mining
Apple Reportedly Cancels Plans for Major iPhone XR Ramp
New Android-Powered Mirrorless Camera Uses Canon Lenses
Amazon May Split HQ2: One in Virginia, One Maybe in New York
Scientists Are About to Redefine the Kilogram
Blizzard’s Remastered Warcraft III: Reforged Will Drop in 2019
GM Halts Pricey ‘Book by Cadillac’ Car-Swap Subscription Plan
Blizzard Announces Diablo Immortal, and Fans Are Not Pleased
WoW Classic Will Launch Summer 2019, With Unique Strategy to Capture Players
Intel Announces 48-Core Cascade Lake Xeon CPUs With 12 Memory Channels
Fluidity Promises a Better Way to Fly Your Drone
High-Tech Vision Care: Is It Time to Upgrade Your Glasses or Contacts?
Flickr to Slash Free Storage From 1TB to 1,000 Photos