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Updated 2017-03-29 09:04
Android founder’s new smartphone teased, lacks corners and bezel
Razer launches refreshed Blade Pro with THX support, Kaby Lake processors
ET deals: Get online courses from Udemy for just $10 each
Amazon’s cashier-free store breaks when more than 20 people are shopping
Elon Musk wants to implant an AI interface in your brain
The House votes today on stripping away your internet privacy
New advances in directed self-assembly could push silicon below 10nm more efficiently than EUV
Microsoft faces new class-action lawsuit over its Windows 10 upgrade policy
Intel launches Optane memory with cache acceleration for PCs
Samsung confirms the Note 7 will return as a refurb device
AI develops its own ‘alien’ language, the better to mock human underlings
ET deals: Get a 1080p Acer Aspire E 15 laptop for just $550
GameStop’s revenue craters on weak fourth-quarter sales, will close more stores
StarCraft: Remastered set to launch this summer, original game will be free as of this week
A rocket, a rover, and a moon: this week in space
SpaceX set to actually reuse one of its reusable rockets
Mass Effect: Andromeda looks significantly better on PC
Hubble spots rogue supermassive black hole ejected from its galaxy
Dell’s new 8K monitor is now available for $5,000
Cinema giant Arri aims its cameras at surgical microscopes
Spectacular zero-gravity landslide captured in progress on Comet 67P
Not one, not two, but five new particles discovered with the Large Hadron Collider
Latest WikiLeaks docs show how the CIA hacked iPhones and MacBooks
New Snapdragon 835 tests show Qualcomm’s latest SoC doesn’t beat the 821 in every scenario
Nintendo would really prefer it if you didn’t call its left Joy-Con design issue a ‘design issue’
NASA reports two new breaks in Curiosity rover’s wheel
Opinion: Apple just made its best iPhone even better
New DirectX 11 vs. DirectX 12 comparison shows uneven results, limited improvements
Star Citizen will use Vulkan, not DirectX 12, DX11 to be phased out
Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 review roundup: ‘Wow, that’s a lot of money’
Hacked-together Lego Mindstorms bot kit brings science to a classroom near you
ET deals: Get three free ebooks from TradePub
Farmers are pirating John Deere tractor software to stick it to the man
Teardowns confirm Nintendo Switch is built on standard Tegra X1 processor
AMD has a fix coming for Ryzen bug that hard-locks PCs
Everything you need to know about the Android O developer preview
PSA: Starting a new game in Breath of the Wild will permanently delete your saves if you don’t switch accounts first
Apple announces a new, cheaper iPad in hopes of stopping sales slump
ET deals: Lifetime subscription to VPNSecure for 91% off
Tardigrades survive extreme dehydration by turning into glass
Atari 8-bit fans: this is your next read
ARM announces new DynamIQ technology, will focus on AI, machine learning, and phones
Rumor: AMD may be planning a 16-core, 32-thread Ryzen titan to challenge Intel’s Broadwell-E, Skylake-X
More than 300 Cisco switch models vulnerable to CIA hack
Mass Effect: Andromeda has performance issues on both Xbox One and the base PS4
Stanford researchers accidentally discover a whole new role for the cerebellum
ET deals: Save 91% on the complete Raspberry Pi 3 training bundle
Qualcomm declares Snapdragon processors aren’t ‘processors’ at all
8 awesome hidden features in Android Nougat
Intel launches its first Optane SSD, the DC P4800X