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Updated 2018-07-18 22:20
Apple Can’t Handle the Heat: Severe Core i9 Throttling Found on New MacBook Pros
Upgraded Very Large Telescope Captures Neptune in Stunning Detail
Google Hit With Record $5 Billion Fine in Android Antitrust Case
2018 Mazda6 Review: Great Performer, Good Tech, Near-Luxury Cockpit
World of Warcraft No Longer Requires Game Purchase, Just Active Subscription
Voting Machine Vendor Admits Installing Remote-Access Software on State Systems
World’s Most Sensitive Radio Telescope Peeks at Our Local Supermassive Black Hole
US Mobile Download Speeds Shot Up in 2018, T-Mobile Beats Verizon
Google Now Predictive Search Cards Resurface in Google Assistant
ET Prime Day Deals: Amazon Cloud Cam, Monitors, PCs and Laptops
Valve Temporarily Stops Selling Adult Games
No Man’s Sky ‘Next’ Expansion Includes Features the Game Should Have Had at Launch
Astronomers Find a Staggering 12 New Moons Orbiting Jupiter
Formula E Racing Takes New York, Looks to No-Car-Swap Future
Augmented Reality Isn’t Practical Yet, and Even Showing It Off Is Hard
Emporio Armani Connected: Latest Wear OS Device, Same Ancient Hardware
Samsung Announces First LPDDR5 DRAM for 5G, Automotive Applications
The BlackFly Is a Flying Car That Doesn’t Require a Pilot’s License
Apple Won’t Replace Broken MacBook Pro Keyboards With Latest Model
Despite Huge Spending, Apple Can’t Crack Indian Smartphone Market
Roku Announces Wireless Speakers for Roku-Powered Smart TVs
Motorola Announces Moto E5 Play with Android Go Software
Best Graphics Cards for Every Budget in 2018
Researchers Discover Incredibly Rare Asteroid Binary in Near Earth Orbit
Full Version of Adobe Photoshop Coming to iPad
Boeing and SpaceX Might Not Be Ready for Manned Flights in 2019
Neutrino From Supermassive Black Hole in Another Galaxy Detected in Antarctica
ET Deals: Over $250 Worth of D&D Comic for just $15 with Humble Comics Bundle
New Switch Consoles Patch Homebrew Vulnerability
Xbox One Adds Support for Dolby Vision HDR
GPU Prices Could Be About to Drop, but Is This the Time to Buy?
Google’s Spectre Fix Increases Chrome RAM Usage by 10 Percent
Tesla Hits 200,000 Sales: Countdown Starts for Lower Tax Credits, Then None
Exoplanet Just 11 Light Years Away Could Support Life
ET Deals: Best Audible Deal for $5 per Month, Inspiron 15 Quad-Core Laptop for $480
Magic Leap’s First Demo Is Anything but Impressive
NASA May Have Accidentally Destroyed Evidence of Organics on Mars 40 Years Ago
ARM Kills Its RISC-V FUD Website After Staff Revolt
Scientists May Have Solved One of Earth’s Greatest Climate Mysteries
Intel Announces New Entry-Level Xeon E-2100 Family
New Spectre Attack Surfaces as Intel Rolls Out New Patch Schedule
Apple Restructures AI, Siri, Machine Learning Divisions
NASA Releases Eerie Audio From Saturn’s Plasma Waves
US Government Concedes That 3D Printed Guns Are Legal
FCC to Gut Informal Complaint Process, Force Consumers to Pay $225 Fee
Mercedes, BMW Move Forward on Self-Driving Partnerships
Apple’s Chinese Censorship Features Caused iPhone Crashing Bug
Tariff War Casualty? America’s Largest Car Exporter Shifts Some Production to China
Google Adds Incognito Mode to YouTube Android App
Samsung Now Mass Producing 96-Layer 3D NAND