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Updated 2018-12-09 23:16
Saving lives with open source, RISC-V and Linux Foundations team up, and more news
In this edition of our open source news roundup, we take a look RISC-V and Linux Foundations teaming up, open source tool for choosing chemotherapy drugs, Albania implements LibreOffice, and more!
Rugged Coffee Lake panel-PCs run Intel's OpenVINO AI toolkit
IEI’s 15- to 24-inch, IP66-armored “PPC-F-Q370” panel-PCs offer 8th Gen Core CPUs with Intel’s OpenVINO AI toolkit plus 2x GbE, 8x USB 3.0, 4x PCIe, 4x SATA bays, and 2x M.2/NVMe slots. IEI announced a new panel-PC series based on Intel’s 8th Gen “Coffee Lake” processors that feature Intel’s OpenVINO toolkit for AI development.
Amber Is A Cool Ambiance-Inspired Gtk / Gnome Shell Theme
Amber is a Gtk+ 3, Gtk+ 2 and Gnome Shell theme inspired by Ubuntu's Ambiance theme, created by Mattias (lassekongo83), of Zuki fame.
How Open Policy Agent Works to Secure Cloud-Native Workloads
The open-source Open Policy Agent project looks to make it easier for organizations to define and deploy policies to help secure access to cloud data and workloads.
6 steps to optimize software delivery with value stream mapping
Do your efforts to improve software development fall short due to confusion and too much debate? Does your organization have a clear picture of what is achievable, and are you sure you’re moving in the right direction? Can you determine how much business value you[he]#039[/he]ve delivered so far? Are the bottlenecks in your process known? Do you know how to optimize your current process?
How To Install and Configure Nagios on CentOS 7
Nagios is one of the most popular open source monitoring systems. Nagios keeps an inventory of your entire IT infrastructure and ensures your networks, servers, applications, services, and processes are up and running. In case of failure or suboptimal performance Nagios will send notification alerts via various methods.
Powers of two, powers of Linux: 2048 at the command line
Hello and welcome to today's installment of the Linux command-line toys advent calendar. Every day, we look at a different toy for your terminal: it could be a game or any simple diversion that helps you have fun.Maybe you have seen various selections from our calendar before, but we hope there’s at least one new thing for everyone.read more
Linux Mint, MX Linux, Mageia, Steam Link, WordPress, CS:GO Battle Royale | This Week in Linux 46
also TWinL46: Ubuntu Touch, Xubuntu Axes 32-bit ISOs, NVIDIA Open-Sources PhysX, Microsoft's Edge to be Chromium Based, Critical Kubernetes Flaw, Australia Wants Encryption Destroyed, Humble Bundle
Linux Foundation consolidates FOSS compliance efforts under ACT project
The challenge of open source compliance starts with figuring out which compliance tools to use. The Linux Foundation’s new ACT group aims to cut through the confusion with a one-stop shop for FOSS compliance projects. As open source software releases and customer adoption continue to increase, many companies underestimate what’s involved with going open source. […]
Play Tetris at your Linux terminal
Thanks for joining us for today's installment of the Linux command-line toys advent calendar. If this is your first visit to the series, you might be asking yourself, what’s a command-line toy. Even I'm not quite sure, but generally, it could be a game or any simple diversion that helps you have fun at the terminal.It's quite possible that some of you will have seen various selections from our calendar before, but we hope there’s at least one new thing for everyone.read more
Plan your own holiday calendar at the Linux command line
Welcome to today's installment of the Linux command-line toys advent calendar. If this is your first visit to the series, you might be asking yourself, what’s a command-line toy. Even I'm not quite sure, but generally, it could be a game or any simple diversion that helps you have fun at the terminal.It's quite possible that some of you will have seen various selections from our calendar before, but we hope there’s at least one new thing for everyone.read more
How To Install and Configure Redmine on Ubuntu 18.04
Redmine is one of the most popular open source project management and issue tracking software tools. It is cross-platform and cross-database and built on top of the Ruby on Rails framework. Redmine includes support for multiple projects, wikis, issue tracking system, forums, calendars, email notifications, and much more.
How to install VeraCrypt on Kali Linux
For years, TrueCrypt was the gold standard in encrypting drives across platforms. TrueCrypt is gone now, but VeraCrypt is carrying on its legacy. It looks and works a lot like TrueCrypt did, and it's compatible with TrueCrypt partitions.
Is open source wealth distribution fair?
If wealth is the abundance of valuable possessions, open source has a wealth of software. While no one “owns” open source, some are better than others at converting this communal wealth to personal wealth. Many open source project maintainers who produce free open source software do not have a model for deriving income from the assets they have created. However, companies that use open source software to enhance their products and services convert this valuable asset into income.
Little Backup Box: Small but Useful Improvement
I want my Raspberry Pi-based Little Backup Box to be simple and reliable. So I prefer not to tweak and enhance it too much. I do make occasional exceptions to that rule, though.
Crouton: How To Run Linux Applications In Chrome OS Windows Or Browser Tabs (Chromebook)
Crouton is a tool to easily install Ubuntu or Debian in a chroot environment on any Chromebook model. This article explains how to run Linux applications on top of Chrome OS (using Crouton) without running an entire Linux desktop.
Reinventing Software Development and Availability with Open Source: an Interview with One of Microsoft Azure's Lead Architects
Microsoft was founded in 1975—that's 43 years ago and a ton ofhistory. Up until the last decade, the company led a campaign againstthe Open Source and Free Software movements, and although it may have slowedthe opposition, it did not bring it to an end. In fact, it emboldenedits supporters to push the open-source agenda even harder. Fast-forward to the present, and open-source technologies run nearlyeverything—mobile devices, cloud services, televisions andmore.
5 Screen Recorders for the Linux Desktop
There are so many reasons why you might need to record your Linux desktop. The two most important are for training and for support. If you are training users, a video recording of the desktop can go a long way to help them understand what you are trying to impart. Conversely, if you’re having trouble with one aspect of your Linux desktop, recording a video of the shenanigans could mean the difference between solving the problem and not. But what tools are available for the task?
How to Install ProcessWire CMS on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
ProcessWire is a free and open source PHP-based content management system and content management framework. In this tutorial, I will explain how to install ProcessWire with Apache web server on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.
Episode 9: Humanity, Magic, and Glitter
Katherine Druckman and Doc Searls talk to Bryan Lunduke about Linux and humanity. Download ogg file
Feral Interactive Bringing DiRT 4 to Linux in 2019, Chrome 71 Blocks Ads on Abusive Sites, New Linux Malware Families Discovered, The Linux Foundation Launches the Automated Compliance Tooling Project
News briefs for December 7, 2018.
Linaro partners with IIC on upcoming 96Boards Industrial Edition spec
Linaro and the Industrial Internet Consortium announced a partnership to collaborate on open source Arm standards for industrial IoT involving OTA, TSN, and security, as well as develop a 96Boards Industrial Edition spec. In September Arm-backed Linaro, which creates open source Linux and Android code for Arm devices and oversees the 96Boards open hardware standard, [[he]#8230[/he]]
Install WordPress 5 with Apache on Debian 9
This tutorial will show you how to install and configure the latest version of WordPress 5 on top of a LAMP stack in Debian 9 - Stretch. Wordpress, without a doubt, is one of the most popular open-source Content Management System or CMS used in these days for internet publishing, which powers more than 60 million websites worldwide, whether small blogging sites or notable huge name brands.
Ubuntu Touch OTA-6 Now Rolling Out to Ubuntu Phone Users, Here's What's New
The UBports community released today the sixth OTA (Over-the-Air) update of the Ubuntu Touch mobile operating system for all supported Ubuntu Phone devices.
Automatic continuous development and delivery of a hybrid mobile app
Offering a mobile app is essentially a business requirement for organizations today. One of the first steps in developing an app is to understand the different types—native, hybrid (or cross-platform), and web—so you can decide which one will best meet your needs.read more
The December 2018 Issue of the PCLinuxOS Magazine
The PCLinuxOS Magazine staff is pleased to announce the release of the December 2018 issue.
DataExplore – free Python based data plotting and analysis software
DataExplore is an open source desktop application for data analysis and plotting intended for use in both research and education. It’s targeted at non-programmers who want to perform fairly advanced table manipulation methods.
Useful Resources to Learn Linux Your Way
If you are fairly new to Linux, there are various avenues to help you learn Linux. No matter your learning style, these are some of the best resources for learning Linux.
How to use the Linux mtr command
Mtr (my traceroute) is a command line network diagnostic tool that provides the functionality of both the ping and traceroute commands.
Microsoft's Edge to morph into a Chromium-based, cross-platform browser
If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. That's Microsoft's new motto when it comes to browsers. The company is going to adopt the Chromium open source browser internals and replace the guts of its Edge browser with them.
RISC-V Summit Debuts to Showcase Open Source ISA
This week there's further proof that RISC-V has arrived. Something over 1,000 professionals, mostly on the hardware side of tech, are attending the first ever RISC-V Summit at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Silicon Valley.
On Linus' Return to Kernel Development
On October 23, 2018, Linus Torvalds came out of his self-imposed isolation, pulling a lot of patches fromthe git trees of various developers. It was his first appearance on the Linux Kernel Mailing Listsince September 16, 2018, when he announced he would take a break from kernel development to address hissometimes harsh behavior toward developers. On the 23rd, he announced his return, which I cover hereafter summarizing some of his pull activities.
Google, Facebook and Uber Join the OpenChain Project, ownCloud's 2nd-Gen End-to-End Encryption for ownCloud Enterprise Now Available, Tuxedo Computers Announces Infinity Book Pro 13 Coming Soon, Five
News briefs for December 6, 2018.
Open Source Compliance Projects Unite Under New ACT Group
The Linux Foundation has just launched an Automated Compliance Tooling (ACT) project to help companies comply with open source licensing requirements.
Goodbye, EdgeHTML
Microsoft is officially giving up on an independent shared platform for the internet. By adopting Chromium, Microsoft hands over control of even more of online life to Google.
3.5-inch SBC features Intel Coffee Lake chips
Commell’s 3.5-inch “LS-37L” SBC showcases Intel’s 8th Gen Core CPUs with triple displays, up to 16GB DDR4, 2x GbE, 2x SATA, 4x USB 3.1, 6x serial, and a mini-PCIe slot. In August, Commell launched the LV-67X, one of the first industrial Mini-ITX boards with Intel’s 8th Gen “Coffee Lake” CPUs. Now, it has followed up [[he]#8230[/he]]
Linux rename Command Tutorial for Beginners (with Examples)
If you work with files on the command line in Linux, renaming files is one of the most frequent tasks you may find yourself involved in. We've already discussed the mv command that lets you do this. And here, in this tutorial, we will discuss another such tool, dubbed rename.
5 Ways to Check Available Memory in Ubuntu
As Ubuntu users, especially administrators, we need to keep a check on how much memory resources our system is using and how much of them are free. The article explains the use of the following 5 commands in order to check the available memory.
How to Install SonarQube on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
SonarQube is an open source platform to continuously inspect code quality of applications, it supports more than 20 programming languages and different databases. In this tutorial, we will learn how to install SonarQube on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver).
TI’s first 64-bit SoC debuts on Linux-driven Phytec module
Phytec’s “phyCore-AM65x SOM” and dev kit runs Linux on TI’s new AM65x SoC, which combines 4x Cortex-A53 cores, a PowerVR GPU, 2x Cortex-R5F MCUs, and 6x real-time PRU chips that support up to 6x TSN capable GbE ports. Texas Instruments recently began sampling its first 64-bit ARMv8 SoC. The dual- or quad-core Cortex-A53 based Sitara […]
How to view XML files in a web browser
Once you learn that HTML is a form of XML, you might wonder what would happen if you tried to view an XML file in a browser. The results are quite disappointing—Firefox shows you a banner at the top of the page that says, "This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below." The document tree looks like the file would look in an editor:read more
How To Auto-mount Partitions On Startup Using Gnome Disks
Gnome Disks has many features, like S.M.A.R.T. monitoring, partition management, benchmarking, and more, including one that might not be obvious, but is very useful: it can set drives to mount automatically at startup.
How Docker Engine Works to Enable Containers
At Dockercon Europe 2018, Docker details innovations in the latest Docker Engine release and provides some insight into what's coming.
10 Best Lightweight Linux Distributions For Older Computers
One of Linux's biggest selling points has always been its ability to trim down and use as few resources as possible. Linux can bring old computers back from the dead and make them fully functional again with less resource intensive systems.
Take a break at the Linux command line with Nyan Cat
We're now on day six of the Linux command-line toys advent calendar, where we explore some of the fun, entertaining, and in some cases, utterly useless toys available for your Linux terminal. All are available under an open source license.Will they all be unique? Yes. Will they all be unique to you? I don't know, but, chances are you'll find at least one new toy to play with by the time our advent calendar is done.read more
Finding changepoints in a list, revisited
Use a simple AWK command to locate the places in a list where the value of a data item suddenly changes.
Destination Linux EP99 - ASCII And You Shall Receive
on DL99: VyOS, Fedora 31 Potential Delay, Performance Killing Kernel Patches Reverted, Blender 2.80 Beta, Necuno Mobile, Kodi 18, Mesa VLK vs. Pro Drivers, Top Gifts For Linux Loved Ones, and more
Best Linux Marketing Campaigns
I have long held the opinion that one of the biggest problems holding back Linux-based systemsfrom dominating (market-share-wise) in the desktop computing space...is marketing. Our lack ofattention-grabbing, hearts-and-minds-winning marketing is, in my oh-so-humble opinion, one of themost glaring weaknesses of the Free and Open Source Software world.
SMARC module runs Linux on i.MX8M
Axiomtek’s “SCM180” SMARC module features NXP’s dual- or quad-core i.MX8M SoC with up to 4GB LPDDR4 and 64GB eMMC plus TPM, GbE, HDMI 2.0, MIPI-DSI/CSI, and support for up to -40 to 85°C temperatures. We cover a lot of Axiomtek products, but most are embedded systems or SBCs rather than computer-on-modules, which include last year’s [[he]#8230[/he]]
How To Install and Configure Redis on Debian 9
Redis is an open-source in-memory key-value data store. It can be used as a database, cache and message broker and supports various data structures such as Strings, Hashes, Lists, Sets, etc. Redis provides high availability via Redis Sentinel including monitoring, notifications Automatic failover. It also provides automatic partitioning across multiple Redis nodes with Redis Cluster.