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Updated 2018-06-25 03:21
Conference Videos/Slides
Kris and Ken attended BSDCan 2015 last week and had an amazing conference. The videos of the conference were just put online within the last couple days, so if you were not able to attend, you might want to take a look! BSDCan 2015 Videos from the conference (not all of them were video recorded, […]
PC-BSD 10.1.2: an Interview with Kris Moore
PC-BSD 10.1.2 has been released, so we thought we’d talk to project lead, Kris Moore, to see what’s in store! Q: What new features and improvements are available in PC-BSD 10.1.2? This quarterly update got a LOT of new features, partly so we would have time to really play with them before the 10.2 release […]
Lumina Desktop Status Update/FAQ
With the amount of changes to the Lumina desktop environment and the increasing number of questions/comments we are receiving, I thought it would be a good time to post a status report about it and answer many of the commonly asked questions. As always, please post any bug reports or feature requests on the PC-BSD […]
HotFix release to 10.1.2 – Now available
A minor hotfix update to the 10.1.2 ISO’s has been released today. This includes fixes to advanced installation using raidz, cache and log devices, as well as a fix to the text-installer when booted in UEFI mode. Users who have already installed 10.1.2 will not need to download, and can instead online-update to install any […]
PC-BSD 10.1.2 Released
The PC-BSD team is pleased to announce the availability of the next PC-BSD / TrueOS quarterly release, 10.1.2. PC-BSD 10.1.2 Notable Changes: New PersonaCrypt Utility Allows moving all of users $HOME directory to an encrypted USB Drive. This drive can be connected at login, and used across different systems Stealth Mode – Allows login […]
PC-BSD 11.0-CURRENTMAY2015 images now available
The PC-BSD project is pleased to announce the availability of our 11.0-CURRENTMAY2015 images. WARNING: These images are considered “bleeding-edge” and should be treated as such. The DVD/USB ISO files can now be downloaded from this URL. We hope to continue rolling these -CURRENT images as a way for testers and developers to tryout both FreeBSD […]
PC-BSD 10.1.2-RC1 Now Available
The PC-BSD team is pleased to announce the availability of RC1 images for the upcoming quarterly 10.1.2 release. Please test these images out and report any issues found on our bug tracker. PC-BSD 10.1.2 Notable Changes New PersonaCrypt Utility allows moving all of users $HOME directory to an encrypted USB Drive. This drive can be […]
Lumina Desktop 0.8.4 Released!
What else is new in PC-BSD 10.1.2? How about a new version of the Lumina Desktop Environment! PC-BSD users who stick to the “Production” branch of packages will find that the Lumina desktop has evolved/improved an incredible amount since the last quarterly update for PC-BSD (10.1.1), so I highly recommend that you try it out! […]