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Updated 2018-06-25 03:22
PC-BSD Evolves into TrueOS
Official announcement for all PC-BSD users. Please take a moment and check out this article. PC-BSD Evolves into TrueOS
PC-BSD @ South East Linux Fest
Attention people on the east coast! Make sure to stop by and see our booth at South East Linux Fest (SELF) June 10th – the 12th if you’re going to be near the Charlotte area. We’ll be handing out some awesome schwag and filling you in on all the awesome new features coming up in […]
Meet Joe Maloney – Lead System Architect for PC-BSD
We’d like to take a moment to officially welcome Joe Maloney to the PC-BSD project as our Lead System Architect. Joe has been working as a volunteer developer with the PC-BSD project for several years and began committing to the project in 2013. Joe’s duties will include working on our command line utilities, bug fixing, […]
Dru Lavigne Will be Speaking @ KnoxBUG
If you missed the inaugural meeting of the Knoxville BSD User Group, you definitely don’t want to miss this one. Lead Documentation Expert and author for the PC-BSD and FreeNAS projects Dru Lavigne will be giving a talk: “You Too Can Doc Like an Egyptian”. For more information on meeting times and venue, please visit […]
Call For Artists: New Icon Theme
Source: Call For Artists: New Icon Theme Since the founding of the Lumina desktop project, one of the most common questions I get asked is: “I am not a programmer, but how can I help out?” Well today I would like to open up a new method of contributing for those of you that are […]
New Video Tutorial on the Pipelight Plugin and Netflix in PC-BSD
We recently looked at the pipelight port that recently received a patch in the ports tree and made a video for you guys. I’ll just leave this here… Watching Netflix in PC-BSD
opensource.com PC-BSD review
Joshua Allen Holm of opensource.com gave PC-BSD an awesome review on their web blog! Head on over and check it out! Make sure to comment on their blog to show your thanks for supporting PC-BSD. https://opensource.com/life/15/12/bsd-desktop-user-review-pc-bsd
PC-BSD: Much Faster Than “Linux”
Larry Cafiero over at fossforce.com has recently switched over from Linux to PC-BSD/FreeBSD, and has been writing articles about the switch. Today, he published an interesting article specifically about PC-BSD, with a lot of nice things to say such as this great quotable: Linux was fast enough on this machine. But in street racing parlance, […]
Lumina Desktop 0.8.7 Released!
The Lumina desktop environment has just been updated to version 0.8.7! Pre-built packages for this version are already available on the PC-BSD “Edge” pkg repository (x11/lumina[-i18n]), and will be included in next months 11.x “development” image as well. This version also includes a few PC-BSD specific changes, such as now we have a custom “PCBSD” […]
New Release Schedule for PC-BSD
The PC-BSD team has always been dedicated to bringing you the best graphical BSD desktop possible. We received some great feedback after our last release cycle that made us rethink our release schedule. In the past, we tracked FreeBSD major releases, and also added our own quarterly updates that tended to add in a good […]
PC-BSD 10.2-RELEASE Now Available
The PC-BSD team is pleased to announce the availability of 10.2-RELEASE! A very special thanks to all the developers, QA, and documentation teams for helping to make this release possible. PC-BSD 10.2 Notable Changes FreeBSD 10.2-RELEASE base system Many bugfixes and enhancements to installer to dual-boot setups New CD-sized network installation media, with Wifi Configuration […]
PC-BSD 10.2-RC1 Now Available
The PC-BSD team is pleased to announce the availability of RC1 images for the upcoming 10.2 release. Please test these images out and report any issues found on our bug tracker: https://bugs.pcbsd.org PC-BSD 10.2 Notable Changes FreeBSD 10.2 base system Many bugfixes and enhancements to installer to dual-boot setups New CD-sized network installation media, […]
Lumina Desktop 0.8.6 Released!
Just in time for PC-BSD & FreeBSD 10.2 (coming soon), the Lumina desktop has been updated to version 0.8.6! This version contains a number of updates for non-English users (following up all the new translations which are now available), as well as a number of important bug-fixes, and support for an additional FreeDesktop specification. The […]
Lumina Desktop 0.8.5 Released
The next version of the Lumina Desktop Environment is now available! This version includes a significant number of updates, particularly to the main desktop session/interface, so I highly recommend that you update to the new version as soon as possible. While the full list of changes is posted at the bottom of the announcement, there […]
10.2-PRE-RELEASE and 11.0-CURRENT Images Available for Testing
The PC-BSD project is pleased to announce the availability of two new testing images: 10.2-PRERELEASE and 11.0-CURRENTJULY2015. WARNING: These images are considered “bleeding-edge” and should be treated as such. The DVD/USB ISO files can now be downloaded from the following URLs: http://download.pcbsd.org/iso/10.2-RELEASE/edge/amd64/ http://download.pcbsd.org/iso/11.0-CURRENTJULY2015/amd64/ This is a great way to test features and report bugs well […]
PC-BSD Documentation can now be Translated Using Pootle
Kris has finished integrating the source files for the PC-BSD Handbook documentation into Pootle, meaning that translators can now use their web browser to translate the Handbook into their native language. As translations are completed, we’ll make sure that the build server generates HTML copies and includes them in /usr/local/share/pcbsd/doc/html (right away for EDGE users […]