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Updated 2018-02-25 10:00
One-Stop Counterfeit Certificate Shops. For All Your Malware-Signing Needs
Arthur T Knackerbracket has found the following story:
AnandTech Interview With the CTO of GlobalFoundries: 7nm EUV and 5 GHz Clock Speeds
takyon writes:AnandTech's Ian Cutress interviewed Dr. Gary Patton, CTO of GlobalFoundries. A number of topics were discussed, including the eventual use of ASML's extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUV) for the "7nm" node:
Facebook Removes VR Shooting Game From its Booth at CPAC
takyon writes:Facebook removes VR shooting demo at top conservative conference out of 'respect for the victims' of Florida shooting
U.S. has 62nd Ranking in LTE Speeds in the World, about 1/3 the Speed of Singapore
PastTense writes:According to OpenSignal's latest State of LTE report, the average 4G download speed in the United States was 16.31 Mbps in Q4 2017. That's little more than a third of the speed that mobile device users in Singapore enjoy and ranks the U.S. at a disappointing 62nd place in the global ranking.
Report On Device Encryption Suggests A Few Ways Forward For Law Enforcement
canopic jug writes:Techdirt covers a new paper published by the US National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine regarding the general access that the FBI and DOJ want to encrypted communications.
Algorithm Creates "Movies" From Text Descriptions
takyon writes:A machine learning algorithm has created tiny (64×64 pixels) 32-frame videos based on text descriptions:
San Francisco's Community Broadband Could Solve Net Neutrality and Privacy Issues
takyon writes:San Francisco: Building Community Broadband to Protect Net Neutrality and Online Privacy
AU Optronics to Ship 8K Panels to TV Manufacturers in H1 2018
takyon writes:More 8K (4320p) TVs will be coming soon. AU Optronics has announced plans to ship 8K panels to TV manufacturers starting in the first half of 2018:
World Leaders Abandoning Human Rights: Amnesty International
"Arthur T Knackerbracket" writes:Original URL: World leaders abandoning human rights: Amnesty
Should We Loosen Bacterial Limits on Robotic Mars Exploration Before It's Too Late?
takyon writes:NASA's Planetary Protection Officer has suggested that it's time to contaminate Mars slightly aggressively before humans arrive with their microbiomes in tow:
Puerto Rico's Arecibo Observatory Saved From Uncertain Fate
Fnord666 writes:
Researchers Invent Tiny, Light-Powered Wires To Modulate Brain's Electrical Signals
"Arthur T Knackerbracket" has found the following story:
Tor Director Shari Steele Will Step Down at the End of the Year
Fnord666 writes:
Car Companies Are Preparing to Sell Driver Data to the Highest Bidder
Fnord666 writes:
8,000-Year-Old Heads on Spikes Found in Swedish Lake
Fnord666 writes:
Ancient Britons ‘Replaced’ By Newcomers
Arthur T Knackerbracket has found the following story:
Disney's Lawsuit Against Redbox May Have Backfired
Fnord666 writes:
Camera Technology In Vehicles: Low-Latency Image Data Compression
Arthur T Knackerbracket has found the following story:
Disney Holds $1000 Bonuses Hostage As Leverage In Contract Negotiations
-- OriginalOwner_ writes:AlterNet reports
23 Attorneys General Refile Challenge to FCC Net Neutrality Repeal
Fnord666 writes:
Fake News is Part of a Bigger Problem: Automated Propaganda
canopic jug writes:The Columbia Journalism Review has some analysis of the problem of disinformation and propaganda being actively spread over social control media. As the situation is studied more, albeit belatedly, the nature of social control's business model gets more daylight.
Animal Study Shows How To Retrain The Immune System To Ease Food Allergies
"Arthur T Knackerbracket" has found the following story:
Biohacker Regrets Injecting Himself With Gene Therapy in Front of a Live Audience
takyon writes:A Biohacker Regrets Publicly Injecting Himself With CRISPR
Hachette CEO: "The eBook is a stupid product."
Apparition writes:Arnaud Nourry, the CEO of Lagardère Publishing (the parent company of Hachette Book Group), gave an interview to Scroll.in in which he claims, "the eBook is a stupid product."
US Border Patrol Hasn’t Validated E-Passport Data for Years
Farts Away! Plane Makes Unscheduled Stop After Man Won't Stop Guffing
Arthur T Knackerbracket has found the following story:
Air Italy Expands As UAE-Backed Alitalia Goes Bankrupt
Arthur T Knackerbracket has found the following story:
Intel Releases Spectre Firmware Patches; Intel and AMD Face Numerous Lawsuits
takyon writes:Intel Issues Updated Spectre Firmware Fixes For Newer Processors
SpaceX Deploys Broadband Test Satellites, Fails to Catch Entire Fairing
takyon writes:SpaceX has launched the Paz satellite for a Spanish company using a Falcon 9 rocket, which also carried two secondary payloads: Microsat-2a and Microsat-2b. These are intended to test technologies needed to provide broadband Internet access from orbit:
Meta-Analysis of 522 Trials Finds that Anti-Depressants are More Effective than Placebos
takyon writes:Anti-depressants: Major study finds they work
FCC Officially Publishes Net Neutrality Repeal
DeathMonkey writes:The Federal Communications Commission's net neutrality rules will be no more in two months: The agency has taken the final step in removing the regulations from its rule book.But that may not be the end of the story. Dozens of groups are expected to file lawsuits challenging the repeal, and Democrats in Congress will push to reverse the FCC's action.On Thursday, the FCC published the final notice of the repeal in the Federal Register, which starts a 60-day clock until the rules are removed. The effective date for the repeal is April 23. The FCC voted to repeal the rules on Dec. 14.https://www.cnet.com/news/fcc-officially-publish-net-neutrality-repeal/#ftag=CADf328eecFinal Notice of Repeal: https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2018/02/22/2018-03464/restoring-internet-freedomOriginal SubmissionRead more of this story at SoylentNews.
Qt Or HTML5? A Million Dollar Question
Arthur T Knackerbracket has found the following story for those wondering how to design and code their next IoT project:
The Case Against Google
takyon writes:The Case Against Google: Critics say the search giant is squelching competition before it begins. Should the government step in?
Twitter “Bot” Purge Causes Outcry as Follower Counts Fall
aristarchus writes:According to Ars Technica
Cisco Projects Major Shift to the Cloud by 2021
An Anonymous Coward provides the following news from this Cisco white paper:
EU Parliament’s Copyright Rapporteur Has Learned Nothing from Year-long Copyright Debate
canopic jug writes:Member of the European Parliament Julia Reda writes an update to what has been going on with with proposed changes to copyright law as they make their way from the European Commission and over to the European Parliament:
President Erdogan Says Turkey Will Produce Unmanned Tanks
takyon writes:Turkey aims to produce unmanned tanks: Erdoğan
ARM Introduces "iSIM", Integrated Directly Onto Chips
takyon writes:ARM wants mobile or IoT devices to include a tiny integrated SIM card:
Are Bots a Danger for Political Election Campaigns?
AnonTechie writes:
U.S. Docs Show Daimler May Have Done A "Dieselgate"
"Arthur T Knackerbracket" writes:Arthur T Knackerbracket has found the following story:
Bill Gates to Guest Star on 'the Big Bang Theory'
An Anonymous Coward writes:
Booze News
DeathMonkey writes:On the one hand, drinking alcohol may make you live longer.
Apple in Talks to Buy Cobalt Directly From Mining Companies
takyon writes:Apple is looking to ensure that it has the steady supply of cobalt it needs to produce iPhones and other electronics:
ShmooCon 2018 Videos Online
canopic jug writes:ShmooCon, an American hacker convention, has its 2018 presentations online over at the Internet Archive, or on Youtube maybe. Each year original material on subjects related to computer security and cyberculture is presented. ShmooCon 2018 ran from January 19 through the 21 in Washington, D.C. with about 2,200 attendees.ShmooCon website.Original SubmissionRead more of this story at SoylentNews.
Amateur Astronomer Tests New Camera, Catches Birth of a Supernova
MrPlow writes:Submitted via IRC for FatPhil
Japanese Man Granted Paternity Rights to 13 Children Born to Surrogate Mothers
takyon writes:Mitsutoki Shigeta: 'Baby factory' dad wins paternity rights
The U.S. Intelligence Community's Demonization of Huawei Remains Highly Hypocritical
MrPlow writes:Submitted via IRC for Runaway1956The U.S. Intel Community's Demonization of Huawei Remains Highly Hypocritical
Unconventional Superconductor May Be Used To Create Quantum Computers Of The Future
"Arthur T Knackerbracket" has found the following story:
"The Malicious Use of Artificial Intelligence" Report Warns That AI is Ripe for Exploitation
takyon writes:A report written by academics from institutions including the Future of Humanity Institute, University of Oxford Centre for the Study of Existential Risk, University of Cambridge Center for a New American Security, Electronic Frontier Foundation, and OpenAI warns that AI systems could be misused:AI ripe for exploitation, experts warn
Flight-Sim Devs Say Hidden Password-Dump Tool Was Used To Fight Pirates
"Arthur T Knackerbracket" has found the following story: