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Updated 2019-02-22 18:15
Sophisticated New AI Performs Better When It Can Sleep And Dream
upstart writes:Submitted via IRC for BytramSophisticated New AI Performs Better When It Can Sleep And Dream
The Physics of Large-Scale Crowd Control
canopic jug writes:Researchers at the IIT Madras have developed an algorithm that can help with the management of enormous, dense crowds using minimal manpower, and prevent deadly stampedes in massive public gatherings.
"My Left Shoe Won't Even Reboot": Faulty App "Bricks" Nike Smart Sneakers
upstart writes:Submitted via IRC for BytramHave you tried taking it off and putting it back on again?"My left shoe won't even reboot": Faulty app bricks Nike smart sneakers
Ultraviolet Light Could Provide a Powerful New Source of Green Fuel
janrinok writes:Arthur T Knackerbracket has found the following story:
Montana Legislator Introduces Bills to Give His State its Own Science
Arthur T Knackerbracket has found the following story:
Flaw in mIRC App Allows Attackers to Execute Commands Remotely
upstart writes:Submitted via IRC for SoyCow1984Flaw in mIRC App Allows Attackers to Execute Commands Remotely
China Social Credit System Restricts 17.46 Million People from Traveling by Air or Train
Sulla writes:https://www.scmp.com/economy/china-economy/article/2186606/chinas-social-credit-system-shows-its-teeth-banning-millions
The US Cannot Crush us, Says Huawei Founder
An Anonymous Coward writes:https://www.bbc.com/news/business-47274679
The Number of Known U.S. Hate Groups Keeps Surging, Largely Thanks to Young, White men
aristarchus writes:An article at vice.com reports The Number of U.S. Hate Groups Keeps Surging, Largely Thanks to Young, White men:
Grand Canyon Tourists Exposed for Years to Uranium Ore Radiation in Museum Building
Snow writes:Grand Canyon tourists exposed for years to radiation in museum building, safety manager says
Samsung Announces the Galaxy Fold, a Phone-Tablet Hybrid Device
takyon writes:Samsung finally showed off its new foldable smartphone, the $1,980 Galaxy Fold
TSMC Contamination Issue Expected to Result in $550 Million in Lost Revenue
takyon writes:TSMC's Fab 14B Photoresist Material Incident: $550 Million in Lost Revenue
Hyabusa-2 Skimming Asteroid -- Watch it Live -- Thurs Feb 21, 2019 at 23:00 UTC (6pm ET)
RandomFactor writes:[Please accept my apologies for the late posting to the site. I *thought* I had it queued up with plenty of time, but somehow messed up somewhere. --martyb]The Japanese Space Agency's Hyabusa-2 probe is about to touch down on the asteroid 162173 Ryuga.A live stream of the event will be available here starting at 4:45pm ET
"Entirely New Form of Neural Communication" Discovered
urza9814 writes:Neuroscientists at Case Western Reserve University claim to have discovered a previously unknown mechanism for neuron communication. Using electric fields, neurons are able to activate other nearby neurons even when there is no physical connection between the cells. In one test, the scientists used a hippocampal slice of a mouse brain, and found that after cutting the slice in half and separating the pieces, they were able to induce a signal in one half which could bridge the gap and generate activity in the other.AIUI, we've known the brain produces and can be influenced by electric fields for decades, so this doesn't seem particularly surprising, although it's still rather interesting if it helps to truly understand what's going on. Personally, I'm wondering if this will allow a brain-computer interface without drilling through the skull to implant electrodes... :)Summary available at ScienceAlert.com
NASA’s new grand space race plan
realDonaldTrump writes:"NASA has largely been living off the successes of space projects launched up to a decade ago — including the now 'dead' Mars Opportunity rover. It hopes to launch its first manned space flight since the demise of the Space Shuttle program in 2011...........But now the Trump administration appears to be determined to get a new Moon project off the ground. And it's eager to pay private companies to carry its cargoes.NASA has been considering the prospect of a 'Lunar Gateway' space station placed in orbit around the Moon, acting as a stopover point for missions to the surface and, perhaps, Mars..............NASA documents indicate the earliest date for an American to tread the lunar surface again is 2028." foxnews.com/science/nasas-new-grand-space-race-planHopefully we can speed that one up.Original SubmissionRead more of this story at SoylentNews.
EU Commission Deletes Article 13 Post Because "Mob" Understood it Incorrectly
MrPlow writes:Submitted via IRC for TheMightyBuzzard
CERN 2019 WorldWideWeb Rebuild
canopic jug writes:CERN has published a javascript implementation of their original web browser. The browser itself, WorldWideWeb, is text only and predates not only graphical browsing but also cookies, the pox javascript, and HTTPS. Their site dedicated to the browser also has a brief history of the application which was built in 1989 as a progenitor to what we know as "the web" today, timeline spanning three decades on either side of its release, instructions for its use, a look at some of the original code of WorldWideWeb, how the WorldWideWeb browser was rebuilt, various historical and technical resources, and who did the work to make this possible. Interestingly some current web sites are apparently standards compliant enough that they function, somewhat, in the old browser.
Trump's 'Space Force' Is Coming, But Not As Originally Planned
janrinok writes:Arthur T Knackerbracket has found the following story:
NASA [Allegedly] Hides Page Saying the Sun is Primary Climate Driver and Global Cooling Likely Soon
An Anonymous Coward writes:The supposed deleted text:
10 Percent of Aussies Opt Out of Ehealth Record
Last year the Australian government decided to follow in the ill fated footsteps of other countries and change the electronic online health system from opt out to opt in causing many people to make the effort to out out. When you see millions of Australians getting off of their collective arses for something like this you know it is serious. More serious perhaps than the Sunday football. Then the pollies extended the opt out period a couple of times. To give everyone a chance to vote with their feet. Now that the final final final opt out period has ended the numbers are in.
How Safe is Your Password Manager?
stretch611 writes:A security consulting firm released a report on the safety of password managers. A non-geek, summarized version is also available at the Washington Post. (Summarized graphic of results.)The password managers included in the study were 1Password 4, 1Password 7, Dashlane, KeePass, LastPass. Unfortunately, the testing was limited to Win10 even if the password managers were available on other platforms. They all had some flaws, but as reported, you should still use one. They were all tested for encryption method on the database, accessibility of the master password and keys in memory while unlocked, and the master password and keys in memory while locked.All were evaluated to have adequate encryption on the file. 1Password 4 (which actually had better memory security than 1Password 7,) was best at keeping individual passwords safe in memory; while KeePass was best at keeping the Master Password safe in the memory tests (although Dashlane did the same while it while in a locked state.)Original SubmissionRead more of this story at SoylentNews.
When Kids Realize Their Whole Life is Already Online
upstart writes in with a submission via IRC for chromas.When Kids Realize Their Whole Life Is Already Online
Watch Launch of First Private Mission to the Moon (Thurs Feb 21 @ 8:45p EST; Fri Feb 22 @ 01:45 UTC)
upstart writes in with a submission via IRC for SoyCow1984Watch the historic first private mission to the Moon launch Thursday night
NASA Mars Weather Service Launched
RandomFactor writes:Courtesy of its Insight lander, NASA has launched a website that provides week-long weather forecasts for Elysium Planitia of our dusty red neighbor.The new site is available here, and
Unanimous Supreme Court Strikes a Blow in Favor of Civil Liberties (Limiting Civil Forfeiture)
mhajicek writes:Supreme Court curbs power of government to impose heavy fines and seize property
AAAS: Machine learning 'causing science crisis'
An Anonymous Coward writes:
Crossbar Searching for Funding and Customers for its ReRAM Products to Compete with Intel's Optane
takyon writes:Crossbar, which has talked up its version of a post-NAND memory/storage technology for years with little to show for it, now has to compete with the elephant in the room:
Bruce Reilly: Convicted Murderer Turned Lawyer and Felon Voting Rights Activist
takyon writes:He Committed Murder. Then He Graduated From an Elite Law School. Would You Hire Him as Your Attorney?
Once Hailed as Unhackable, Blockchains Now Getting Hacked
Anonymous Coward writes:
DRAM Prices Will Continue to Decline in Q1/Q2 2019
takyon writes:DRAM Prices Expected to Decline as Much as 30 Percent This Quarter
Google Apologizes for Failing to Disclose Microphone in Nest Guard
takyon writes:Google admits error over hidden microphone
Intel Finally Clocks a Pentium at 4.0 GHz
takyon writes:Intel's First 4.0 GHz Pentium: Pentium Gold G5620 Listed At Retail
Beware of Using Young People's Blood to Halt Aging, FDA Says
An Anonymous Coward writes:
300,000 Galaxies Added in Latest Sky Map
RandomFactor writes:Using radio astronomy, over 200 astronomers hailing from 18 different countries have gathered over 20 petabyes of data and published a new map of the night sky that has over 300,000 previously undiscovered galaxies in it.In-depth coverage here. Mainstream articles here and here.Good Video Fly through the LOFAR Survey radio Universe. LOFAR image gallery here
Chinese Newspapers Fold Amid Growing Censorship, Falling Incomes
canopic jug writes:Radio Free Asia is reporting that over a dozen Chinese newspapers have gone under due to a combination of heavy censorship and falling revenue. Many more look to succumb to the same fate soon. All media there is expected to demonstrate loyalty to the ruling party and to President Xi Jinping.
Varjo VR-1 Headset Uses a Central, Fixed-Foveated Display
takyon writes:A new, business-oriented VR headset uses a tiny, high resolution display panel within a larger panel in order to display very high quality imagery to users looking straight ahead:
Quarrying of Stonehenge "Bluestones" Dated to 3000 BC
Arthur T Knackerbracket has found the following story:
A Lobster's Underbelly is as Tough as Industrial Rubber
upstart writes:Submitted via IRC for BytramLobster's underbelly is as tough as industrial rubber (alt)
Airbus Ends A380 Production
mrkaos writes:Several news agencies are reporting on the demise of the A380, an aircraft loved by passengers.European plane maker Airbus said Thursday it will stop making its superjumbo A380 in 2021 for lack of customers, abandoning the world's biggest passenger jet and one of the aviation industry's most ambitious and most troubled endeavors.A slump in sales due to the airline industry moving to a point to point model make risk of empty seats on the A380 too much of a burden to make it profitable to operate.Still the aircraft will remain in service for at least another 20 years.https://www.designdevelopmenttoday.com/industries/aerospace/news/21047354/airbus-abandons-iconic-superjumbo-jethttps://www.bbc.com/news/business-47231504Previously: A380 Cancellations by Qantas Raise new Questions About the Superjumbo's FutureOriginal SubmissionRead more of this story at SoylentNews.
Registration Opens for .dev Domain Names
takyon writes:You can now register .dev domains
Great White Shark Genome Sequenced
takyon writes:Shark DNA could help cure cancer and age-related illnesses in humans
California SB-319 Paves Way For An Unlimited Speed Autobahn
Deep Learning May Need a New Programming Language
janrinok writes:Arthur T Knackerbracket has found the following story:
Running an LED in Reverse Could Cool Future Computers
karthikaqpt writes:Researchers at the University of Michigan ran a light emitting diode (LED) with electrodes reversed in order to cool another device mere nanometers away. The approach could lead to new solid-state cooling technology for future microprocessors, which will have so many transistors packed into a small space that current methods can’t remove heat quickly enough.This could turn out to be important for future smartphones and other computers. With more computing power in smaller and smaller devices, removing the heat from the microprocessor is beginning to limit how much power can be squeezed into a given space.https://www.rtoz.org/2019/02/18/running-an-led-in-reverse-could-cool-future-computers/[How does this compare to a Peltier device?--Ed.]Original SubmissionRead more of this story at SoylentNews.
Honda Plans to Leave Britain by 2021
takyon writes:Honda Confirms Plan to Leave Britain as Brexit Looms
Bernie Sanders Announces White House Bid
realDonaldTrump writes:"Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT)........is launching a second run for the White House in 2020." breitbart.com/politics/2019/02/19/bernie-sanders-2020-bid"Reaction to the news was split......with some supporting the 77-year-old and others upset with the move." foxnews.com/politics/trump-campaign-pokes-fun-at-bernie-sanders-2020-announcement-as-reaction-splits-on-candidacyOriginal SubmissionRead more of this story at SoylentNews.
Estonia's Volunteer Cyber Militia
Arthur T Knackerbracket has found the following story:
Hacked Sex Robots Could Murder People, Security Expert Warns
An Anonymous Coward writes:
Is Low-Priced Computing Stuck With an ARM/x86 Duopoly?
driverless writes:Let's say you've got something that needs to be computerised at a slightly higher level than an Arduino, with the computing part costing less than about $100-150, and ideally less than $50 (think Beaglebone, Odroid, PCEngine, Pi and clones, Pine, etc). It looks like the only choice is between ARM at the low end and x86 at the high end. Everything else has fallen by the wayside: The last MIPS-based product was the Ci20/Ci40 from 2015 and neither the hardware nor software have been updated since, PowerPC is out there but only as high-priced SBCs and good luck finding a distro that supports it, Sparc is left with Fujitsu working on it for mainframes, and RISC-V is still a glint in everyone's eye - the few SBCs based on it cost more than a low-end server, and despite various enthusiastic press releases I can't see any timeline where I can get a $50 RISC-V device that performs the same as a $50 ARM-based one. And then there's the software support, once you leave the x86 world you've got, outside of various specialised RTOSes, Linux. A very few systems have one or two of the BSDs, often in a hit-and-miss manner, but that's it.Has Linux + ARM/x86 killed everything else?Original SubmissionRead more of this story at SoylentNews.
SEC Commissioner Thinks Bitcoin ETF Will Be Approved ‘Eventually’
An Anonymous Coward writes: