Where to find credible, interesting science and tech stories to submit?

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Ok, here's my dilemma: I do not use Linux (Gamer and moterhead, with a decent understanding of science and tech...but nobody would mistake me for technician) so I would not recognize a good story from bad there. However, I do understand Windows and the hardware side reasonably well.

I am well read, and understand the basics of most of the scientific topics. Where do you guys recommend (outside of Space.com, NASA.gov etc.) for good, topical, well written and interesting articles? I would like to find some reputable sources to post, preferably without all the hype that tends to surround the more common sites.

I would like to contribute more, but outside of gaming, I am concerned I might link to something incredibly stupid without recognizing it. I want to find interesting things for you to read, not drivel.

I doubt you want to hear about my adventures in a heavily modded Skyrim.....

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by beldin@pipedot.org on 2014-04-07 09:50 (#106)

First of all: thanks for the sentiment! I appreciate it :)

My approach: if I come across a story that I want to submit, I would spend a few minutes following sources and Googling it to find an English site that carries an interesting (i.e. more than headline+1 paragraph), non-hyperbole version of the story.

And, finally: for me, you don't need to try and adjust to the group. Submit the things you come across that you would like to see here. The rest here will probably like them too - after all, shared interests got us here in the first place.
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