NASA Releases Over 1000 Projects as Open Source

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story imageToday (April 10th) , NASA released over 1000 projects as open source in a searchable database .

NASA already released the source code and schematics of the Apollo 11 Guidance Computer, Command Module (codenamed Comanche054) and the Lunar Module (Luminary099) on July 20th, 2009; the 40th anniversary of the first moon landing.

In February of this year, DARPA published a similar catalog. Both code databases are the result of a 2011 order from President Barack Obama that federal agencies increase the pace of technology transfer.

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(1) For information to the editor - it is up to him or her if that remark remains.

(2) To prevent people from accusing one of both sites of "stealing" content from the other site ( yes, that has happened already ). Of course, somebody will find something else to complain about - even in the first post.

(3) To inform people who find the post interesting about another place where it may also be discussed - more information is more power.

Now that is out of the way: go download some code and schematics and build that spaceship.
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