Google play forces updates like Windows 10

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Microsoft recently copped flak over forcing users to accept Windows 10 updates. Some users have reported serious problems from Windows 10 updates which included system failure. Now Google is following the same path. Google Play now has a term in the licencing agreement which allows Google to force update any software on Android devices. Without root access most users will be SOL to block or fix problems.

The relevant text reads:
Updates. You may need to install updates to Google Play or related Google software that we introduce from time to time to use Google Play and to access or download Content. Content originating from Google may communicate with Google servers from time to time to check for available updates to the Content and to the functionality of Google Play, such as bug fixes, patches, enhanced functions, missing plug-ins and new versions (collectively, "Updates"). Your use of the Content you have installed requires that you have agreed to receive such automatically requested Updates. If you do not agree to such automatically requested and received Updates then please do not use the Google Play store or install this Content.

Full terms at:

Re: Just the Other Day (Score: 0)

by Anonymous Coward on 2016-01-28 23:48 (#126FV)

My friend's kids got a PS4 and an Xbox for Christmas. They were so happy. Well. They were happy at the start of it. Neither of the machines worked when they pulled them out of the box and plugged them in. The xbox would not work. It required to be plugged into the internet just to start. At this point the excitement had died down a little. Half an hour later there were still issues trying to get the xbox connected to the internet. Then it connected but didn't do anything. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Eventually it was given up as a no go and they moved onto the PS4. From what I could tell, they eventually realised that the PS4 needed to connect to the internet. Right. Connected. Hooked up. Downloading started. Stopped. The machine died. The xbox never worked. Both were taken back to the shop for new ones. I am just really glad I wasn't there to experience seven kids finding out that their new games machines did not work. The new machines were taken out of the box at the shop by the techy who patched fixed or whatever was needed to get them working. Heck of a way to spend christmas day. Now the parents are leery of buying new games which require updates as they just do not want to deal with it again.
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