Weekly Update

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Updates for this week include:
  • Added an internal mail system. Users can now privately message each other using familiar email style (username@pipedot.org) addresses.
  • New captcha system based off of the textcaptcha.com service.
  • You can now submit stories as an AC without logging in.
  • You can now post comments as an AC without logging in.
  • Raised the default moderation score to 1 for non-AC comments.
  • You can no longer moderate your own comments.
  • Hide and Expand thresholds can now be saved in your account settings page.
  • Added icons to hopefully improve the visibility of certain functions (The syndication feed at the bottom of the page and the Reply button at the top of comment sections)

Re: Impressive rate of progress (Score: 4, Insightful)

by canorris@pipedot.org on 2014-04-15 09:00 (#12K)

I disagree, Bryan is doing an excellent job of creating a robust, [mostly] feature-complete site. I have no understanding of his future intentions, but could see a community here flourishing once he has the code in a place he is happy with.

You may not realise this but the unwashed masses are a fickle bunch.

Call them in too soon and they'll turn up their noses and never come back.
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