ASK: Are there any Linux LiveCDs which include the proprietary NVIDIA driver?

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I'm searching for a Linux LiveCD which includes the proprietary NVIDIA driver.

I would like to find one on a LiveCD since installing the proprietary NVIDIA driver usually requires a reboot so I cannot do it myself.

Several years ago when desktop effects in Linux finally hit it big, there were one or two distros which rolled the proprietary NVIDIA driver into the LiveCD to showcase the desktop effects.

While I don't need flashy desktop effects, I would like one or more Linux distros which roll the proprietary NVIDIA driver into the LiveCD so installation is not required.

Thank you.

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by on 2016-02-13 22:57 (#13WEQ)

Many times, the "Live CD" is actually a flash drive. Ubuntu and the like can even create a separate partition on a live CD flash drive for a persistent /home storage area.
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