Intellectual Ventures' First Patent Case to Reach Judgement Ends With Both Patents Invalidated

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story imageArs Technica has a writeup detailing Intellectual Ventures' loss in its case against Capitol One. US District Judge Anthony Trenga declared IV's patents "nothing more than the mere manipulation or reorganization of data." Between this outcome and Google's recent success in getting the venue of its battle with Rockstar Consortium changed from East Texas to California, also covered at Ars Technica, dare we hope the tide is turning for patent trolls?

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Indeed. I find myself in the odd position of rooting for Capitol One. It's heartening and satisfying to learn the judge had the wisdom to see these patents for the nothing they were and to prevent this case from going to a jury trial. Had it gone before a jury, I'm not so confident the outcome would've been as good.

It was interesting to note, in Ars' writeup, that several of IV's much-touted "inventors" are themselves patent lawyers.
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