Use of NGINX Increases

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story imageOnce upon a time, Apache was the undisputed king of webserver software. Over the last few years a relative newcomer, NGINX , has slowly gained ground . Netcraft's monthly Web Server Survey clearly shows a healthy upward usage curve for the software.

Other recent notable events:

Re: Not to minimize NGINX ... (Score: 2, Interesting)

by on 2014-04-27 22:38 (#16Y)

I know that I, apparently erroneously, inferred from his statement just prior ("a forked Apache") to mean NGINX is also multi-threaded, though he did put "just" in quotes, so perhaps I should've read something into that.

Coincidentally, I was just skimming an article on Ars about Heartbleed when I ran across the following: "Note: all my experiments and the CloudFlare challenge are targeting Nginx which is single-threaded. It is possible that for a multi-threaded wWb server, more leakage can be observed."
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