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The job editing the English language webpages for the department was from Oct 1993 to Nov 1993 (a hard end-point, I never spent more than 2 months at each site). And for that, I definitely used rlogin from my desktop linux box into another linux box and edited the files there. I didn't get friendly with all the sysadmins from that place until about Feb 1994, and when we were talking infra issues, I found out they were running a small cluster of linux machines for the webserver (and my pages were still visible there). That would have been May 1994 at the absolute latest. Maybe they had migrated in those 6 months, but I doubt it, as the biggest linux loons had been there the whole time.

Linux's net/ethernet/eth.c has an interesting comment:
* Version: @(#)eth.c 1.0.7 05/25/93
and that version number and date's after Alan had already done a whole bunch of fixes.
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