The Solitude of the Internet

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The Globe and Mail (among many others) reports that Parks Canada will be adding wireless internet access to many of its wilderness Parks in the near future. The argument is that people still want to be able to connect when they are oot and ab- oot in remote nature.

It's a great dilemma. I know many families where TVs were banned from summer cottages because the point of going back yonder was to get away from all that. These bans are great because boredom leads to other activities when the default or habitual options are taken away. I also remember the first time I ordered off Ebay sitting next to a remote lake with only forests around for miles (okay, kilometers) -- it was exhilarating to think (with enough luck/wealth/etc.) that one could have the best of both worlds. What do Pipedot contributors think about mixing nature with the internet -- something to be embraced or guarded against?

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Or just don't take the devices in the first place, although having access to what could be critical information such as weather forecasts and the ability to contact emergency services (not that you should *ever* rely on just a mobile phone for that) might be an issue. It's also sometimes useful to be able to look up information on flora, fauna and geological features that you chance upon that you are curious about for some reason. The flipside is that depending on the location you might not be alone as there are various communal facilities at campsites etc. Even though you might have the disciple to leave your stuff at home or switched off, it doesn't follow that others do, so you would still have other people surfing on their tablets and nattering on their phones while you are trying to be one with nature.

So yes, having the option is great, but that also needs to be backed up with respect for the wishes of others present that might not want to see/hear it and a suitable amount of discretion over when, where and how the option is used.
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