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story imageAs a promotion and a small thank you to the contributers, I am pleased to announce... a free USB drive sporting the Pipedot logo! Although this site is still pretty small, a dedicated few of you have really stepped up and helped submit stories, post comments, and moderate. If you have received an email from me about a drive, simply respond with your shipping info and I'll send you one!

The drive is a modern all metal design with a convenient ring handle. The capacity is four gigabytes and comes preformatted as FAT32 - but otherwise blank. The drive is bootable; and I've used one this week to load Ubuntu 14.04 on a few computers. With a 14.3 MB/s average read and 2.6 MB/s average write speed, it's not going to win any speed competitions, but it sure looks sexy.

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by Anonymous Coward on 2014-05-02 14:05 (#1AS)

No, there are still plenty of points to be debated about anonymity. But it's existence in certain places is certainly important.

I think posting with a name actually opens up more opportunity for abuse. As an AC someone can attack your post, but as a user they can attack you. There's a lot less pressure to fit in to the popular opinions when you won't make any lasting enemies.
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