OpenBSD 5.5 Released

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From the OpenBSD Journal and the release page :
As you can now easily tell from the OpenBSD main web site, OpenBSD 5.5 has been released.
Looking at the release announcement and other sources such as the release page , it's easy to see that there are numerous goodies in store for you:
  • A whole new traffic shaping system to replace ALTQ
  • Cryptographically signed base sets and packages
  • Automatic installation features
  • Improved hardware support, and more
Also, from OpenBSD 5.5 onwards, OpenBSD is year 2038 ready and will run well beyond Tue Jan 19 03:14:07 2038 UTC. The entire source tree (kernel, libraries, and userland programs) has been carefully and comprehensively audited to support 64-bit time_t.

Re: 64 bit time (Score: 1)

by on 2014-05-02 17:10 (#1B6)

The guys behind OpenBSD certainly deserve a lot of credit and if someone doesn't like their OS, they'll still use OpenSSH for sure. In the future we may even use LibreSSL as well ;) On the desktop it has become a nice alternative to Archlinux since they completely abandoned their BSD userland and where you have the systemd mess attached to everything now.

May I ask what your unsupported hardware is?
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