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story imageGone are the days of presidents with a rotary dial " Big Red Phone " on their desk over which they can quickly negotiate to avoid nuclear Armageddon ( that phone was a myth , by the way). These days, phones are mobile, and though some world leaders carry a cellphone, not every world leader has the same appreciation for tech .

Barack Obama's love for his Blackberry is well documented, and former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton even found herself the subject of a meme, " Texts from Hillary ." But Benjamin Netanyahu has no love for the culture of cellphones and picture sharing , exclaiming, "I’m the only one here without all these electronic devices, I’m a free man, and you all are slaves!"

Lastly, although the hermetically-sealed North Korea has until recently been mostly devoid of Internet and cellphone tech, Kim Jong Un is preparing a state-sponsored cellphone for the North Korean people , that runs a severely locked down version of Android.

Do world leaders - or any kind of leaders - need a cellphone in their pocket? Is it a liability or a way to stay connected? Is it time for the politically powerful to get with the modern age? Or should they have assistants at their side who do that for them? And of course, the most important question: Android, Blackberry, iOS, or something else ? :)

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by fatphil@pipedot.org on 2014-05-03 10:52 (#1BK)

As someone who disagrees with almost everything that comes out of Netanyahu's mouth, I shocked myself by immediately noticing some wisdom in his outburst.

Regarding the camera thing - to be honest, cameras enhance my experience. I've got horrible astigmatism which turns all distant details into a mess. My camera, with its telephoto lens on, lets me see those things in a way that would otherwise be impossible. (I've never seen this much detail with my naked eye, for example: http://fatphil.org/images/moon.jpg (that was without a tripod, believe it or not, I just managed to wedge myself firmly against something rigid)) However, the full immersion of the experience - the full context and the sounds, and smells, are sometimes a bigger experience than the narrow zoomed-in ones that the camera gives. Shitty cameras? No comparison at all. Anyone wasting time with a camphone on a safari should be fed to the animals.
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