Social Networking Enters the Age of Angst

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story imageThis is either the age of social networking, or it's not. It's either the future, or it's already a has-been. What the heck is going on?

Forbes has printed a thoughtful article on why Google Plus has failed to thrive . The Atlantic has written a piece suggesting Twitter is on the decline . Facebook's interest among teens seems to be slowing, while their "page reach" is down by 50% .

So, what's going on? Is it because, post- Snowden , everyone is tired of being spied on? Has everyone moved on to cooler platforms? Has everyone ditched social networking and gone back to Usenet ? Is it possible, as one author suggests, that privacy is now overtaking sharing on the 'Net? Or has everyone just found something more productive to do, like work in the garden?

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Re: Maybe this says more about journalists? (Score: 1)

by on 2014-05-05 21:45 (#1DG)

It's crazy - like, "let's create an app that helps people get raped and killed."
Anything that enables face-to-face social interaction could be described as "help[ing] people get raped and killed." It's kind of silly to see that as the most important thing about the app.
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