Pipecode source released

in pipedot on (#3JZ)
Good news everyone! I hacked away enough at the code base this weekend to make it mildly presentable. Weighing in at 814 kB, the download shouldn't stress your connection too much. :)

So, if you are interested in installing it yourself, go to http://pipecode.org/ for the installation instructions and the download tarball. The GitHub repository has also been updated.

The slashdot beta has been good for something! (Score: 1)

by alioth@pipedot.org on 2014-05-08 12:14 (#1FY)

The Slashdot beta has been good for something then, it's given someone an itch to scratch :-)

The Pipedot design I think is better than the current (non-beta) Slashdot and of course miles ahead of the beta. It's clean, the information you want to read is all easy to see and all that good stuff - and we get out of it code for a discussion site that's not the monumental pain in the ass that is Slash.

Thanks for opening up the source. I might never use it on one of my own sites but at least I know there's this option should I ever need to go that route.
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