Dogecoin wallet hacked

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story imageIn the words of the Register, "see if this sounds familiar."

Not good times for the Dogecoin wallet provider DogeVault. This isn't news hot-off-the-press: Dogevault went offline on May 13th . They are hoping their backups work as they attempt to restore service. But who cares? Pundits are already singing their dirge for Dogecoin , or calling it doomed to failure .

So: what's next? Dogecoin was a fluke, right? A mirthful riff on the success of Bitcoin, that by luck or happenstance wound up becoming temporarily worth something? If you believe cryptocurrencies are the future, what's the plan, if hacks and wallet thefts become the almost unstoppable future? Or if you believe cryptocurrencies are a passing nerd fad, what comes next?

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by on 2014-05-15 13:05 (#1MQ)

I'd so like a cryptocurrency to become successful at doing what a currency does (Bitcoin isn't it, it's far too volatile and by its design will end up getting hoarded), perhaps Dogecoin or similar may eventually be it -- because good riddance eBay.
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