Dice Holdings Trading down on Disappointing Earnings

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Dice Holdings, the company that now owns Slashdot and runs specialty job boards, seems to have hit a rough patch. An article from earlier this month reports Dice Holdings is trading down by 4.1% due to disappointing earnings. Yahoo's stock charts don't make it look like the situation is too bad, but look to Dice's CEO for guidance and you'll be surprised. Turns out Scott Melland is feeling bearish and recently sold over $500,000 in Dice stock. Here is the transcript of the earnings call, in which they unleash the bad news about Dice earnings.

Personally, I recommend they plaster Slashdot with more obnoxious banner ads .

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by nightsky30@pipedot.org on 2014-05-16 12:11 (#1ND)

They are determined to be the death of a once great, nerdy news site.
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