Ransomware is targeting the enterprise at an increasing pace

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Enterprise-targeting cyber enemies are deploying vast amounts of potent ransomware to generate revenue and huge profits – nearly $34 million annually according to Cisco’s Mid-Year Cybersecurity Report out this week.

Ransomware, Cisco wrote, has become a particularly effective moneymaker, and enterprise users appear to be the preferred target. One of the main reasons is that corporations have access to (and can afford) ransom money whereas individual users may not.

Problems include faster and more effective propagation methods that maximize the impact of ransomware campaigns, exploit kits, which make ransomware easy to deploy, and vulnerabilities in the enterprise application software JBoss, which is providing attackers with a new vector that they can use to launch ransomware campaigns with.

Another very troubling issue is that a small but growing number of malware samples show that bad actors are using Transport Layer Security (TLS), the protocol used to provide encryption for network traffic, to hide their activities. This is a cause for concern among security professionals, since it makes deep-packet inspection ineffective as a security tool.
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