Olympics viewers overloaded with commercials during NBC Olympic Opening Ceremony

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During the Olympic opening ceremonies, NBC may very well stand for "Nothing But Commercials". Viewers took to Twitter to slam the network’s frequent commercial breaks after six commercial breaks in under 40 minutes. Inserting commercials is probably the reason that NBC did a tape delay of the opening ceremony.

NBC has also been inserting commercials while matches are taking place over the first two days of the women's and men's Olympic soccer tournaments, prompting anger from many. And yet NBC has billed this as the 'Most Live Olympics Ever' despite the one hour broadcast delay for the opening ceremony.

Re: Entirely typical... (Score: 1)

by bryan@pipedot.org on 2016-08-08 17:13 (#1PW4E)

Tried to watch some of the gymnastics this weekend. The station spent over 80% of the time watching the athletes walk around, show their backstory, wait for their turn, view their reactions to the score, etc... Everything but showing the actual competitive event. Often, so much time would pass of showing nothing, that 2-3 commercial breaks would happen before seeing the next gymnastic routine.

Plus, you pretty much only get to see the U.S. team and almost never see any of the other countries competitors.
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