Soylent CEO criminally charged for unpermitted tiny off-grid home

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Rob Rhinehart, developer of the meal replacement milkshake known as Soylent, has been criminally charged over his off-grid “experiment in sustainable living”. He installed an off-grid shipping container home, without obtaining city permits, and he allegedly refused city orders in January and April to remove the container. He could face up to two years in prison and a $4,000 fine.

Rhinehart plopped down the container with no fence on a vacant lot of 8,422 square feet in Montecito Heights — an evolving hilltop community with gorgeous views of the downtown Los Angeles skyline, which property records show he bought in January for $21,300. And he was almost never there. Over time, it became a vandalized graffiti eyesore with broken windows and a magnet for unwelcome visitors who for years have flocked to the hill looking for a place to drink, make out or watch Dodger Stadium fireworks.

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those other shakes you mentioned are full of shit calories. (simple sugars)
Sugar is just carbohydrates. Your body needs carbohydrates, and in bigger amounts than any other nutrient. Those trying to convince you otherwise are ignorant or trying to sell you snake-oil. Dieting is a prime target for lies and fraud. Studies consistently show the various major diets all perform equivalent (within the margin of error), and weight gain or loss is directly proportional to calorie intake regardless of type and source.
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