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by on 2016-08-23 21:05 (#1RE1D)

>Seems like asking "How long before chainsaws are weaponized". Both are pretty-close to a weapon in their regular form.

Well, yes, but chainsaws aren't on the verge of being able to operate autonomously. People screw up and cause accidents with both chainsaws and cars, but chainsaws aren't usually used in crowds or operated in swarms (like traffic) the way cars are. No one is busy outfitting chainsaws to work without human guidance and they aren't usually let loose on the highways where they could cause major havoc. A chainsaw is typically a one-on-one operation and when you drop it, it usually stops being an active hazard. Autonomous cars have the ability to cause far more damage to groups of people, especially if driven into a crowd or made to cross into oncoming traffic.
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