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by on 2016-08-25 17:17 (#1RMKM)

My original comment was meant as a joke.

That said.
There are people working on autonomous drones.
This flying chainsaw is basically a chainsaw attached to a drone.
It's not a huge step to imagine some doofus thinking it would be a good idea to attach a chainsaw to an autonomous drone, for reasons. After all there was some doofus that thought attaching a chainsaw to a regular drone was a good idea.

I'm pretty sure all those companies developing autonomous cars are doing their damned best to secure them. They'll be sued into oblivion pretty quick if someone can demonstrate an easy method to hack these cars to go running people over. I think someone would have to be pretty dumb, or at least extremely dishonest, to think autonomous vehicles are going to pose any significant danger. There's no way they're going to release a car that's any MORE dangerous than existing manually driven cars.
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