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by on 2016-08-25 18:53 (#1RMY7)

>I'm pretty sure all those companies developing autonomous cars are doing their damned best to secure them.

Heh, you really think so? Oh I'm sure they're paying some lip service to making them secure, but they're likely doing it in a sloppy, low-cost way that will be full of holes and vulnerabilities. Look at the whole IoT thing...their security may be a little better than that, but not much.

>There's no way they're going to release a car that's any MORE dangerous than existing manually driven cars.

Oh boy, I'll take that bet! Just by dint of being autonomous or remotely controllable it's automatically more susceptible to misuse by malicious people. I guarantee you that an autonomous car is potentially more dangerous than a standard vehicle in terms of being used in a deliberately harmful way by outside parties. Any hardware or software that manipulates the vehicle only adds to the existing risk factor.
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