Where do you get your desktop artwork?

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Assuming everyone here is glued to the business end of a computer for most of the working day, you probably spend more time looking at your desktop than you do your kids :( So, where do you get your artwork? I was a big fan of Digital Blasphemy for many years, and actually I still do like Ryan's stuff. But there are so many good artists out there, and so many great sources of interesting images, from the abstract to the futuristic to the mundane. Where do you go to get interesting artwork?

[Ed note: Don't say 4chan. Please don't say 4chan.]

Do it yourself (Score: 1)

by tempest@pipedot.org on 2014-05-20 13:46 (#1SJ)

I use screenshots from games I play. I may subdue the colors and blend it with a texture.
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