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Good news everyone! A new (user-visible) feature! Story images!

Okay, so trying to find an acceptable 64x64 pixel icon for each story got old pretty fast. There never seemed to be enough of them and they didn't always fit the article correctly. But with today's news sites wanting lots of eye candy, most articles already have at least one relevant image of the story. So we'll just make a small thumbnail of that!

You can change the quality of the thumbnail using the "Story Image Style" in your settings page. Or you can opt to keep the icons or disable the images altogether. If you have a high resolution screen (e.g. Apple's Retina displays) with a pixel ratio greater than the traditional 1:1, you can select one of the "High Resolution" options to get a sharper image.

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by on 2014-05-27 11:36 (#1XE)

I appreciate the option to use images from stories, and I think it has merit. I'm also thankful that the icons may still be utilized. I prefer the icons, and I'm not too picky about the variety or if they exactly match the article. On the flip side, the accompanying article images chosen by the other sites' original posters or whoever may not accurately reflect the news either. Perfection in anything may never be reached, options are excellent. :)
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