Google's Self Driving Electric Car Prototype

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story imageWhile Google's previous self-driving vehicles have been either a converted Toyota Prius or a Lexus SUV, their new prototype uses a new self-manufactured design that looks like a golf cart.
Unlike previous models, these cars won't have human drivers monitoring them at all times. Google said the cars can detect objects up to 200 yards away in all directions and adjust their speed, turns and braking accordingly.
Highlights include:
  • No steering wheel or pedals
  • Emergency stop button
  • Top speed of 25 MPH (40 KPH)
  • 2 seats
  • Electric drive

What about emergency steering? (Score: 2, Funny)

by on 2014-05-30 12:25 (#1YY)

An emergency stop button is something, but one would think there'd be some steering in case the thing's about to drive you into incoming traffic or some other dangerous situation. I'd rather take public transport than risk my life in this, to be honest.
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