TrueCrypt Project Problems

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story imageFinally, a story for resident conspiracy theorists that has truth behind it, an impact on the world, and may actually mean something.

TrueCrypt, the standout semi-open source multiplatform full-disk-encryption software package, has acted all squirrelly and more or less shut the the project down, blaming it, somewhat hilariously, on the end of Microsoft's Windows XP support. All this while a paid (and long awaited) audit of TrueCrypt has been nearing completion.

Discussed at lots of places including lifehacker , Slashdot , SoylentNews , and reddit .

This is really troubling for lots of reasons. The audit was deemed necessary because TC's authorship and operation were shrouded in mystery. (the two main developers are anonymous and go by the pseudonyms "ennead" and "syncon") This doesn't help any in that regard. What happened? Loss of control of the domain? Website defacement? Warrant canary?

Re: LUKS was a better alternative anyway (Score: 3, Interesting)

by on 2014-06-01 23:05 (#202)

Any system which is designed to give you plausible deniability is guaranteed to give you no plausibible deniability at all.

You show them one thing, they say "yeah, yeah, you're running something which permits you to have multiple views - now show us the other one", and get out a bigger wrench.
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