Apple shifts from Objective C to Swift

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story imageApple announced a new programming language yesterday at its yearly developer conference. With improvements in speed and ease of development, the new language aims to replace Objective C, Apple's previous language of choice.

As usual, software development in the new language is limited to the company's XCode programming IDE available for no cost in OS X.

Re: Tragic NIH Syndrome (Score: 0)

by on 2014-06-06 22:07 (#213)

Its two words: vendor lock-in.
Having your own language that is only available on your platform and has tons of legacy software written in it is the wet dream of all these corporations.
Thats why we are still stuck in the world of C/C++, as its the only compiled language that is guaranteed to be cross platform, and doesn't suck completely, (but still sure sucks).
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