Google buys satellite imaging company Skybox for $500 million

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story imageReally cool news about a recent acquisition by Google . Skybox provides high-resolution photography from space and its imagery -- if made widely accessible -- could facilitate many new spatial-analytic studies going forward as daily time steps appear feasible with the Skybox satellite network.

From the company website is this advertisement for their startup origins: "2009, Founders wrote the first Skybox business plan as part of a Stanford graduate entrepreneurship course, Spent 6 months working out of John's living room, Secured Series A financing of $3M from Khosla Ventures, Moved into a windowless 3,000 sqft office in Palo Alto, Began to attract, court, and hire the smartest people they knew to join the vision..."

Re: Coastal change and flood risk assessment (Score: 1)

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That's an interesting point... I think the quadrocopter approach would have difficulty reproducing images of the whole Earth in a timely fashion, however. It could be used for longitudinal studies of specific areas though...
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