Today it's all about Tim Cook and the iWatch

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story imageIf you haven't heard of Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, before today then you have potentially not been reading the news. The New York Times published an introspective yesterday and the blogosphere has caught fire speculating on the implications of Cook's less hands-on approach to management , if his leadership of Apple will return the company to the hyper-growth the investors are all hoping for, and lastly, if and when Apple will produce an iWatch .

I've got to wonder if these pundits are more interested in products or profitability, but given Samsung's lackluster Galaxy Gear watch , there is at least some room for competition in the market: bring it on, Apple, let's see what you've got!

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The subject matter is arguably tasteless but it is kind of interesting, there's something about gays being media tycoons, maybe it's a combination of artistic taste and ruthlessness. Off the top of my head we have Jann Wenner (Rolling Stone), David Geffen, and the woman who founded AllThingsD/
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