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by on 2014-07-03 05:25 (#2AT)

I like the little cases -- seems to me they'd do at least a little shock absorption in the event of leaping off the shelf.

I bought one of those docks (different make) back when they were fairly new, but it never did agree to work. No idea what its issue is. Friend got the same one and it worked fine. I guess I'm just lucky!

What I've kinda been thinking of doing is having a whole pile of HDs more or less enclosed and all with USB connectors on a hub, makes 'em all accessable pretty much on demand. Hadn't occurred to me to use a dedicated cabinet, tho -- might be easier to set up for cooling and cables than, say, using an old PC case.

BTW the RSS feed does not contain any links to Pipedot, only links pointing at TFAs.
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