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Good news from our friends over at Soylent News! They have finished their incorporation as a Public Benefit Corporation under the “SoylentNews PBC” name. While this structure is not a full 501(c) Non-Profit Organization, it does convey the founding idea of “we aren't just another company out to maximize profits and screw our users” while also being significantly easier to setup (no tax exemption issues to deal with.)

Pipedot and Soylent News both launched at nearly at the same time in reaction to Slashdot's obnoxious disregard of its user base. While each site has its own strengths, they both fill nearly the exact same roll as an alternative to Slashdot. Because I don't want to split our already rather small community and duplicate the same effort, I'd suggest everyone reading Pipedot to look at Soylent News for daily news and discussion.

This does not mean that I'm abandoning Pipedot or stopping the development of the code rewrite project – I'm just giving notice to Pipedot readers that I'm focusing my efforts on development and not on posting a dozen news articles every day / excessively advertising for new users / recruiting new staff / etc... Of course, if you do want to help out, or submit a news article, or help spread the word – by all means, please do!

Pipecode continues to add features and functionality and will continue to progress for the foreseeable future. For example: users can now upload images, share news links, micro-blog their status and other nifty things well beyond what Slashdot ever offered. Our wonderful editor (zafiro17) has volunteered his own website as a guinea pig for the upcoming syndication support. Soon, articles and comments will no longer be tied to a single host and flow in a larger “network” of servers.

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by on 2014-07-09 10:52 (#2CH)

I wrote a very lengthy reply on this subject on SN when Pipecode was released ( I haven't looked recently to see how it looks under the hood, but there are quite a few reasons beyond those I listed to keep Slashcode

For instance, slashcode uses *extensive* use of memcache to prevent database access by storing a ton of information on every database load, this prevents us from hitting the backend at all when loading comments. The codebase is known to scale, and scale *stupidly* well (it does power afterall :-)).

I won't mind retheming SN, and we'd discussed the possibility of doing a constest to do exactly that, since we now have the technical ability to have multiple skins active on the site at once (which was suprisingly trivial to do, which really gives beta no excuse)

As for the perl bit, join the club. None of us like Perl, but the general feeling is we loose too much by dumping slashcode :-/
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