Firefox usage slipping fast

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story imageBad news for the little browser that could: not only is Firefox no longer a "little browser" but it is increasingly having trouble competing. Back in 2009, Firefox was on the rise. But now, not only is Chrome eating its lunch but Firefox's user share is actually slipping. Netmarketshare provides the data and SJVN provides the analysis/funeral rites. He suggests:
For Firefox to remain a web browser power, it needs to make big improvements and it needs to make them now. Otherwise, Firefox may yet follow its predecessor Netscape into the web's past.
[ed. note: as a steadfast Opera user since 2000, this is all fascinating. Opera seems pegged-for-life at 3%]

Re: Been looking or a replacement since the design change (Score: 4, Informative)

by on 2014-07-09 21:58 (#2DJ)

Have you tried Pale Moon? It started off as a Windows-optimized version of Firefox, but is developing into its own fork, as the devs increasingly reject the annoying UI changes in Firefox. The community has recently ported it to Linux, and, as it is firefox-based all of my favorite extensions work with it.
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