Five NSA programs you should know by name

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story imageYou may be sick and tired of hearing about NSA surveillance, but we may as well get used to it: until legislators decide to put an end to the mass surveillance, they're here to stay. Rather than ignore them then, better to get to know them. RadioOpenSource has provided an excellent overview of five NSA programs currently in force that you should know by name.
  1. XKeyscore
  2. Fascia
  3. Optic Nerve
  4. Boundless Informant
  5. Dishfire
Even the names are evocative of the kinds of things and the sense of authority and accountability that led to their development. An excellent read. While you go through it, see if you can suggest some names for other NSA programs that would operate in the same vein. For example: "Operation Colonoscopy."
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