Aereo is still in the fight

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story imageSince the Aereo decision caused Aereo to shutter its service, we haven't heard much. It appears now that things are still happening with the company.

Apparently Aereo is asking that, since the Supreme Court declared it a "cable company", it should immediately receive cable company status, which the FCC has been previously reluctant to grant to internet-only companies. Deadline Hollywood has a fairly informative writeup. This would allow it to enter into negotiations for content with broadcasters, who, at least according to the law, would be required to "negotiate in good faith". Considering that many of them are not Aereo fans and some major content providers have threatened to pull their content if Aereo wins, Aereo might have an uphill battle despite that "good faith negotiation" requirement - if the FCC even permits the status change.

If this last-ditch effort fails, there are still alternatives to cable, but none of them are as simple and as cheap, and most lack the extra features of Aereo. Good luck, Aereo.

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If the Supreme Court ruled that Aeroe is a cable company does the FCC really have any choice about whether or not to grant them the status of a cable company? I'm obviously not a lawyer but it seems to me that if the Supreme Court says they're a cable company than the FCC doesn't have a whole hell of a lot of leeway to argue otherwise.

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