Pipedot Status Week 1

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story imageJust a quick update on the progress after its first week of life:
  • Thursday : registered the pipedot.org domain!
  • Friday : setup the DNS and mail servers.
  • Saturday : Web, database, and memcache servers built up.
  • Sunday : Load balancer added to balance between the two webservers. Also finished setting up the HTTPS certificate and IPv6 support.
  • Monday : Initial look, logos, icons and CSS design.
  • Tuesday : Database-backed stories (no more static placeholders).
  • Wednesday : Login system was enabled.
  • Thursday : The first poll was posted late Thursday in time for Valentines Day on Friday.
  • Saturday : Topics and the Pipe activated.
  • Sunday : Threaded comments and user-submitted stories enabled.
At this point, every page, except for search, is now a completely real page that renders from the database.

The code base is all new (not based on Slashcode) and using modern web technologies (nginx instead of Apache, no Perl CGI, etc...). There are currently six servers plus a load balancer with more webservers available to spin up as needed. Sections of code that are either CPU heavy or database intensive (threaded comments) are able to be memcached to maintain performance.

Stay tuned for the next week of updates!

Re: VERY nice (Score: 1)

by pav@pipedot.org on 2014-02-19 04:52 (#2N)

At first I thought about this like a nerd -->frontends are window dressing! Tacking things together would make things potentially less successful technically so it shouldn't happen! What we as a community actually need though is a viable long term alternative (rather than competing alternatives), and I do think Pipedot has the best frontend... while Soylent has the benefit of a now working moderation backend. Would really appreciate knowing how you feel about this and/or discussing this in IRC.
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