Other - upgrading (Score: 1)

by eliphas@pipedot.org on 2014-07-28 22:43 (#2PC)

I have more storage that I can think of using, if I stay focused and delete already-seen (rented ripped DVD-to-x264-HQ that I return same day or later) movies that are not-so-great -- I tend to keep the good ones for watching again. Yes, no porn (stored) here...
My todo shopping list:
1-More memory for all pcs
2-More memory for all pcs
4-Another motherboard/cpu if it can't cope with items above
8-Another notebook if items above can't fit
64-Another screen - the ones I have are good enough, but...
128-New networking AP - my current one is 802.11g and 100mbps, not so slow to my needs, but 1gpbs and N would be nice.
256-A smartphone that is not the budget-oriented dual-sim that I have and is good enough.

- yes, there is a gap for other things I can't think of now :)
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