Mozilla rolls out sponsored link tiles

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story imageYou'd think that Mozilla, whose Firefox browser is dropping in popularity alongside the now ubiquitous Google Chrome, would be desperate to incorporate new features that allow Firefox to regain its leadership marketshare. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the approach they're taking.

Instead, they've added a feature where new pages show sponsored advertisements. From TheNextWeb:
Mozilla has rolled out directory tiles, the company's advertising experiment for its browser's new tab page, to the Firefox Nightly channel. ... News of the non-profit organization's plan to sell ads in Firefox first broke back in February 2014. The Directory Tiles program is designed to "improve the first-time-with-Firefox experience," the company says. Instead of seeing blank tiles when a new Firefox user opens a new tab, Mozilla thought it would be best that they see "content." ... As you use Firefox, the rectangle tiles on the new tab page are populated with the most frequent and recent websites you visit. Since they start as empty (because new users naturally have no browser history), however, Mozilla sees the new tab page as both an opportunity to provide "inherent value" to the user, as well as an opportunity to generate revenue.
[Ed. note: this article posted using Chrome.]

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Yep, I agree with your forecasts (even though they are just forecasts and we can be wrong). I do not see why Google would continue sponsoring Mozilla (except for a bit of openwashing marketing), not only because Firefox market shares decrease, but mostly because now that Google has locked such a large number of users in their system/services, these users will choose Google as search engine / start page even if it is not the default proposed by the web browser.
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