An Interview with "The Potato Salad Man"

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story imageRemember that guy who had a KickStarter for potato salad? He ended up making $50,000.

John Biggs of Tech Crunch sits down with Zack Danger Brown to discuss his internet success.
So I went to Kickstarter for a day and one of their engineers showed me one of his projects that he posted to get out the message that smaller, not-serious projects can succeed.

He showed me a project that was like a skull t-shirt project, and his video is clearly parody and it’s him saying things like “You give $20, you get a skull t-shirt, but if you give $35, you get a sick skull t-shirt!”

He ended up making like $1,000, but the idea was: Look, we are not about big serious projects, you don’t have to have an Oculus Rift to succeed on Kickstarter.
[Author note: When Al Gore invented the internet, this is probably not what he had in mind.]

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by on 2014-09-04 21:19 (#2S2K)

Or that citizens of the net are willing to jump on anything that sounds crazy or novel just to say they were a part of said wackiness. Or...maybe they just wanted potato salad. I like potato salad :)
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