Lots of folks are having a laugh at Apple

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story imageA lot of the tech world is taking a moment to have a laugh at Apple, after a lackluster event earlier this week. Here are some of the digs:Is Apple off its game? Or is the tech press just snippy as always? Or is the new Apple ecosystem going to wow us, as the fans predict?

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by genx@pipedot.org on 2014-09-12 18:22 (#2SBK)

In the company where I was previously working, we were only 2 guys without a smartphone. The funny point is that we were also the only 2 guys in charge of electronic design / low level programing with smartphone/tablet SoCs :-) We had absolutely no interest in such devices.
Fortuitously, we also happened to have the exact same model of basic Nokia dumbphone :-)
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