Parkitect Theme Park Simulation Game on Kickstarter!

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story imageNot sure what you're doing at this very moment, but whatever it is, it's probably not quite as fun as designing a theme park full of roller coasters, icecream stands, and the rest. Enter "Parkitect" to relieve you from your misery.

" is a simulation game where you get to build a successful theme park! Design roller coasters, install shops and thrill rides, and top it all off with incredible scenery and dynamic landscapes. Management is key: you'll have to look after employees, resources, and park infrastructure. Fail at that and face the consequences! Unhappy cashiers might annoy guests, unhappy custodians will leave your park a mess, and unhappy ride maintenance teams will leave your guests a mess."

Looks like the game doesn't officially exist yet, but check out the kickstarter to begin, and the current plan is to get the game into alpha and onto Steam Greenlight/Early Access by August 2015. Below are some more follow-on URLs if you're curious.

= Kickstarter:

= YouTube:

= Screenshots:

[Ed. note: I thinned out the list of submitted URLs as there were too many, but there's a wealth of information, trailers, press kits, and more about this game if you are interested in pursuing further.]

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It's about a computer game - one that reminds us a lot of Rollercoaster Tycoon / Theme Park.
And the article was posted at a time when this game was not making any headlines (first I heard of it: here).
I'd say that news on upcoming video games - especially ones that link to "games of our youth" - can definitely be posted here.
And yes, that's a vague definition. Which is why we have editors. It's the editors' job to pick the stories that make the site better/more interesting. And I think Zafiro did a good job with this story.
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